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PS3 Games That I Recommend

The same post is available here
2009 is going to (or already) ends, but it doesn't mean that we should leave the past behind us completely. 2009 was a great year for us gamers with a lot of new games and sequels came out. This post is dedicated to all PS3 gamers who want to look for great PS3-exclusive titles of 2009. Here is the top 6 PS3 games list! :) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Drake's adventure continues with this sequel of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. With amazing single player campaign, stunning visual, great voice acting and intense multiplayer, you cannot miss this game. Everything about Uncharted 2 is amazing and there is no way you will be disappointed. Trivia: Four Game of the Year awards are given to this game.Demon's Souls
Winner never quits, and this game really proves that. In order to move forward in this game, you are expected to die repeatedly. Yes, die! But don't ever give up! This is one game that rewards you for its punishing difficulty. With no clu…

Sad, But Not Discouraged

Of course, with no money to go anywhere and the lowest possible GPA before going into serious probation (ask personally), I do feel sad.
But I'm not discouraged. I'll keep on doing my best for the next semester. Now I'm want to enjoy my holiday, finish old games, and wait for Bayonetta to arrived at my mailbox next week
I need all the fun before class starts

Don't Be Sad Just Because of Exams

This semester is the worst for me in term of my performance in exam, and that's all to it. Since I am in a university, my whole life will be depended on the final results. My question is, is the GPA really the right measure of my performances?
First of all, this is not an excuse for me getting a low results. Just to let you know that my result mean the end my study here in University of Wisconsin-Madison if I do it again for any coming semesters. I am not ashamed of my result because it is low, but I ashamed at the fact that I didn't study for the semester. The reasons?
1. I don't want to study the subjects that I don't like Ok, this is my own mistake. Really. But it is the fact. Why study for the things that I will forget in two or three weeks after the semester ends? The true thing is I don't want to study the subjects just for the sole reason of graduating. Imagine how you studied a lot for a subject that you don't like, just for pre-requisite or requirement, t…


I see no hope in this semester, but I'll struggle till the end and promise to not make the same mistakes for the next semester
(Added 12/20/09 0343)
Actually there's a lot in my mind than what I post in the blog. After I calm down next week (after the finals), I'll rearrange and reorganize myself~

Food and Gratitude

Today I woke up late since I have no class and I slept kinda late last night surfing the internet. Since I was really blurred and sleepy, I sat at the sofa doing nothing (reading the latest issue of Bleach actually). The empty stomach of mine asked me to fill it with something to eat. It was already 2:00 pm, but I am toooooooo lazy to cook for lunch.
The reason? Night arrived early during winter; it will be dark outside by 4:30 pm, and we usually eat for dinner at 5-6 pm So usually we 'push' our lunch to become dinner (but not dinner to supper). Breakfast sometimes become lunch.
At first I thought to just order food from (eventhough I had little money left). I almost cried (manga style T.T ) when I think about foods and my money. When I take a look at my refrigerator, suddenly I got an inspiration to make a simple breakfast (or lunch? I don't know). I said to myself that "at least I won't die of hunger *desperate smile* ". Then, I started to coo…

2009 Is The Year For Playstation 3

(This article is an exact copy from, all the credits go to the writer, Annette Gonzalez)
According to Metacritic’s Game Platform Power Rankings, the PlayStation 3 knocks the Xbox 360 from the top spot in 2009.“Although Xbox 360 finished with the highest number of positively-reviewed titles (88 games receiving a Metascore of 75 or higher), and though Nintendo’s Wii had the largest total number of releases (a whopping 362, or almost one per day), the PS3 console showed the best overall game quality for the year. Among other factors, five of the 10 highest-scoring games in 2009 (for any platform) were PS3 titles, including the year’s top game: Uncharted 2: Among thieves."Metacritic’s Power Rankings consider a number of factors including quality and quantity of titles released for each platform during 2009. According to the rankings, the Wii didn’t perform nearly as well this year: “The popular Wii platform had a poor year in terms of game quality, with critics liking…

A Little Debate About Love and Commitment

A week after thanksgiving, we had a group discussion about Islam. To make it short, suddenly it become a debate of my commitments toward someone. Yes, it is about love. These are the questions, and my answer:
If you guys love each other, why don't you just be in relationship?If we are in love, doesn't mean we MUST be in love. Being in relationship doesn't give any assurance that you are going to get married to each other. Most of my friends that are in relationship often ended up in failure, though a few (like one out of 50) still manage to maintain for 3-4 years. If you are ready to be in relationship, then you must be ready to get married. You give your commitment, attention and time for your partner, isn't it the same as married couple?* I never say being is relationship is wrong, but people who in relationship is the trouble. We always want the good thing (getting attention, sharing our love, etc) but always avoid the hard part (our responsibilities, commitment, etc…

My Essay About Globalization and Video Games

This is my essay for the English 117, but I edited some of it so it is not totally the same as the real one. It may not be as good as you expect, but do read and comment if you have time. Thanks!
Globalization: Among Video Games and Its AudienceGlobalization is an ongoing processof increasing theconnectivityand interdependence of the world'smarketsand businesses. Globalization had its effects towards the industries among the world, including the gaming industry. Throughout the years, globalization had affected the video game industry, positively and negatively. In my opinion, globalization had made video games to give more positive impact to the audiences worldwide. Distribution of video games internationally and connection among worldwide players online are the effects of globalization on audiences of video games. Video games are distributed all around the world because it proves more benefit. Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are some of the consoles that making its way to the global m…

Done With My Essay

I just done with my essay titles "Globalization: Among Video Games and Its Audiences"It took a lot of hard work but if I given more effort, it would become my favorite essay :( At least I manage to finish it!

My College and Games

I'll be enrolling in this class next spring~

Our college library is so cool that it offer games that we can borrow!

Girlfriend Got Bored and Dumped His Boyfriend

Of course, when you were reading at this title it just a normal thing. But to me, the inside story is what matter~and why I decided to put the story in my blog? You'll find out~
Every girlfriend want to get attention from her boyfriend, and you can't deny that. Usually, women can withstand the "unintentional test" that men gives them, such as always late, not giving them much attention and many more. But for Kim Sears, she had enough when her boyfriend had abandoned her for something else. Two interesting facts here: 1. Her boyfriend is Andy Murray, ranked world No. 4 tennis player. 2. The reason for getting dumped? He play Playstation 3 too much! Owh, and they begin their relationship since September 2005.

The reason for this long happy couple breaking up is...
That is the fact~She just got so fed up with him and decided to dump him. But of course, this can lead into an endless argument about choosing either your girlfriend or PS3. There is too much opinion that I can …

Consoles Updated

The facts:

Sony just reported that 440 000 PS3's were sold during the Thanksgiving week. It is nearly quadruple Thanksgiving 2008. That is a good news for Sony.

Compared to Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 still lost by 110 000 units during the week, but it decreases by 31.75% compared to last year's Thanksgiving.

Xbox 360? Still no news from Microsoft.
(For more info visit here and here)
My opinion:
I am no fanboy of Sony by all means, but I prefer Sony among other consoles. I have a Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3, but I got no Xbox 360. That doesn't mean that I resent toward 360, it just that having PS3 is enough for me. Maybe I just wait if my housemates-to-be will buy one~ But I don't think I have any 360 exclusives that I want to play. I'm fine with PS3 exclusives.
In my own experiences, I rarely played Wii (it has been about 2 month since I last played). Wii is just not suitable for a gamer like myself. I refuse to swing my arms often and stand up just to play games. I …

Black Friday

I think it was a great achievement that I didn't spend anything on video games during black Friday's sales~I only spend $4o.oo for a scarf and winter boots~~ With all the games that I had bought until now, I think I don't want to buy any at least until Bayonetta is out

If I claim that I bored during winter vacation, then something is wrong with me Hope not

Congratulations on Your Marriage

This Japanese dude (goes by the name Sal 9000) here just get married. Nothing is wrong with that except that his girlfriend, Nene Anegasaki, is a character from a DS game Love Plus. There's even a real priest to legitimate their marriage.
And before his marriage, he went to a "honeymoon" to Guam

This is how his relationship began with Nene, as he explains:
"Ok, this is embarrassing. The DS has a mic and a touchscreen, time, she asked me to say "I love you" a hundred times into the mic. I was on the airplane when she asked me that, so I was like, no way. There was also this part where you have to hold her hand on the touchscreen. If you touch her hand with the stylus, you get to hold her hand. And then there's the part where you have to kiss her"
Yeah, I know you guys are wondering a lot of stuff but keep it to yourself :p I wonder how their child would look like

Seriously, I'm not going to be like that
This is Nene just in case you want to s…

Wanna Rest

This week I'm kinda down a bit so don't mind if I behave strangely. Sorry if I caused any troubles~

Where is the weekend that I can truly enjoy? I can't wait for next week!

Another Two Games Added

It's Irshaad's money,not mine~ :p I only pay for the cheaper one~ Writer's note: I love the new PS3 logo

My Games Updated

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
The game set at the period between Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 2. The game focuses on Roxas' participation in Organization XIII and introduces the fourteenth member, Xion.
Writer's note:
If you are a fan of Kingdom Hearts series, than you should get this game. The battle system is a lot deeper than you might expect of a DS game.

Gran Theft Auto Chinatown Wars
The GTA exclusively for DS. With a lot of additional cannot be found in console versions. A very beautiful and colorful Liberty City make it a very wonderful game.
Writer's note:
A game that I just bought a few days ago, sharing the money with my friend. Right now I'm enjoying every last bit of it.

Demon's Souls
A very dark, engrossing and unforgiving game. You will die a lot in this game. Really, I mean it.
Writer's note:
You should expect do die a lot in this game; two or three hits from the enemy and you'll die. This game is truly meant for hardcore ga…

Don't Be Mad

Imagine this:
You live in an apartment, and there are only 4 houses that the residents are Muslims. Two of the houses is in third floor, and another two in fifth floor. You live in the third floor, and the other house in third floor is selected to be the surau. Everyone will perform the Solat together on Maghrib and Isha'.
One of your friend, let's call him A, that live in fifth floor always come to your room and invites you to come to the surau to solat together. But your other friends in the fifth floor rarely, if not never, came to the surau, even A's house mate. What will you feel?
I know this sound absurd, but I always feel uneasy whenever A come to my room to invite us. Not that the fact that he always invited us is the problem, but I always keep thinking "Why didn't you invite you house mates? You always invited us though" I know I shouldn't get mad to anyone, but I can't contain my own feeling.
So I decided that I tell him straight, at least I won…

Do It

When everything is falling apart, doesn't mean there is nothing you can doIf there isn't anyone who willing to do it, then I'll do it

We need to rekindle our flame of friendship


The ball that I threw to others had bounced and gave me the impact(Ouch)
Alright, things here is not always sunny and bright, but I need the sunshine, just as everybody else need it. Dark and gloomy is not going to be my style, unless I had been engulfed within in. That's why, it is either I find the light or I'll shine myself.
All my post before is not as "emo" as you said or thought, but seems the thoughts had attracted the "emo" charges, I feel like becoming one now You said I'm emo? Well, I'm the real deal now.
Why can't you said it in front me? You chose to tell it others before me behind my back Can't you just face your problems directly?
Why can't you accept my apologize? I'm not making things worst Better than you who never apologize and admit you mistakes
Why can't you just have faith in me? I'm tired with the pressure
Why can't I just shut down all the negative feelings and live happily? Always smile to each other?

Are we …

Band Hero (I'm Emo?)

When I read my latest posts, I realized why people say that I'm being too emotional. What do you expect? This is my blog and I can write whatever I want. It doesn't mean that I'm being emotional or sad when my posts are all gloomy. You judge me only by reading what I posted, not by what you saw. I'm not mad at the fact that people think I'm being 'emo', but I kinda worried that if you worried for things that you don't need to worry actually. Especially my mom, you don't need to worry to much about me except for my finance :p (yeah I know my mom reads my blog). I'm happy here and I'm doing my best to not let myself washed away to far from studies and important matters~ Sorry if I had ever made you all worried!
Ok enough of sad things for now. I want to share something that made me happy this week~

This is the newest game from Activision, the producer of Guitar Heroes series, entitled Band Hero. Why buy this game when I already have …