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Please Do Help Me

I just got back in Madison yesterday, and there are a lot of things I need to do in order for me to catch up with my studies. Learning from my past mistakes, these are my own ways in order for me to perform better this semester.


I will be away from my laptop for at least 6 days (Sept 8-13) since my kampung doesn't has internet connection.

I will be in Negeri Sembilan for the rest of the week. Both my kampung are in Negeri Sembilan (Seri Menanti and Dioh), so there are no problems on where to celebrate the first day of Eid. In my ideal world, right now I should be at Madison and celebrating Eid there. But fate decided for me to stay in Malaysia. Well at least I can celebrate Eid with my family :D

This year, after everything that happened, I don't really feel like celebrating actually. I never showed my true feelings, but I am in uttermost guilt to everyone around me, especially my parents. I don't know. I just feel like spending my time during Eid alone. I wish I can just stay alone at home. But I know, I need to face it.

Well I do need to be prepared with bombarding questions from my relatives. I don't know if I am strong enough. Anyway it's my own fault, so I still need to embrace everyth…

I Had A Dream

Well it's nothing like Martin Luther King Jr's dream. My dream is just another person's dream of something he wishes badly right now.

I had arrived at United States, and I got to meet my friends again. Not only friends from Madison, but all my friends that were scattered all over US. Then we planned on eating somewhere, together.

I wish it will become a reality. I promise that I won't slack off anymore and to my best to not disappoint people who have been supporting me all this time, especially my family and my friends. But I won't regret it if I am not allowed to go there anymore. I know God has another plan for me if that happens.

It was a short but nice dream.