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Setelah 3 hari berjumpa dengan kawan2 lama, aku dapat rasakan yang aku sangat patut kembali untuk menggunakan Bahasa Melayu untuk tulis kat blog nie. Alasan aku senang jer: aku lagi better guna bahasa Melayu (technically rojak aa) berbanding dengan guna English.

Aku sangat2 berterima kasih kepada Niro, Acap, Nabil (Stevens), Nabil (Ann Arbor), Azza, Mira Azhar ngan Aimi. Sebab korang lah aku rasa somehow aku dapat jumpa balik diri aku yang sepatutnya aku jadi (hahahahaha ayat poyo yang di-translate daripada bila aku selalu guna English XD ). Tak lupa juga kepada semua orang yang aku jumpa semasa Midwest Games 2011 di UW Madison nie :)

So mulai hari nie, aku akan lagi banyak menggunakan BM, dan akan jugak guna English sekali sek`ala (maybe bila buat review ke). Aku dapat nampak banyak perubahan yang akan terjadi lepas nie.

I don't know if I have non-Malay readers also, but if you guys reading this, I just want to let you know that I won't be using English like usual, and there …

No Updates

I said I want to do my review for Bloggie Touch today, but the weather outside was cloudy, making it not suitable to take pictures and videos. So maybe tomorrow :(

I bought some accessories for my Bloggie yesterday, and hope it will arrive before Midwest Games starts next week. I hope I can be more consistent with my new hobby :)

New Gadget To Play With

First of all, sorry for not updating anything about my Show Off Week. I was too tired as my finals were on last week, and this week I just decided to rest~

For Show Off Week, I actually done with my gadgets. Other things that left are my consoles, laptop, headphones etc. I'll start doing everything by tomorrow, now that I have a new item to play with~ Today I went to Kenosha, a shopping outlet, and I bought something for myself. I'll show you a few videos, and try to guess what is the item:
Dinner after shopping

Driving back to Madison
I'm pretty sure you can probably guess what it is. It's an recording device, Sony Bloggie Touch MHS-TS20. I'll do a more thorough review for this camera after I try it more. The reason I bought this? There is a reason, and it is about a new area/hobby/interest that I want to explore :) I'll tell you more in the next post.

Show Off Week: Day 5

Okay I know I am posting this like a little bit too late, but still, better late than never (lame excuse). I am busy distracting myself with something else this weeks (out of frustrations and sadness) but never mind about that. So...welcome to day 5! Today I will be presenting an item that I rarely use nowadays: iPod Touch (mine is the 2nd Generation)

One picture is enough, since it doesn't has any battery life. I haven't charge it for like almost two full semesters.
"But wait! Isn't iPod Touch is very useful an has a lot of apps and games? Why aren't you using it?"

Yeah, it is a very good device. In fact, when the first time I got my hand on it (somewhere near June 2009), I can't stop using it for like a few months (only). But as a gamer, it doesn't has a lot of games that I personally like (Angry Bird? I played for a few times before I got bored). I prefer playing games on my PSP or DS. There aren't that many games on App Store that I can indulge …

Show Off Week: Day 4

Welcome to day 4! First of all sorry for the late post. Something happened to me and I need to calm myself down first before I can do anything (this post and assignments). So today I'm not going to concentrate on only one item, instead I will talk about the things that I always brought with me anywhere I go :)

My most trusted camera, Canon Ixus 80 IS, was bought during 2009, before I came to US. The third camera I have, and also the longest time of use. I used to capture a lot of pictures using this camera, until when people around me started using DSLR, and successfully turning me off from capturing pictures especially on events. But I still use it for personal use (like taking pictures for blogging!).

Sony Ericsson W660i, bought in 2008, a few weeks after I registered into INTEC. It used to have white cover, until I replaced it last year. These phone holds a lot of things dear to me, and pieces of my memories are engraved into this phone. Maybe some of you think that I have a mo…

Show Off Week: Day 3

Yesterday I talked about my PSP-3000. Today, I want to talk about its other version, which is the PSPgo.

I bought the PSPgo at Best Buy before coming back to Malaysia last summer during a promotion, and I get $50 off by fulfilling a certain condition. It was totally worth it. I spent a lot of time playing games on my PSPgo, just as much as my PSP-3000

The most glaring differences between th PSP-3000 and the PSPgo is the hardware and design. PSPgo is designed to be smaller, and it ditched the UMD. Meaning if you already have the PSP-3000, you won't be able to play all your previous games you bought.

(I going to change the format of posting)

What I like:

Smaller size
PSPgo is smaller than PSP-3000, and making it easier to fit into the pocket. Thus I don't have to bring a bag with me to store my PSPgo. It is convenient~

Large Storage
It has 16GB storage memory, and you can add another 16GB using Micro M2 memory card. I stored a lot of games, sings and videos into it, and there are s…