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So the result for my Arabic course is out :) Now I can talk about all of my results~ Wee~

Act Sci 300
The challenge : I really want an A for this course, because my seniors said that this course is an easy A. But I did miss two classes, didn't send two homeworks, and didn't do one quiz. Of course I was worried if I didn't get an A.
And the result is... : But thank God, I did get an A for this one-credit course :)

Arabic Language
The challenge : I came back to Madison like two-three weeks late, so I missed a lot of classes (this course is every day!). The limit of absents is five, and I know I didn't come to class more than that. I worried that my absents will bring down my grade.
What I did : My knowledge of Arabic language during high schools truly helped me a lot. Plus, I was very lucky that my instructor is not so strict, and he is very friendly. During my oral test, I told him about my current situation with my sponsor, and he said "I hope you will do well (in your …

Still Waiting For Results

I already received 3 final results, and there is still another one, which is Arab, that I need to wait for. I'm not really sure when will it come out, but I'll wait~ When I received the result, I will post it here :)

I am not going anywhere during this winter break, just like latest time. Well I prefer to stay home anyway, unless I have a lot of cash to burn. Right now, my family, with my mom's sister's family, are going to Singapore, celebrating my mom's and my sister's birthday. Hopefully they all will have a lot of fun there!

Somehow, I really wish that winter break will end as soon as possible. Yes, just for a selfish reason. Other than that, maybe because my Fall 2010 semester wasn't that tiring, and it was a semester that I truly enjoyed. Right now, I really want the 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors game, but it is sold out on everywhere I looked. Even on eBay, the price is totally ridiculous (50% more than the original price, what the hell?).

Right now, I d…

Last Exam, And Yet-To-Be-Played Games

My last exam, Arabic, will be on this Tuesday morning. I know I can score in the test, but I'm really worried if I won't get an A. Hopefully, with Allah's help, I can get A for this course. I really wish that I can get 3.00 and above :)

The last exam I took is Macroeconomic, and that was on Friday evening. There are a lot of time before my next exam, and I spent my time...playing games! I play Call of Duty Black Ops (online multiplayer) most of the time, because it is easy to pick up, and has this "just one more!" effect. Usually I play with Adam, Shafiq, Zainal or Naqib.

When I take a look at my games, there are a lot of unfinished games, and they are:
Vanquish - only halfway through
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - haven't past the intro
Heavy Rain - haven't tried the playing it with Move
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - yet to beat the hardest boss
Dead Rising 2 - just finished once (still a lot to do)

Well that's what winter break for! I am not p…

Midnight Thoughts

Ideas usually come during midnight, or is it? At least it is kinda true in my case. How about you guys?

Anyway, this night, suddenly I feel like talking about my studies here. Not exactly about my exams, it's more about why am I here, in the US right now.

Until my SPM year, all I did was following what was set for me. Like for example, I went for boarding school because of my parents, I applied for scholarship because that's what my teachers recommended, and more. At one point, I did question all this. Like, where is my own path? Is this really the path that I want to take? I did talk about this in one of my post, but I'm too lazy to search for it haha. I don't know why I was so rebellious. Maybe that person's ideas and thoughts were very contagious to me.

But anyway, now that I think about it, even if my path right now is not the one I choose, there are still a lot of time for me ahead, even after graduating. I can imagine, that someday after I graduate in UW Madi…

Get Back Up

A few things happened to me around this one month before the exams. The three main things are my inability to sleep at night, my always hurting stomach, and my broken heart.

"Maybe because you sleep at evening?"
No, I don't think that's the case here. There are times where I slept directly after Isha' but it's not that frequent. But I think it's alright as long as I don't miss my prayers (especially Subo) and don't miss my classes. Maybe, just maybe, as a last result, I will start to take sleeping pills only for this week, so that I can sleep well, preparing for my exams.

"Did you eat something funny?"
No, and I'm sure of it. I only eat what my housemates eat, and sometimes eat at restaurant with my friends too. I didn't eat a lot too. Maybe it was due to my wrong timing of eating. Since a lot had happened, I lost my appetite to eat. Sometimes I eat only once a day, sometimes I didn't at all. It's not like I don't wan…


I have this song on the side bar, but it is the female version. On, I can't find the original full version (grrrr) so that's why I'm posting it here.

"Arigatou" wo kanade kanade tooku hanareta to shite mo...
kaze ni fukarenagara aruite ikikau hitogomi no naka de
yasashii kimi ni koko de deaeta ..."hanaretakunai yo"
sabishii yoru mo kimi ga ita ne yakusoku suru yo "TSUYOKU NARU KARA"
tsunaida kokoro wa hitotsu dakara bokutachi wa toberu n da
"arigatou" wo kanade kanade tooku hanareta to shite mo
"sayonara" to te wo futte mata koko de aimashou

hitotsu hitotsu kono omoi wo ima kanaeru koto ga dekitara
kitto tsuyoi boku ni nareru kara waratte kimi ni aeru yo
hitori hitori de mawaru sekai wa shinjiru koto sae kowaku naru kedo
ano hi kureta kimi no kotoba ga tobidatsu boku no hane ni naru kara
"arigatou" wo kanade kanade tsunagu te wa nai kedo
"arigatou" hibike hibike kono uta kimi e todoke

"arigatou" …

Exams Preparation

Two of my exams will be on 17th December, Stats at 7:45am and Macroecons at 7:45pm. Somehow I really like it when exams are cramped together, since that I can finish everything earlier and forgot them as soon as possible.

Today I had a quiz in Stats class, and somehow I feel confident when doing it. Courtesy to Naqib Jalal for letting me copy his homework answers. I studied when I copied the answers~ Sure, I don't mind if you don't believe me hehe. During the class, my lecturer handed out the final exam preparation questions. I'll do it later, and see which section that I do not understand. Thanks to Act Sci 300 class, I think I am well prepared for Stats exam =)
Macroecons (I'll just call it econ from now on) is still bugging me though. But starting next week, there will be a lot of review classes, so I'll make sure that I won't miss any of them. Lecturer's office hours are important too. Hopefully my econ exam will be fine, since I think this is the only ba…

There Is Still Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be another day. Forget all the sad things that happened today and pray for better tomorrow.

Don't hate anyone. You don't know who keeps on wishing you love and happiness in their prayers. Just like those lights at night, accompanying you in the dark. The lamp is different, but the light is the same - Jalaluddin ar-Rumi  =)
(copied from Raja Alauddin's Facebook status)

Short post for tonight,
Goodnight blog

Missing you, not you, so much! =)

Can I Do It Tomorrow?

I just slept for two hours just now, and my head is still kinda heavy, but I can't get to sleep. So maybe I will try to do something bored. But here's where the contradiction come: Things that can make you bored will eventually make me sleepy, but if it is boring, why do I bother doing it in the first place? I can do a lot of other things like watching anime or reading manga. But the point here is to get to sleep, so just do it. It's boring, so I decided not to do it, and do other things.

So anyway, I am kinda bure bure bure bure right now, because I woke up after sleeping halfway. During my sleep, I dream about playing as a real soldier in Call of Duty: Black Ops. I don't know why, don't ask me. But in that dream, I keep on losing, like real bad. So after this I think I'm going to play a few rounds of Team Deathmatch to prove that the dream is wrong hahahahaha.

This is random, but I know I shouldn't let despair get into me for too long. Now is the time to …

Mirai Nikki

Lately I have been reading a lot mangas, and at some point I spent all my time reading it from the first chapter until the recent chapter. Mirai Nikki, or Future Diary, is one of them.

This manga was published in either Kreko or Arena Komik (I can't remember which one, and I don't know if it is still shown). I read the manga like when I was Form 5, and only a few chapters, so I didn't really feel like missing it too much.

Until last 2 weeks, when I was browsing through the list of mangas in MangaFox, I came across the manga, and try to read it. I was surprised by how deep and twisted the plot is, since I thought it was a more straight-forward manga. Then without realizing it, I read until the second last chapter within one night.

The manga is about a group of people who wield a future diary, a diary that can show upcoming events within certain range. These people need their diary to survive, as the diary wielder need to kill each other, and the last survivor will be select…

Like This

You Are Not Asleep Yet?

Right now, I still can't sleep, but I am getting sleepy. Well, I did sleep for three hours during the evening, so maybe that's why I can't sleep right now.

I hope I can wake up earlier tomorrow, since I have Stats class at 9:30 a.m.

Goodnight blog~

I Do Care For You

If human can be rebirth after their death, I will be willingly end my life right now, so I can start all over again.

If human can turn back the time, I go back to the time where I did what I shouldn't, so that I will never lose you forever.

But as long as we live, there are still chances for something good to happen, there are still chances to set things right, and there are still chances for me to show you how much I care and love you.

For that, I will not give up hope, and try to live my life to the fullest. Live not in despair, but in hope. Hope is what keeping me to keep on going forward, waiting for the day when I can be the one for you again.

Zafree, don't be sad.

I really want to be by your side.


Like I said in the post below, I have trouble in getting to sleep. Right now is the time where I should be sleeping, but I just can't. Well actually I can sleep, but I am having a hard time to sleep in the right time. So when do I start to sleep? Around 4 a.m. maybe. I am not really worried though.

I made sure that I didn't miss any classes. So you (mom) don't have to worry about that =) I am well aware of my responsibilities. It just that something happened to me lately that I can't help but being sad. I'm ok now =D

Well, now in the night that I can't sleep, I just need to do something to distract me and get me to sleep earlier. Anything besides fapping.

Trouble With Sleep

Until today, I had a hard time of getting into sleep. Maybe it's time for me to take some sleeping pills, especially since exams is coming near, and there is one problem that I can't get it out of my head. I did promise that this won't be anyone's fault, so I will try to solve this as soon as possible. I don't want it to affect my exams =)
Hopefully I won't get addicted and be a pill-dependent person.


It's not about who is right or wrong. I'm willingly admit my mistakes, and already forgive you if there anything that you had done wrong. But I don't know if I'll be able to forgive myself

Ya Allah

sesungguhnya aku tahu kesedihan dan kekesalan ini berpunca daripada kesilapanku sendiri, tetapi aku berharap bahawa kau kurniakanlah aku kekuatan dan kesabaran supaya semua perkara akan menjadi lebih baik pada masa akan datang.