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p/s: will not be sleeping toight

Don't Be :)

With the way things are now, there aren't any reasons for me to be sad actually. We should be happy with what we have right now. I know that I shouldn't be overly sad with what happened to me. At least, I should be positive and thankful that I have a lot of chances to let myself be happy.

My point is, there shouldn't be anything that can prevent us from being happy. Even in the hardest time, being happy is a virtue. Many good things come from being happy. The best thing is that by being happy, we let those around us to be happy too :)

From now on, I'll try to think first before being emotional. I don't want to cause other people to worry about me. I want them to be happy too when they see me happy :)

Especially if it is you

So, just let go of our worries and do what we have to do!


Come on Zap, keep you anxiety in check!

OH MY GOD I can't stop shaking and my heartbeat is at its maximum rate. Please please please stop it.

Somehow I think it's funny, while being scary in the same time. Man, I hope this will not last long. Damn I don't know what are my true feelings right now anymore hahahaha

Thursday Rants

Everyday, I have Arabic class at 8:50 am. To be honest, I kinda regret taking a class this early. Like this morning, I didn't wake up until it was 8:42 am. I felt very bad about myself, and thinking abut what should I do today in order to make up for the absent (like sweeping the floor, washing the bathroom or whatever). I feel ashamed of myself for not being able to go to class. Then my housemate woke me up, and said it was "already" 8:20 am.
"What?" I said to myself, confused. Owh, I just had a dream of me didn't wake up to go to class. Haha. Then I took a bath, and went to the class. (Lately, I am having a lot of weird dream. Hope it is not a premonition of something bad is coming to me)

This week, I have been playing games a lot. This time, it is totally intentional; I really want to play games no matter what. To have fun? To kill time? To forget? To escape? You can name any reason, as I play them for various reasons. I really need to thank him for givi…


Today is just a big fail =( It's ok, I'll recover by doing something this evening!

My head hurts really bad, like something been pushing my left side of the skull very hard. But I can't rest, I already had enough of it. Maybe I'll take a walk, go to bank, window shopping, think about what to cook tonight and search for my research question. Suddenly I feel like having some hot drinks. Maybe I'll go to Starbucks too.