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I won't be in my house for five days, as I will be going back to my hometown today. Provided with no internet and phone line, I won't be in contact with anyone for most of the time (though phone line will be available sometimes).

I'll return to my house on Thursday, and going back to Madison on Saturday. So until then, farewell.


Lately I'm just not into writing anything in here, as I am not really into anything. Well, anything besides playing games. Maybe because I will be going back to Madison next week, and there are still a lot of unfinished problems there. I want to go back there as soon as possible, because I have a lot of things need to be done: moving out, buying utensils, foods, books and many more.

But it's ok, I think I need to be more appreciative of what I have right now rather than complaining about what I don't have. So this week I want to spend more time with my families, and today we will be having iftar at a hotel. Yipee!

I guess I do have something to tell anyway. Last week, I wrote an article at a Malaysian gamers website just for fun. To make it short, the owner of the site re-posted the article at, a gaming website too. I was surprised to find how much comments it received, though I'm sure most of the user didn't even read the article haha.

Here's the link,…

Overcome Your Sadness and Be Strong

I don't really feel like doing much after I heard what happened. It got nothing to do with me directly, I know, but I feel very sad about it. I think my heart stopped beating for a while when the news about your grandma arrived to me. I hope you will be strong. No one in this world can escape from our own inevitable death..

"Every soul will taste death, and you will only be given your [full] compensation on the Day of Resurrection. So he who is drawn away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise has attained [his desire]. And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion"

Ali-Imran : 185

Let's Talk About Games (8/21)

I was just looking around Nintendo's eShop when I found out that Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked for 3DS will finally be released on next Tuesday (in US). Overclocked is an enhanced version of 2009 RPG of the same name (without the Overclocked) For Nintendo DS. I played the original version, but didn't finish it because apparently it was too hard. I was a few more bosses before the last boss, but I got stuck at this one boss, named Beelzebub (stupid giant fly). I failed after I had more than 5 attempts to defeat it. I downloaded the pirated version of the game, so I didn't feel so bad about not finishing it. This time, I will finish it, and I know it will drain more hours of my life. From my experience hunting for new games in Malaysia, it probably will be available by next Friday. Hopefully I can get my hands on it before going back beraya.

Talking about 3DS, I just had this moment where I was considering to sell my 3DS. Try to look at Sony's Press Confe…

Mind of a Criminal

Today I went to Masjid Shah Alam for Jumaat prayer. Like usual, there were a lot of people, including students just finished their school. Most of them came straight from school, still wearing their school uniform, and they brought their bags with them. Some of them just put their bags in this space (refer to picture)

I really want to take one of those bags. Before you start getting any wrong idea (which you should), I am not interested on anything inside their bag, or the bag itself. I just want to prove that I can take one of the bags easily without anyone noticing, and get away with it. I can just act normal, take a bag, and go back home like nothing happened. The idea sure is tempting, but I don't know how to return the bag later on, and of course the owner will get mad haha. Unless the owner is one of my friends...wait, they still will get mad, aren't they?

Anyway, the point of taking the bag (theoretically) is not to prank others, but to prove on how easy to commit a crim…

Why Can't Summer Has More Games?

I still haven't gone to bazaar Ramadhan until today (at least for this year's Ramadhan). It's not about me not wanting to spend my money, I am just too lazy to go outside. It's like you don't eat the whole day, but you don't intend to fast. Plus, there aren't any foods that I want from bazaar. I am happy with the food that already bought by my mom. Our iftar is just moderate, and I love it. Compared to Ramadhans before this, there were always a lot of unfinished foods. I'm not being picky about what to eat right now. Be thankful that I can still eat, and I don't to cook it myself. Ramadhan is not about the food, right? Hehe.


Yesterday I had a dream about you again. It would be great if I can forget you, but I just can't. With what happening to you right now, I know there is nothing I can do to help with anything. I hope that everything will turn out right, and you shou…

Problem After Problem

This month is a very challenging one. With one problem coming after another, it's almost unbearable, but it's nothing a man can't solve. Hopefully everything will be done by today. I am indebted to Shafiq Kadir, and I promise to never forget his willingness to help me until the day I day. Without him, I might not be able to return to US.

Today marks the middle of August, and halfway through Ramadhan too. I realized that most of my problems started to haunt me since the first day of Ramadhan. Knowing that, all of these must have been a test for me, and a reminder to be more mature, and know how to prioritize things. But all this are just the beginning, the real test starts next semester. I am afraid, but I don't have a choice besides to face it.

Living alone could pose to a lot of predicaments, but I'll manage. Preparing from now is a must, and I don't want to mess up like I did before...I'm already tired of getting caught up in a problem I'm not suppose…


You can't change someone who has already closed his/her heart, no matter how much you tried. It's not easy either for someone to change, unless there are certain event that has very deep impact and consequences befall that person.

You know, you can't just be who you are, when you can still be better. Whenever we think that we are always right, then that is the moment when we are wrong. Why stay the same when the "who we are" are terrible?

I, too, still have much to improve and change, especially about what should I do on the next semester. This may be a naive child's dream, but when I become an adult, I don't want to be a stubborn adult who can't listen to other's opinion and I don't want to always be stuck in my own principle.

You said it better: there are no one principle that can b applied to every single thing.

Everyone makes mistake, and there is always a room for improvement.

Second Week of Ramadhan

This week and the last was a bit dull for me, as I didn't go out as I would do as usual. Maybe it's because of Ramadhan? I have no problems going out and spending my time with my friends, but I guess most of my friends rather have iftar with their family first. Until today, I only had my iftar outside with my friends only once, and haven't set my feet yet on any bazaar. I don't really care about what to eat during iftar, as long as it's not the same food on two days straight. Yeah I'm a boring guy, deal with it. Trying my best to not spend my money on foods!


On Monday, I went to KLCC, meeting Helya, Fiza, Huda and Huda's friend (forgot her name). I watched Captain America The First Avenger with Helya. Hayley Atwell is so hot, especially her body (giggity!). It ended right after Maghrib's azan. But we didn't have our iftar in KLCC, we went to Kg. Baru for our dinner. It was sho…

It's About Time

Before I got back to Malaysia, I planned to forget about everything and just enjoy my holiday. Doing nothing, just goofing around, spend times with my family and play games. Don't want to think about studies or responsibilities. I just want to take my time and think of nothing.

Throughout the holiday, I may not have done anything serious, if compared to others' life. Doing internship, taking class, working part-time, or even getting married. Even though my holiday is empty, I don't think it is meaningless. In fact, I believe that the emptiness is the best for me.

My problems are not that big, I admit, but they did largely affect me. Mostly my fault, anyway, so I don't deserve to blame anyone. But I'll face it, and deal with it. I'm not that fucking strong, but what choice do I have besides being strong, and be brave enough to accept my own truth? It's bitter, but only for that once.

Now that I have only less than one month before going back to Madison, I ne…

Bersabar Membuatkan Kita Kuat

Ujian dari Allah boleh datang dalam pelbagai bentuk yang mungkin kita tak sangka. Sepanjang tiga hari Ramadhan ini, saya boleh lihat beberapa orang yang dekat dengan saya menerima musibah. Antaranya ialah:

- kawan mak saya terjatuh ke dalam longkang, dan tangan kanannya patah. Susah nak buat segala kerja, even nak solat kat masjid pun terhalang.
- seorang rakan saya demam pada awal Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah dah semakin baik keadaannya, walaupun masih ada batuk dan selsema.
- ada juga yang akan menghadapi ujian pada minggu hadapan. Semoga berjaya Irshaad, Zainal dan Afiqah!
- lagi seorang rakan saya kehabisan ubat dan menyebabkan dia tidak boleh tidur malam.

Itu hanya sebahagian, masih ramai lagi di luar sana yang menghadapi masalah mereka masing-masing, dan mungkin jauh lebih teruk.

Saya juga ada masalah saya sendiri, Masalah tersebut menyebabkan saya berasa tidak tenang dan sentiasa rasa tidak secure. "Ya Allah," fikir saya "kenapalah masalah ini perlu datang pada masa-m…

Will Be Praying, A Lot

Hello guys! So how was your first day of fasting? Make sure we all make the best out of this Ramadhan :)

Today's post is just another journal or diary-like post. Just feel like writing what have been kept in my heart hehe.


On Saturday, I went to iCity with Irshaad, Hazlin and Hazlin's sister. The two girls were so quite, so it was kinda awkward for me haha. iCity is beautiful and fascinating, but there aren't that many activities that you can do there. There are some games you can play to win prizes (mostly are teddy bears or teddy dragon), Snowalk, reptiles display, taking pictures with birds, and of course the LED-lighted trees. But I, on the other hand, spent my time at the arcade, playing the dance game (my favorite!). I don't remember what was the name of the game, but it is almost similar to Dance Dance Revolution, except that it has all the diagonal and a center button instead of all four b…