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We All Can Change

Someone said to me "What's up with two straight emo post?" Yes, I am aware of that, and you can say I intentionally became emotional to write.

It's nothing more that a satisfaction to myself. Not because I'm talking about someone else, it's because did let go of what I want to say. It's truly emotional, with made up with less than 20% of facts, and the rest are what my emotion telling me what I feel. I don't think that what I wrote is right, and I am aware that it has more chance on being wrong, so whatever. Both are emotionally driven anyway. I don't give a fuck to those who felt that the posts were meant to direct to them. It's not really about who I wrote to, it's about what I want to let go. Don't like it? You are free to leave now. I am a selfish bastard after all.

So that's it about being emotional. I'm happy now.

Right now, my house is almost complete on being a home to me. I have everything that I need, and almost all t…

You Still Do What You Hate

Remember when you told me that you hate what that person did to you? I guess it was all in the past, since you are just repeating what that person did. But you did it on another person, one that you see fit to sacrifice in order for you to gain your satisfaction and what you call happiness.

You can hate anything that you want. No problem with that since we all have something that we don't like. But to do the things that you said you hate, is fucking dumb. You hate it just to relief yourself, to justify that you are not wrong, that the other party was wrong. Now that you can gain benefit from that person, all your principle disappear with your pride.

You said that you don't have a thing for anyone anymore. But once that person came back to your life, you couldn't resist. You were just lying. Not to anyone, but to yourself.

Remember when you still have "that"? Did you really thankful for the things that you have? Remember you said that you don't have a will to …

That's What I Said

"Kitorang pun dah malas nak amik kisah pasal dia. Dah besar kan, pandai-pandai la fikir sendiri"

When even your own friends said something like this about you, you know that you need to change that something about you.

Yes, you can live your live without even care about what others say, but only if you didn't do anything wrong.

It's back to what I said back in Spring 2010.

Dear Playstation,

why the hell are you so awesome??

I visited Kotaku just now, and saw how much articles focusing on the PS Vita. To make it short, it must-buy rating just increased by 20%. It's just too...too...I don't know how to put it into words.

These are some of the awesome facts about Vita that caught my interest:
- there are 26 PS Vita launch titles for Japan, and it will be released on December 17 (in Japan)
- it can play most PSP downloadable titles
- Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders HD collection for Vita
- Final Fantasy X HD on PS3 and Vita! This is what I'm excited most.
- Persona 4 for Vita! Owh God

On the side note, Capcom jusst released trailer reveals for two new Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 characters: Vergil and Iron Fist

Owh I'm so happy today!

New House, New Life

How it's going everypony?

Moving out to  my new house wasn't easy, especially because I live alone. But I have a lot of wonderful friends and people around me who are willing to help. These are the people who helped me with my process of moving out:

My parents - Of course! Without their support, I would have a lot of problems by now. I am blessed that my parents can accept the fact that I'm living alone, and even though it was hard for them to acknowledge it in the beginning, they are fine with it now :)

Shafiq Kadir - For helping me searching for a pace to rent, helping me lifting my items (a lot of them!), cooked lunch for me, letting me stay in his house for a night, and the list goes on. I am totally indebted to you until the day I die :p

Adam Nazri, Noor Irshaad and Naqib Jalal - for letting me stay in their house for four days, cooked dinner, accompanying me buying things for my house and a lot more. Sorry that your house was messy because of my things :p

Fawwaz - Fo…


Right now I am in Madison, just started class two days ago. I have been in every class (except for discussion sessions), and I have to say every class is interesting. To sum it all up, I have one Math class, and 3 reading class. One of them (English 168) has a lot of reading requirements. But the books are not for heavy readers, thankfully. They are just a lot, and I mean A LOT. Manga class has a lot to read to, but we only have 5 quizzes throughout the semester, and that's it. No final exams, or even midterms. Video game class is almost the same like last year's.

So this semester, I really need to be very disciplined, to able to manage my time and money properly, and prioritize what's important. I know it's hard, and even I don't think I could do it. But owh well, I don't want to mess up again. Just be patience, only two years left.

I went to Gamestop two days ago to trade-in most of my games. I managed to receive $140 in-store credit, and bought two items wit…


I went to KLIA. Discovered that my itinerary has slight misinformation, then went back home. My flight will be on Monday 3:15pm. $300 was burned just like that for the domestic flight. I'm sad. I don't want to make things harder for my parents anymore.

Before going back home, we went to Kajang, visiting my uncle's house. The road, the scenery, was too familiar. It was the road I always used whenever I went to see her. It bring back so much memories. I avoided the road for three months. Last time was last year. It hurts. It hurts so much. I want to meet you, but I know I can't.

So sad. Almost cried. No one to talk to. But it's ok Zafree. It's ok.


Eid, Then Come Studies

I just got back from my kampung, and I had a lot of wonderful experiences. Met a lot of my family members, and it made me realize just how important our families are. I like how they don't really look at our background (in a good way) and just accept others as who they are. Back when I was little until the end of SPM year, I didn't really talk a lot with them because...let's just say I'm kinda anti-social with my families, and I didn't really know what to talk about. After I went to INTEC, I became more outspoken, and I started to talk a lot with my cousins, and my mom's cousin's children. It was my shortest Eid in Malaysia in my whole life, but definitely doesn't make it any less awesome.

Well, the Eid celebration need to stop for now, since I will be going back to Madison this Saturday. Need to prepare a lot of things, especially since I will be living alone. You don't know how worried my mom was.

There's nothing much to talk right now, just w…