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About You

I always thought that you are the best out there
You are perfect
You are better than anyone else
You know what to do when facing problems

I always thought that you are different
You think differently
You see things in another perspective
You have things that normal people don't

We do a lot of same things
The fact is, you are always better than me
People always talked about you
People always admired you
I was always over-shadowed by you
I became envious
But in the same time, I always respected you
That I also wanted to be in the same league as you
I tried to become better, because I always tried to catch you

I forgot that you are also a human
With feelings and emotions
That sometimes are affected by emotion

I forget that you are just a boy
That sometimes you are childish
There are things that you don't know how to handle

People change with time
Is it me, or you, who had changed?
Well, it doesn't matter
Maybe we were never meant to walk in the same path

Remember Introductory Speech?
I chose to give …

Just Be Yourself

Just be myself?How can I when I don't have one?
I never had one Maybe, really I don't know for sure But If people ask me "Please describe yourself" ... I don't know Stop asking
I never had an intention on my own Following what others are doing, that's what I did If my parents didn't tell me to go to boarding school I will never do it If my friends didn't apply for MRSM Jasin I will never go there If my mom didn't scold me for not applying any scholarship I will never apply one If my mother didn't ask me to have car license I would never had one If I did not have the opportunity to study at INTEC I would not care If my friends did not apply for University in US I never will If I never had an opportunity to study overseas I will be happy enough to study in Malaysia I only remember that I struggled to get to you That I wanted you so much But I didn't know how to maintain it I'm truly sorry, dear
Who am I? There are only a few things that I know Someone who once love math…

Got No Effort To Think For A Title

This miniscule being has something to say from bottom of his small heart
Dear summer semester It is only for month that we were together But there are abundant of events that I could not forget I get to know more people Involved with many activities But in the same time I lost many things My emotions were unstable You really gave a big impact in my life It hurts Really hurts I learnt a lot from you Thank you
Dear friend We are friends since our first meeting I really envy you, on every aspect You have everything that I always wanted But you had never been boastful or looked down on others That's why I really enjoyed being around you I love it when I can say everything that is on my mind to you Even the craziest idea, you will listen to me But things never meant to go smooth all the time I made the biggest mistake ever I never knew that what I did had an effect on you You can't accept my way Yeah, I never blamed you on that I should be respectful and never did it Bu…

The Last Memento

You won't find me here anymore
 I'm leaving all my past here

Hiding my feelings I'll start a new way
So say goodbye now I need my friends
Don't want to hurt others' feelings anymore
Being ignorant    Faking my feelings

I hate myself sometimes I hurt enough already

I love my friends Don't leave me
The knife already cut deep in my throat
I'm a jerk
Please forgive me

Menyalurkan Suara

Seperti biasa apabila pergi ke shopping mall mesti kena bayar duit parking kan
Nasib baik jugak la aku hidup kat zaman serba moden nie, boleh bayar kat mesin jer
Tapi tak sangka lak still boleh jadi masalah...


Ahad yang lepas, aku pergi ke SACC Mall untuk membayar bil
Selepas semua dah settle, aku pun beratur untuk bayar tiket parking
Ada 3 mesin kat situ, salah satunya dijaga oleh seorang pak cik (mungkin guard)

Tiba-tiba datang seorang pakcik berpakaian kemas seperti baru pulang dari pejabat (walaupun hari Ahad) dan dia terus menghapiri pak guard tersebut

Pakcik : Saya akan make sure yang saya akan laporkan hal nie ke surat khabar

Guard : Saya boleh bagi awak alamat company nie kalau awak nak

Pakcik : Saya tak marah kat awak, tapi saya akan tulis ke surat khabar

Pakcik tu pun beredar untuk ke kereta beliau

Ok, aku agak tertanya2 juga apa yang terjadi

Tiba-tiba sahaja pak guard tersebut bercerita tentang apa yang telah terjadi, …

First Week of Summer Semester

I am taking Calculus 2 for this semester~~ I'm not sure whether I'm happy or not I guess it is my destiny ceyh~~ My class start at 8:30 a.m. and for 2 hours only from Monday until Friday For 3 semester I am in Miss Farah class I need to score for Calculus 2 Don't want to slacking around like last semester I am really thankful to Miss Farah because she gives me A for Calculus hehe It really helps me with my CGPA My CGPA? 3.26~ Thanx to Calculus and C++ (A and A- respectively)
In Cendana:
Well, we need to move to Cemara after 18th and before 31th of this month Only a little time left before we need to leave this college huhu I'll miss cendana
Since our class is only 2 hour everyday, most of us dunno what to do after class yeah, everyone is bored With 'that thing' in my room, how can I get bored? hehe But I'm still wondering how Miss Farah know about it hm~
Enjoying my last days in Cendana and INTEC

Isolated Blog

For about one week I had abandoned the online world


I feel much better actually

After all the disaster in last semester

I need my own space and time

For how long I didn't enjoy playing games...

Going to start blogging and online from now on~