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Moving On

This week is extremely tight with exams. Just finished two exams, and two more to go. One on Wednesday, and another one is the day after. Will I ever make it through, I don't know about that. But I know I won't go anywhere if I don't do anything (studying). So good luck to myself! Never say die before you try! :D

I know I'm terrible when it comes to relationship, especially on making decisions. No matter how much I care for you, I don't see you appreciating what I did. I am not a saint, I cannot be patience for so long. I want to be your strength to keep you moving on, but I guess you never asked for me to be for you. Well I'm okay with it. I still care for you, no matter what. But I decided to never show it again, unless there are some revelations. There are a lot of things left untold that I really wish I can tell you, but there's no way I can do that for now. The truths are better kept with me in the mean time.

I guess I will be searching, and searching …


Let say you play a Pokemon game where you can only choose one type of Pokemon that only has one move. Pretend that the Pokemon is Charizard with Flamethrower. Now, you are at a crossroad where the path expands into three more path, and each path has a boss at the end. One with weakness of grass, one with weakness of water, and the last one is weakness with fire. Obviously, the last path will be the easiest, and you can finish the game easily, because it is suited to your ability.

But let say the you choose the other paths, and you just can't win because the path is not meant for you. Even if you get to the last boss, that boss is just overwhelming that there's nothing you can do. You messed up because you just saved before the boss fight, and you need to start a new game just because the game don't allow multiple saves. Most gamers will just give up, losing interest in the game. Only a few who want to see the ending/what happens next will start a new game and go through ev…

Spring Break 2012

It's only a week of holidays, without any plan or whatsoever. Until now, most of what I've done was decided on impulse. We just had a BBQ picnic just now, and tomorrow we are going to Chicago for some shopping.

There are a few people that I missed so badly. I want to meet them so much :(