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Post Bukan Untuk Semua Orang, Tapi Ada 4 Orang Patut Terasa

Edited total 7 times by 2/6/2010 1906 Post ini telah diedit disebabkan aku tuan blog (tak menjawab soalan). Post yang asal telah di-save di dalam laptop aku, so anggap la yang tak membace tu...kurang bertuah

1) Jangan aa merajuk
2) Ko pun ...ah malas aa nak cakap
3) Semoga berbahagia
4) Lepas nie kita kena lebih mengekspresi kan perasaan kita dengan cara yang lebih sihat. Terima kasih sebab sanggup turun datang jumpa aku dulu untuk menerangkan everything :)
Aku bukannya hendak merendahkan mana2 pihak, tapi mungkin method aku agak extreme. Minta maaf kepada semua pihak yang terlibat.

My Thought of My Classes After One Week

I had been one week since the class started. I have been to all classes except for two discussion session which will only be available starting this week. I only seen the earlier part of the classes, but it is sufficient enough for me to give my thoughts about them.
For this semester, I am taking 5 class with 15 credit hours total (3 credit for each class). These are the classes that I take:
PSYCH 202 - Introduction to Psychology I failed this class last semester, so of course, I still need to take it. It's a challenge to myself to success in a class that I have failed before. Learning psychology is very interesting especially when you can connect between what you learn and your everyday life. There are two possible reasons why I failed this course last sem. First, it all went wrong when one of the early things that I had to learn is leaned more towards biology. As it is not what I expected, I started to turn away from the class. I'm not really interested in biology anyway. Furt…

Learning About Truth Can Be Painful

Lately, I read a lot of articles regarding yaumul qiamah or Judgment Day, al-Masih ad-Dajjal (False Messiah) and conspiracies. Reading these articles really opened up my eyes and mind about what happening today in our world. I learnt a lot of new things.
Today, a lot of signs of the Judgment Days are showing Today, most of our activities are controlled by the conspirators Today, the life of Muslims around the world is in danger Today, fitnah are thrown to Muslims Today, Dajjal is still working on his plan to make people stray from their religion
Being a normal person, how can I not fell scared? In any moment right now, Dajjal can deceive us to follow and worship him, earthquake can happen anywhere in the world, Muslims can be killed anytime now without any reasons and that are just some of it. I am afraid that I will be deceived by Dajjal and his conspirators. I am afraid that I will not die as a Muslim. I am afraid, really.
There are moments where I feel like crying, feeling hopeless. I do…

Khutbah Rasulullah SAW Tentang Kedatangan Dajjal

Dipetik dari sini
Dari Abi Umamah Al-Bahiliy, beliau berkata: “Rasululah s.a.w telah berkhutbah di hadapan kami. Dalam khutbahnya itu Baginda banyak menyentuh masalah Dajjal. Baginda telah bersabda: “Sesungguhnya tidak ada fitnah (kerosakan) di muka bumi yang paling hebat selain daripada fitnah yang dibawa oleh Dajjal. Setiap Nabi yang diutus oleh Allah SWT ada mengingatkan kaumnya tentang Dajjal. Aku adalah nabi yang terakhir sedangkan kamu adalah umat yang terakhir. Dajjal itu tidak mustahil datang pada generasi (angkatan) kamu. Seandainya dia datang sedangkan aku masih ada di tengah-tengah kamu, maka aku adalah sebagai pembela bagi setiap mukmin. Kalau dia datang sesudah kematianku, maka setiap orang menjaga dirinya. Dan sebenarnya Allah SWT akan menjaga orang-orang mukmin.“Dajjal itu akan datang nanti dari satu tempat antara Syam dan Irak. Dan mempengaruhi manusia dengan begitu cepat sekali. Wahai hamba Allah, wahai manusia, tetaplah kamu. Di sini akan saya terangkan kepada kamu…

Winter Break

After less than a month of holiday, class gonna start next week. The break is quite long, but not long enough for me to wonder "What am I going to do?" even once. But ironically I didn't do much during this break. I stayed in my room for more than 90% of the break.
I never went out of Madison. Most my friends had the chance to take a trip to travel. Some even traveled to at least 5 different states. Even my friends that came to visit Madison went to a tour to Chicago with my friends here at Madison. I never really interested in going places, so I don't really mind though. But if I have the chance, I want to go to meet my friends at other universities. At least that give me a motivation. Other than to meet my friends, maybe the only event that will make me want to travel is E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo).
Most of my time was spent playing PS3 games, reading manga and exploring games website. It is the usual stuff that I did when I was in Malaysia. Maybe I need to …

New Games Added

This horror shooting game had always been in my mind for about two month, and I can't decide whether to buy it or not. When I went to BestBuy last week, the price is only $19.90 and Irshaad said he can share the payment with me, so I bought it~ Irshaad also said that he wanted to see the storyline since he didn't finish this game on his PC. This game is the best horror game I played. It is more satisfying than Resident Evil 5. Shooting the limbs of the bloody aliens makes the alien looks like it is begging you for mercy. Love shooting their heads off. mwahaha

Ikhlas asked me to buy this game since the he said that the multiplayer mode is top-notch. I haven't give it a try yet but I know it is, at least, good. I just need to endure being called noob for some time T.T

This game is bought by Irshaad. I'm not really into sport games but they are the easiest to get hooked up especially when playing with friends.

Irshaad said that this game looks interesting, so I help him to g…

Something To Post

When my almost all of my friends went out enjoying their vacation, I enjoyed being alone and quiet. Maybe that is what I need after a hectic and disastrous (in term of result) semester. It's not bad being alone though, as I never felt lonely for the almost three days of silence~ I pleased myself by reading two mangas (to-LOVE-ru and Love Hina) until their final chapters. I wondered why I didn't play any games while they were gone. I guess I do need crowds of people watching me play games. lol.
For this holiday I didn't do much. I stayed in my room long enough that I can't stand the cold outside. I guess it's some sort of punishment to myself for slacking too much in the last semester. To tell the truth, I am a little bit jealous of my friends. I didn't even considered of looking at the pictures taken by them because I'm afraid. But I don't really mind though, since I'm happy to see that they enjoyed their trip~
Now that I have less than three weeks be…