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Too Many To Choose

After playing Persona 3 Portable for 8 days straight, and total of around 60 hours, I will end playing it by at most another 3 days. I am at the last part of the game and about to confront the last bosses.

But my old habit gets to me again. I stopped playing it. This is kinda normal for me if I knew a game I played is going to end. I don't like to end a game, since, well, it's going to end! I don't have any particular reasons, and I think it is one of my bad habits.

Changed Playlists

I usually update the songs in my blog if I get bored with them. Like this time, I just changed the playlist. But I really want you to listen Fireflies by Owl City. The music, the voice, the slight echo, the lyrics, everything, is fascinating me.

I always love songs like this as it evokes my emotion, deeply. Just like Dakota, First Time and Iris, I love the songs very much.

On the other notes, I am enjoying my dormant season right now. Meaning I didn't get in touch with others that much. I did went out of my house a few times, but only like two times per week only. I don't really like going out actually, unless there are specific activities to do. Last minutes wouldn't matter, as long as there are something to do outside.

I didn't touch my PS3 that much though. But right now my PSP dominated my life, especially Persona 3 Portable (thanks Shader!)

Just another rambling

Blogging and Facebook

I do realize that I did blogging less than I used to like during my time at INTEC (including before and after INTEC). I think the both the quality and quantity had went down the drain after I came to US. It got nothing to do with being in US, only the timeline. 
I used to enjoy blogging. Writing things whatever, whenever I want. Providing insights, personal experience, interests, and more. It was such a fun thing to do.
Things are a lot different now, compared to back when I updated a lot in a week. Maybe, just maybe, it is because of the existence of Facebook. The conveniences of Facebook might be the reason why I slowly turning away from blogging.
Why do I write a post on blogs? Because I want people to read it, and hopefully, comment on it too. But Facebook done better at letting people read what I post. I can just put it on my status, notes, messages or whatever else available and force other people to read it. What do I mean by force?
Whenever I post a status, people will look at it …

It's Not Like I Wanted It To Happen

Just after a few days arrived in Malaysia (yes, I am in Malaysia), I got caught up in an accident. Not that serious, but it does has an impact toward myself.
============================================ When and Where it Happened:
Right after Jumaat prayer, at a junction near Masjid Shah Alam and Plaza Masalam
I went to the prayer okay!
How it Happened:
From my experience and knowledge, usually there will be traffic polices to guide the traffic instead of the traffic light. There was polices at that time, but they didn't guide the traffic. When the light turned red, at least two cars, crossed the junction. So without any doubt, I did the same. Unfortunately, I hit a motorcycle :( =============================================
It was a total disaster, both physically and mentally. The motorcycle was damaged on the right side, but fortunately I didn't hit the driver, and he escaped without any injury (though I did saw him flying like 2-3 meters to his left. It was not a beautiful …