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So the result for my Arabic course is out :) Now I can talk about all of my results~ Wee~

Act Sci 300
The challenge : I really want an A for this course, because my seniors said that this course is an easy A. But I did miss two classes, didn't send two homeworks, and didn't do one quiz. Of course I was worried if I didn't get an A.
And the result is... : But thank God, I did get an A for this one-credit course :)

Arabic Language
The challenge : I came back to Madison like two-three weeks late, so I missed a lot of classes (this course is every day!). The limit of absents is five, and I know I didn't come to class more than that. I worried that my absents will bring down my grade.
What I did : My knowledge of Arabic language during high schools truly helped me a lot. Plus, I was very lucky that my instructor is not so strict, and he is very friendly. During my oral test, I told him about my current situation with my sponsor, and he said "I hope you will do well (in your …

Still Waiting For Results

I already received 3 final results, and there is still another one, which is Arab, that I need to wait for. I'm not really sure when will it come out, but I'll wait~ When I received the result, I will post it here :)

I am not going anywhere during this winter break, just like latest time. Well I prefer to stay home anyway, unless I have a lot of cash to burn. Right now, my family, with my mom's sister's family, are going to Singapore, celebrating my mom's and my sister's birthday. Hopefully they all will have a lot of fun there!

Somehow, I really wish that winter break will end as soon as possible. Yes, just for a selfish reason. Other than that, maybe because my Fall 2010 semester wasn't that tiring, and it was a semester that I truly enjoyed. Right now, I really want the 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors game, but it is sold out on everywhere I looked. Even on eBay, the price is totally ridiculous (50% more than the original price, what the hell?).

Right now, I d…

Last Exam, And Yet-To-Be-Played Games

My last exam, Arabic, will be on this Tuesday morning. I know I can score in the test, but I'm really worried if I won't get an A. Hopefully, with Allah's help, I can get A for this course. I really wish that I can get 3.00 and above :)

The last exam I took is Macroeconomic, and that was on Friday evening. There are a lot of time before my next exam, and I spent my time...playing games! I play Call of Duty Black Ops (online multiplayer) most of the time, because it is easy to pick up, and has this "just one more!" effect. Usually I play with Adam, Shafiq, Zainal or Naqib.

When I take a look at my games, there are a lot of unfinished games, and they are:
Vanquish - only halfway through
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - haven't past the intro
Heavy Rain - haven't tried the playing it with Move
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - yet to beat the hardest boss
Dead Rising 2 - just finished once (still a lot to do)

Well that's what winter break for! I am not p…

Midnight Thoughts

Ideas usually come during midnight, or is it? At least it is kinda true in my case. How about you guys?

Anyway, this night, suddenly I feel like talking about my studies here. Not exactly about my exams, it's more about why am I here, in the US right now.

Until my SPM year, all I did was following what was set for me. Like for example, I went for boarding school because of my parents, I applied for scholarship because that's what my teachers recommended, and more. At one point, I did question all this. Like, where is my own path? Is this really the path that I want to take? I did talk about this in one of my post, but I'm too lazy to search for it haha. I don't know why I was so rebellious. Maybe that person's ideas and thoughts were very contagious to me.

But anyway, now that I think about it, even if my path right now is not the one I choose, there are still a lot of time for me ahead, even after graduating. I can imagine, that someday after I graduate in UW Madi…

Get Back Up

A few things happened to me around this one month before the exams. The three main things are my inability to sleep at night, my always hurting stomach, and my broken heart.

"Maybe because you sleep at evening?"
No, I don't think that's the case here. There are times where I slept directly after Isha' but it's not that frequent. But I think it's alright as long as I don't miss my prayers (especially Subo) and don't miss my classes. Maybe, just maybe, as a last result, I will start to take sleeping pills only for this week, so that I can sleep well, preparing for my exams.

"Did you eat something funny?"
No, and I'm sure of it. I only eat what my housemates eat, and sometimes eat at restaurant with my friends too. I didn't eat a lot too. Maybe it was due to my wrong timing of eating. Since a lot had happened, I lost my appetite to eat. Sometimes I eat only once a day, sometimes I didn't at all. It's not like I don't wan…


I have this song on the side bar, but it is the female version. On, I can't find the original full version (grrrr) so that's why I'm posting it here.

"Arigatou" wo kanade kanade tooku hanareta to shite mo...
kaze ni fukarenagara aruite ikikau hitogomi no naka de
yasashii kimi ni koko de deaeta ..."hanaretakunai yo"
sabishii yoru mo kimi ga ita ne yakusoku suru yo "TSUYOKU NARU KARA"
tsunaida kokoro wa hitotsu dakara bokutachi wa toberu n da
"arigatou" wo kanade kanade tooku hanareta to shite mo
"sayonara" to te wo futte mata koko de aimashou

hitotsu hitotsu kono omoi wo ima kanaeru koto ga dekitara
kitto tsuyoi boku ni nareru kara waratte kimi ni aeru yo
hitori hitori de mawaru sekai wa shinjiru koto sae kowaku naru kedo
ano hi kureta kimi no kotoba ga tobidatsu boku no hane ni naru kara
"arigatou" wo kanade kanade tsunagu te wa nai kedo
"arigatou" hibike hibike kono uta kimi e todoke

"arigatou" …

Exams Preparation

Two of my exams will be on 17th December, Stats at 7:45am and Macroecons at 7:45pm. Somehow I really like it when exams are cramped together, since that I can finish everything earlier and forgot them as soon as possible.

Today I had a quiz in Stats class, and somehow I feel confident when doing it. Courtesy to Naqib Jalal for letting me copy his homework answers. I studied when I copied the answers~ Sure, I don't mind if you don't believe me hehe. During the class, my lecturer handed out the final exam preparation questions. I'll do it later, and see which section that I do not understand. Thanks to Act Sci 300 class, I think I am well prepared for Stats exam =)
Macroecons (I'll just call it econ from now on) is still bugging me though. But starting next week, there will be a lot of review classes, so I'll make sure that I won't miss any of them. Lecturer's office hours are important too. Hopefully my econ exam will be fine, since I think this is the only ba…

There Is Still Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be another day. Forget all the sad things that happened today and pray for better tomorrow.

Don't hate anyone. You don't know who keeps on wishing you love and happiness in their prayers. Just like those lights at night, accompanying you in the dark. The lamp is different, but the light is the same - Jalaluddin ar-Rumi  =)
(copied from Raja Alauddin's Facebook status)

Short post for tonight,
Goodnight blog

Missing you, not you, so much! =)

Can I Do It Tomorrow?

I just slept for two hours just now, and my head is still kinda heavy, but I can't get to sleep. So maybe I will try to do something bored. But here's where the contradiction come: Things that can make you bored will eventually make me sleepy, but if it is boring, why do I bother doing it in the first place? I can do a lot of other things like watching anime or reading manga. But the point here is to get to sleep, so just do it. It's boring, so I decided not to do it, and do other things.

So anyway, I am kinda bure bure bure bure right now, because I woke up after sleeping halfway. During my sleep, I dream about playing as a real soldier in Call of Duty: Black Ops. I don't know why, don't ask me. But in that dream, I keep on losing, like real bad. So after this I think I'm going to play a few rounds of Team Deathmatch to prove that the dream is wrong hahahahaha.

This is random, but I know I shouldn't let despair get into me for too long. Now is the time to …

Mirai Nikki

Lately I have been reading a lot mangas, and at some point I spent all my time reading it from the first chapter until the recent chapter. Mirai Nikki, or Future Diary, is one of them.

This manga was published in either Kreko or Arena Komik (I can't remember which one, and I don't know if it is still shown). I read the manga like when I was Form 5, and only a few chapters, so I didn't really feel like missing it too much.

Until last 2 weeks, when I was browsing through the list of mangas in MangaFox, I came across the manga, and try to read it. I was surprised by how deep and twisted the plot is, since I thought it was a more straight-forward manga. Then without realizing it, I read until the second last chapter within one night.

The manga is about a group of people who wield a future diary, a diary that can show upcoming events within certain range. These people need their diary to survive, as the diary wielder need to kill each other, and the last survivor will be select…

Like This

You Are Not Asleep Yet?

Right now, I still can't sleep, but I am getting sleepy. Well, I did sleep for three hours during the evening, so maybe that's why I can't sleep right now.

I hope I can wake up earlier tomorrow, since I have Stats class at 9:30 a.m.

Goodnight blog~

I Do Care For You

If human can be rebirth after their death, I will be willingly end my life right now, so I can start all over again.

If human can turn back the time, I go back to the time where I did what I shouldn't, so that I will never lose you forever.

But as long as we live, there are still chances for something good to happen, there are still chances to set things right, and there are still chances for me to show you how much I care and love you.

For that, I will not give up hope, and try to live my life to the fullest. Live not in despair, but in hope. Hope is what keeping me to keep on going forward, waiting for the day when I can be the one for you again.

Zafree, don't be sad.

I really want to be by your side.


Like I said in the post below, I have trouble in getting to sleep. Right now is the time where I should be sleeping, but I just can't. Well actually I can sleep, but I am having a hard time to sleep in the right time. So when do I start to sleep? Around 4 a.m. maybe. I am not really worried though.

I made sure that I didn't miss any classes. So you (mom) don't have to worry about that =) I am well aware of my responsibilities. It just that something happened to me lately that I can't help but being sad. I'm ok now =D

Well, now in the night that I can't sleep, I just need to do something to distract me and get me to sleep earlier. Anything besides fapping.

Trouble With Sleep

Until today, I had a hard time of getting into sleep. Maybe it's time for me to take some sleeping pills, especially since exams is coming near, and there is one problem that I can't get it out of my head. I did promise that this won't be anyone's fault, so I will try to solve this as soon as possible. I don't want it to affect my exams =)
Hopefully I won't get addicted and be a pill-dependent person.


It's not about who is right or wrong. I'm willingly admit my mistakes, and already forgive you if there anything that you had done wrong. But I don't know if I'll be able to forgive myself

Ya Allah

sesungguhnya aku tahu kesedihan dan kekesalan ini berpunca daripada kesilapanku sendiri, tetapi aku berharap bahawa kau kurniakanlah aku kekuatan dan kesabaran supaya semua perkara akan menjadi lebih baik pada masa akan datang.


Well At Least There Are Some Hope

After more than four weeks of waiting, I finally received some news from MARA. It's not really a good news, but it's not a bad news either. Well let's get straight to the point: MARA won't support my expenses for this semester, and will only continue to support me after I received a good result for this semester. Meaning I need to get GPA above 3.00 for Fall 2010.

I don't think it's a bad deal, after all I'm the one who messed up real bad. First let's talk about how am I going to live for now. Of course, everything will come from my parents. I feel truly awful right now, since it shouldn't happen this way. I could make it a lot easier, by getting a good result. No matter how much I regret it, it was already in the past, so I just need to keep on moving. I know I was terrible, but I won't let it happen again.

Secondly, about my studies right now. So after one month, how is everything? Except Econ 102, I don't have any problems. Arabic? Excell…


I watched the proverbial sunrise
Coming up over the Pacific and
You might think I'm losing my mind,
But I will shy away from the specifics...

'cause I don't want you to know where I am
'cause then you'll see my heart
In the saddest state it's ever been.

This is no place to try and live my life.

Stop right there. That's exactly where I lost it.
See that line. Well I never should have crossed it.
Stop right there. Well I never should have said
That it's the very moment that
I wish that I could take back.

I'm sorry for the person I became.
I'm sorry that it took so long for me to change.
I'm ready to be sure I never become that way again
'cause who I am hates who I've been.
Who I am hates who I've been.

I talk to absolutely no one.
Couldn't keep to myself enough.
And the things bottled inside have finally begun
To create so much pressure that I'll soon blow up.

I heard the reverberating footsteps
Synching up to the beating of my heart,
And I was po…


Dear sleep,

just take away my consciousness as soon as you can. I don't want any moment that I can think for myself.

Thinking more that he should,

I Am In Debt

To my family, and also all my friends and teachers + lecturers, I am truly indebted to all of you for the full support that you are giving to me. I don't know if I am able to pay it while I am still alive. But I promise, as long as I am alive, I will not waste this opportunity that I received, and neither will I forget for all the things that you all had done for me.

I am struggling with my studies right now, and I know there a lot more challenges that I need to face, but I will be strong and never give up, no matter what awaits me.

"Dear Allah, all of these people have been supporting me with all their might and with patience, and I hope that You can give them the same reward, just like what I received from them. Please bless them with Your light and guidance, as long as they are alive, and even in the afterlife. I am grateful to You that I am surrounded by these wonderful people"


Please Do Help Me

I just got back in Madison yesterday, and there are a lot of things I need to do in order for me to catch up with my studies. Learning from my past mistakes, these are my own ways in order for me to perform better this semester.


I will be away from my laptop for at least 6 days (Sept 8-13) since my kampung doesn't has internet connection.

I will be in Negeri Sembilan for the rest of the week. Both my kampung are in Negeri Sembilan (Seri Menanti and Dioh), so there are no problems on where to celebrate the first day of Eid. In my ideal world, right now I should be at Madison and celebrating Eid there. But fate decided for me to stay in Malaysia. Well at least I can celebrate Eid with my family :D

This year, after everything that happened, I don't really feel like celebrating actually. I never showed my true feelings, but I am in uttermost guilt to everyone around me, especially my parents. I don't know. I just feel like spending my time during Eid alone. I wish I can just stay alone at home. But I know, I need to face it.

Well I do need to be prepared with bombarding questions from my relatives. I don't know if I am strong enough. Anyway it's my own fault, so I still need to embrace everyth…

I Had A Dream

Well it's nothing like Martin Luther King Jr's dream. My dream is just another person's dream of something he wishes badly right now.

I had arrived at United States, and I got to meet my friends again. Not only friends from Madison, but all my friends that were scattered all over US. Then we planned on eating somewhere, together.

I wish it will become a reality. I promise that I won't slack off anymore and to my best to not disappoint people who have been supporting me all this time, especially my family and my friends. But I won't regret it if I am not allowed to go there anymore. I know God has another plan for me if that happens.

It was a short but nice dream.

I Am Not Going Back To United States

Just after the day I arrived, I got caught up in an accident. Now, just another week before going back to USA, I received a bad news. MARA told me that they had terminated my sponsorship. Yes, this is not a hoax. I received the letter two days ago, and now I decided to give a full story to you readers.

Review: Persona 3 Portable

Persona 3 Portable (P3P) is a remake of Persona 3 FES (FES), which is a remake of Persona 3 (P3). Both the previous games are on PS2, while P3P is on PSP. The story of the game centered on a nameless character (the gender depends on who you choose) who just got transfered to a new dorm. 

The Best Thing About Fan Re-made

Ok, this video down here is about a man who broke a house and went into bed with a woman in the house. This video somehow got 1 million + views (the first time I watched this video is on Ray William Johnson's channel, though I don't remember which video)

Try to watch this first.

The funny thing is, some people really has a lot of free time to auto-tune the video and turn it into a song! The fan remade has a lot more viewers than the original (10 million views!). It is available in iTunes now (but I haven't checked yet top confirm it)

Help yourself to watch it :)

Review: Vibe BS NVE-300 Earphone

- I added the technical specification , disclaimer, "Do I Recommend It?" and a new point in "What I Hated".
- Other text added are in bold text

There are many of type of earphones/headphones nowadays, but I bet you never seen an earphone that has the features like Vibe BS.

Vibe BS is an earphone developed by NTECH Industries, a Korean company, and currently it is only available at South Korea. The box contains the earphone with amplifier, a charger, a cable and a user's manual. The amplifier has one button, dedicated to on/off and volume adjusting

Re-organizing My Thoughts And Blog

Lately, all I had been doing is talking s**t in my blog. I never posted things that I had created from my own thoughts. So in order to revive my blog (Phoenix Down!), I decided to organize on what, when and how should I post my blog.

I don't know what caused me to lose all my blog touch. Well it doesn't matter now, since I am determined to make a new history with my blog. I know I won't have to do something out of ordinary. I will do simple but effective post, so I don't have to crack my head to the wall to search for an idea.

Helios Eclipse In Manga Fox

For those of you who don't know, Helios Eclipse is a manga by Malaysian artist, Kaoru, and the manga is published by Gempak, a Malaysian magazine. Someone just had a lot of free time to scan the manga and translate it to English! It's a good manga, so read it if you have the time :)

Here's the link

Moral Choices

In some video games, we are presented with the moral choices system. Games like inFamous, Bioshock, Fallout 3 and Heavy Rain provided us with some of the best mechanic of moral choices.

In real life, we also face some moments of choosing, with our morality being tested.

Too Many To Choose

After playing Persona 3 Portable for 8 days straight, and total of around 60 hours, I will end playing it by at most another 3 days. I am at the last part of the game and about to confront the last bosses.

But my old habit gets to me again. I stopped playing it. This is kinda normal for me if I knew a game I played is going to end. I don't like to end a game, since, well, it's going to end! I don't have any particular reasons, and I think it is one of my bad habits.

Changed Playlists

I usually update the songs in my blog if I get bored with them. Like this time, I just changed the playlist. But I really want you to listen Fireflies by Owl City. The music, the voice, the slight echo, the lyrics, everything, is fascinating me.

I always love songs like this as it evokes my emotion, deeply. Just like Dakota, First Time and Iris, I love the songs very much.

On the other notes, I am enjoying my dormant season right now. Meaning I didn't get in touch with others that much. I did went out of my house a few times, but only like two times per week only. I don't really like going out actually, unless there are specific activities to do. Last minutes wouldn't matter, as long as there are something to do outside.

I didn't touch my PS3 that much though. But right now my PSP dominated my life, especially Persona 3 Portable (thanks Shader!)

Just another rambling

Blogging and Facebook

I do realize that I did blogging less than I used to like during my time at INTEC (including before and after INTEC). I think the both the quality and quantity had went down the drain after I came to US. It got nothing to do with being in US, only the timeline. 
I used to enjoy blogging. Writing things whatever, whenever I want. Providing insights, personal experience, interests, and more. It was such a fun thing to do.
Things are a lot different now, compared to back when I updated a lot in a week. Maybe, just maybe, it is because of the existence of Facebook. The conveniences of Facebook might be the reason why I slowly turning away from blogging.
Why do I write a post on blogs? Because I want people to read it, and hopefully, comment on it too. But Facebook done better at letting people read what I post. I can just put it on my status, notes, messages or whatever else available and force other people to read it. What do I mean by force?
Whenever I post a status, people will look at it …

It's Not Like I Wanted It To Happen

Just after a few days arrived in Malaysia (yes, I am in Malaysia), I got caught up in an accident. Not that serious, but it does has an impact toward myself.
============================================ When and Where it Happened:
Right after Jumaat prayer, at a junction near Masjid Shah Alam and Plaza Masalam
I went to the prayer okay!
How it Happened:
From my experience and knowledge, usually there will be traffic polices to guide the traffic instead of the traffic light. There was polices at that time, but they didn't guide the traffic. When the light turned red, at least two cars, crossed the junction. So without any doubt, I did the same. Unfortunately, I hit a motorcycle :( =============================================
It was a total disaster, both physically and mentally. The motorcycle was damaged on the right side, but fortunately I didn't hit the driver, and he escaped without any injury (though I did saw him flying like 2-3 meters to his left. It was not a beautiful …

Three Games

Okay, I lied about my last post. I do actually have some games to play, but there aren't any PS3 games I 'm playing right now. I am currently enjoying this three games:
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker (PSP)

I will never miss a canonical MGS titles after the first one (except Portable Ops).
Megaman Zero Collection

I had played all four Megaman Zero titles in the past, but never in an honest way (If you had ever played any games on Gameboy Advance emulator on PC, then you'll know what I mean)
Final Fantasy IX

The first Final Fantasy I'd played, and also my favorite among all of the series. Totally worth downloading it from PSN.
I have a lot of things to talk, but I'll keep it until I pass some part in MGS:PW.

Adakah Kita Semua Pelajar Universiti?

Kita semua dah besar...semua dah belajar tahap universiti...tapi mentaliti masih macam kanak-kanak...ada masalah dengan kawan/roommate/housemate pun tak boleh nak settle elok-elok...semua nak lari dari masalah...tau ada masalah tapi semua diam...tau ada masalah tapi prefer untuk elak...tau ada masalah dengan roommate, pastu lari ke bilik 305...takpun lari balik Malaysia...
kita bukan budak-budak...takkan la kena tegur sikit nak merajuk kan...percaya la kat kawan sendiri yang diorang takkan kecil hati bila ditegur dengan baik...takkan la kawan kita nak letak sign "saya boleh ditegur! silah tegur :)" baru nak tegur...
aku kalau buat salah pun mana aku tau...kita semua nie mana sedar kalau buat salah...kau pun kalau buat salah mana perasan yang kau tu tengah buat salah...kalau tak suka boleh jer cakap...kita semua nie insan biasa jer...semua sama di sisi Tuhan...sebab tu kita hidup dalam masyarakat...supaya kita boleh saling mengingati...
takkan kita nak harapkan orang lain s…

Can I Scream "OMG!!!!!"?

Final Fantasy IX is finally coming to PSN next Tuesday! This is like the greatest news ever for FFIX fans like me. Thank you Sony for bringing one of the most nostalgic classic for me.
Will download it to my PSP!

Don't Get Me Wrong

I don't hate people who don't like the things that I like, and I don't oppose those who like things that I dislike. But I love making fun of people who do things that I dislike. For example...well, you can see at my Facebook profile tonight.

Updating My Games Again

Traded-in games

I finished Lost Planet 2 campaign, playing co-op with my friend. Sure, the game is good, but there are not enough reasons for me to playing it again, so I decided to sell it. And then there is a case with Resonance of Fate. The earlier plot is confusing, not making any sense. The battle supposed to be hard, but since I already anticipated the difficulty, somewhat it became easy. Having no patience and desire to continue with the game, I traded it too.
I want to trade Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey too, but I forgot to put the cartridge inside the game box when I traded the other games. Maybe I'll sell it later.
At first, I though I want to sell them on eBay, but the process will take a long time and I'm kinda lazy. So I decided to trade the game at Gamestop with the upcoming game which is...
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

I never missed any main series of MGS, so I decided to buy this one too. It is on PSP, so I had a doubt at first. But after I read a preview (

Wake Up

For how much longer are you going to stay in such a depressed state?
It's time for you stand up ON YOUR OWN and take a step forward.
Don't be such a loser, loser.

Sony Is Tempting Kingdom Hearts Fan With New Entertainment Pack

Sony announced PSP-3000 Big Boss Bundle last month(here), and now they are announcing Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep PSP Entertainment Pack (here)!
Cannot...resist...temptation...Here goes my money again...Luckily it's on September 7~
Hopefully there are no other big titles coming around June until September... Yeah like that can happen. I should start learning to save money from now on. Or maybe I can sell my current PSP for this bundle...kehkehkeh

New Pokemon

The fifth generation of Pokemon will be coming soon, and the three starter Pokemons had been revealed in Japan. The new game will be Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

Don't you think that the Pokemons have become weirder and weirder? But there is nothing much to say until it will be fully revealed.

Two Things

The chances and probability are very high.
Maybe an earlier farewell is better?

Right now, I am in total mess, struggling for my last two exams. Therefore, I wish not to be bothered by anyone or anything. If you can't even understand this, then please go away, don't ever bother me to give my attention to you. If you think I am being inappropriate, then go find someone else who can be more appropriate. Thank you.


I Love My Mother! And I Want The Whole World To Know! Yay!

Everyone wants to show how much they love their mother in Facebook. Why don't you just say it to her personally? It is more effective and special, you know
Seriously, I have bad issues with Facebook, maybe the users too. My fault.
What's wrong with me anyway, bashing stuffs whenever I have a chance.
Now I have an idea for my next post
After cooling down my head and being more rational, I think it is normal for us to show what we love. But PERSONALLY, I think that we should say to her directly instead of telling it publicly (no point in doing both, right? Maybe). If you put it in your own space, it is still alright. But putting in on Facebook? I hope it is not for showing off. Sorry, I am being really skeptical lately. But I know most of you are sincere with your feelings towards your mother (put a smiley here).
I'm not going to delete what I wrote above the line, it will take away my pride if I do tha…


"Kalau kau dah rasa malas nak study, tak mengapalah. Tak perlulah study. Tapi ingat jer la tanggungjawab kau sebagai student" (Farahin, 2010)
"Jangan kita lakukan sesuatu semata-mata kerana 'ingin' sebab 'ingin' tidak pernah ada habisnya...Juga jangan kerana 'suka' sebab 'suka' mudah berubah...Berubahlah kepada 'perlu' sebab 'perlu' mengundang banyak manfaat." From Iluvislam on Facebook
Ok, gie study

Will Do

I promised myself that I won't be part of the crowd, and I will do it
And I think it is time for us to stay away from each other, so that we will be more appreciative

Selipar Crocs Adik Aku

Kesian pulak aku tengok adik aku nie bila aku beritau yang selipar crocs dier kena rembat (bersama2 kasut ayah aku). Tengok harga selipar tu pun tak aa mahal sangat (beli pasar jer) tapi tau la yang adik aku sayang sangat selipar dia.
Aku paling menyampah/benci/kutuk/$%^$#$ orang yang mencuri nie. Sejak dari form 1 lagi aku ada sejarah buruk dengan pencuri. Biasalah budak asrama, nampak barang best jer curik. Lan**u sungguh perangai pencuri2 nie. Aku tak tau la macam maner nak describe perasaan aku sekarang nie, sebab aku sangat2 anti dengan pencuri, tak kira la dari golongan maner pun. Kesian adik aku ko tau x? Kalau aku dapat tangkap pencuri2 nie...siot, perasaan marah dah menghantui diri.
Tapi nak buat macam maner en, barang yang dah kena curi, memang takkan dapat balik aa. Sebab kesian sangat dengan adik aku, aku cakap aa kat dier yang nanti aku belikan satu selipar crocs untuk dier. Harap2 ader la sale kat Johnson Creek tu. Sabar la ye wahai adikku, nanti aku balik hujung bulan 6 …

Takziah Untuk Adik Aminulrasyid Amzah

Aminulrasyid Amzah, seorang pelajar tingkatan 3 di Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seksyen 9 Shah Alam mati ditembak oleh polis.
Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, klik sini dan sini
Aku berasa sangat sedih kerana tragedi ini berlaku sangat dekat dengan tempat tinggal aku (Seksyen 8). Aku tidak akan membuat spekulasi sendiri (bahaya), tetapi aku sangat berharap untuk mengetahui perkara yang sebenar, bukannya kepalsuan yang direka-reka oleh mereka yang ingin melindungi diri mereka.
Semoga pemergiannya dirahmati Allah. Amin

I Want To Talk About Games

Not talking about games will drive me nuts. Plus, talking about subjects and courses that I can't get into and only taking it for the sake of entering Business School and graduation make me crazy. I'm starting to questioning myself why the hell did I took the scholarship. But never mind that, it can be discussed in another post.
I know finals are getting near (the first will be at 9th May, Sunday) but talking about it won't make me smarter or increase the probability of getting higher marks. I rather talk about games here, since it put a smile on my face even for a while.
Lately, I had been drown in the world of Final Fantasy XIII even though the world isn't that diverse. I only need to finish two more trophies before I can get the Platinum, but one of it is very time-consuming. Maybe I'll finish it during summer break. I am thinking about making a review of it for, but I need to put every focus and attention when doing it so it will be done when I…

Stress (Tak Boleh Tido)

Aku ingat lepas pulang dari Chicago pada minggu lepas, waktu tido aku dah ok balik
Aku tak tau kenapa hari nie aku tak boleh tido balik, dan aku sangat stress. Aku dah cuba untuk tido pukul 1 lebeyh (semalam dah tido lama), tapi bila dah naik katil, aku tak boleh nak terus tido macam biasa (at least seminggu lebih dapat tido dengan aman).
Pukul 2 pagi. Aku still tengah cuba untuk tido. Tiba2 dapat call. Nak wat camner, aku nak tido, aku pun malas la nak layan, dan aku pun terus tekan butang silent nak bagi henset aku tak vibrate walaupun aku dah letak silent mode awal2. Aku dah rasa nak lelap dah nie, dalam 10 minit lagi, dapat lagi call. Aku nak tido ok. Aku buat benda sama. Berterusan lah kisah ini sehingga pukul 3, dan aku masih tak dapat tido.
Dah pukul 3 tapi still tak dapat tido.
Aku cuba lagi untuk melelapkan mata. Cuba...cuba...cuba...entah lelap atau tidak, tengok2 dah pukul 4. Nak buat macam mana, boleh pulak orang2 mabuk nie buat bising kat luar. Aku nak jer jerit suro …

Rambling Again

I know, boys need to be strong so that we can protect others that we love. Boys shouldn't show to others that they are weak, at least that is how the societies view at boys. But sometimes I couldn't help thinking and being weak.
Is it others that can't accept what I want to share about or is it me that make myself look like a weirdo? My motivation went down straight to the dark valley.
Baik main Pokemon

What's So Special About Maturity?

At least for a gamer like me, this "maturity" is for people over 18. If a game is rated M (for Mature), then only a person 18 or above can buy it. But do maturity grow alongside with age? Do all people who are at least 18 are matured? Of course not.
According to TheFreeDictionary, mature is defined by "Of, relating to, or characteristics of full development, either mental or physical." If we are going with the definition, then certainly we can see that age does not really confide our maturity, especially on the mental part.
I don't really have a lot to talk about maturity, at least when viewing at myself. I know I am 20 this year, but I never feel like I am mature enough. I can never say that "I am matured!" to everyone since there are always some parts of my mental and thinking skills that haven't matured enough.
A few people I know always care too much about maturity. They can even declare themselves of being mature to others. I know that nothing…

Too Much Of Final Fantasy XIII? (With a Chunk of Review)

Up until now from the start of spring break, I have been playing Final Fantasy XIII like crazy. Grinding level, killing marks, spamming gils (currency in FFXIII), and more importantly, working toward getting Platinum trophy. Damn I should knew from the start that I could nearly lose my social life.
There was this one week where I dreamed about Paradigm Shift for 3 days straight. Yesterday, I dream about the roles haha. Yeah, that is too much.
But the interesting part is that I never dreamed about other aspects about FFXIII. The battle system is the most memorable part, at least in my opinion. Kudos to Square Enix for innovating the battle system.
Here is my comments about the battle system. At the beginning of the game, you only have limited choices for your attacks, and abilities are very little. As the game goes on, you will be exposed to many new things such as the roles and Paradigm Shift (Optima Change in Japanese version). Each character has 6 roles, but you are only limited to so…