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Selamat Berpuasa! :)

Esok merupakan permulaan Ramadhan bagi Muslim di seluruh dunia, dan dapat dilihat pada malam ini (di Malaysia) ramai yang berlumba-lumba ke masjid untuk menunaikan solat sunat tarawikh. Alhamdulillah :)

Di sini, ingin saya memberikan beberapa pandangan dan pendapat mengenai kebiasaan keadaan berpuasa di Malaysia. Harap saya tidak menyinggung perasaan mana-mana pihak, dan sekiranya ada kesilapan di pihak saya, minta dibetulkan dan diberi petunjuk :)

1. Kedatangan ke surau/masjid untuk bertarawikh
Pada malam ini, kelihatan ramai yang berpusu-pusu untuk mendapatkan lebih pahala di bulan Ramadhan ini. Permulaan yang baik! Tetapi kita semua tahu, sepenuh-penuh orang di masjid itu pada permulaan Ramadhan, lama-lama akan jadi makin sikit di akhir bulan. Orang dah semakin malas, nak bersiap untuk raya, mungkin ramai yang prefer untuk solat di rumah dan lain-lain. Sebaik-baiknya kita teruskanlah bersolat tarawikh di surau seperti yang kita selalu buat pada awal-awal Ramadhan. Jika tidak, di rum…

Another Week Passed By

Sunday and Monday: Just staying in my house, playing games and most of my time was spent in my own room.

Tuesday: This one was not planned. Went out to Sunway Pyramid with Hannah, and watched Harry Porter. It was good, though I didn't understand about half of it. Then at night, I went to Murni Restaurant with Naqib, Fawwaz and Zainal.

Wednesday: This wasn't planned either. In the morning, I drove to Indonesian Embassy to send my father and my maid there. Then I called Irshaad, and picked him up from his house. We went to Jusco Aeon for breakfast, searching for items we want to buy at Wangsa Walk and Carrefour, and lastly we went to Low Yatt. I bought a laptop table, a mouse and Resistance Dual Pack. Good game :) Still on the way to finish the first one (Resistance Fall of Man)

Thursday: Zainal, Acap and I went to Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil to watch the match between Malaysia and Singapore. The match ended with 1-1. I just started watching football this year, so I don't kno…

Motoko, Hibiki, Fujiko, Mikiri, Zero

Last post was about my recent activities, and now you will be forced to read about my gaming activities *evil grin*

Let's start with what I play on my PSP. I have Dissidia 012 in my PSP-3000, but I stopped playing after I got back home. My experience with the game is nothing short of awesomeness, and I spent 80+ hours on it, but I wish it has online multiplayer function like the PS3, not only the ad-hoc multiplayer (playing multiplayer locally). Thhe ad-hoc play function on PS3 works well, but only how many of PS3 users also have a PSP? That's why I am excited for PS Vita.

On my PSP Go, I stopped progressing in Final Fantasy VIII for no good reasons. I don't feel like playing it.

I still don't get why Ocarina of Time is great. I am still early in the game, so I still have my hope on. But the save feature turned me off. It doesn't matter where I save the game, the game starts back at Link's house every time I load the game. Why the hell the game won't allow …

Still Don't Know How To Console Someone


On Thursday, I went shopping with Fazira, Nana and Ecad, buying our foods and ingredients for our BBQ at Genting on Friday. I went out for the whole day, fetching and dropping everyone at their house. They did most of the shopping, while I just "yeah" "sure" "this looks good" =p Faz, Nana and I spent that evening preparing the foods; peeling potato, marinating the chickens, making potato salad, etc etc. Then at night we had dinner at German's Delight~

The next day, Zainal, Acap, Naqib and Asila gathered at my house first, then we went to pick up Ecad. Nana and Faz arrived earlier than us for checking in and preparing. That night, we eat, play games and talked a lot. It will be one of the night that I remember :)

Then on Saturday noon, my group departs and we all went back to our respective home. That evening was my sister's engagement ceremony, and I would've gone to Genting Highland theme park if it wasn't for that hehe. It was…

Where Yo' Curleh Mustache At?

Hey yo!

Didn't realize that I haven't updated for almost a week. Believe it or not, it was among the busiest absence. Hey, I still do other things besides gaming, though it is still my primary =D

I didn't do many things last Friday, so let just skip to Saturday. My parents and I went to my grandma's house in Seri Menanti for a kenduri doa selamat. Usually I can meet my cousins at events like this, but most of them are busy with other things (some are married, some are in college etc etc), so only my 2 other cousins were there. Then that evening, we went to my other grandma's house at Kuala Pilah. Visited for only 2 hours, then we went back to Seri Menanti to pick up Wan to go back to Shah Alam.

On Sunday, I went to KLCC with Irshaad for the Career Fair. Unfortunately it wasn't that good for me, maybe because I haven't think that further into my future career (still struggling with my CGPA). But maybe it means something to you guys. Then, on the way to the 3…

KLCC Again

Yesterday marks the first time I took a public transport (LRT) ever since I came back to Malaysia. I hate public transport because of what happened last year: I unknowingly entered the women's coach (KTM's service) with confidence, only ended up to change coach after a guard ordered me to without realizing what happened. Furthermore, I am more willing to spend time in car during traffic jam rather than standing in a crowded train. At least I can sit, and sing out loud alone (assuming I'm driving alone). But if I can always get a sit every time I entered a train, I'll choose to take train, since I can at least play games or texting while waiting. Can't do that while driving~

Back to the LRT, I went to KLCC using the LRT from Kelana Jaya with Acap. He picked me up at my house and drove from Shah Alam to Kelana Jaya. The trafiic was moving slowly that morning, causing Acap to be a little late to his internship interview. Lucky for him that the interview went just fine…


Finally, I reached Disc 2 in FFVIII. Still on the way to rescue Squall from the torture room. Speaking of Squall, remember the time where he was stabbed by icicle spear from Edea? There's an interesting theory where Squall was already dead at that time (Aerith died after being stabbed by Sephiroth's Masamune once, too). Everything that happened after that was, you guess it, just a dream. Click here if you want to read the full theory.

EDIT: One theory also states that Square had some other plan for Aerith. Here's the link.

Let say this theory is true. During the start of Disc 2, we were brought to the dream of Laguna. So it is a dream, inside a dream. Looks like Square had done it way before Christopher Nolan's Inception!


*ehem* anyway, most fan's theory are awesome to read. But no one can truly justify and give best explaination on where the hell do Necron in Final Fantasy IX came from. There were no hints or whatsoever about him, and suddenly he appeare…

Decision, Decision

There are sure a lot of events will be held on this 23rd July. The problem is that I cannot go to every event, so this time I need to choose.

At least it does not involve morality. lol

Lately, my cat really like to make noises early in the morning. I'm sure this hasn't happened before :/ My family members don't have enough hands to take care of her (besides normal stuff like feeding) so usually it's my job to accompany her. Thankfully, she spend much more time outside the house.

Still haven't progressed much in Final Fantasy VIII. Usually around this time I should have reached Disc 2, or almost at Disc 3. Owh well, at least I do get some air from the city.

Yesterday I went to KLCC and Aquaria. I visited Sony's shop, and surprised by the price of the games. Most of the new ones are below RM180. But I wonder why the older games are more expensive, which are above RM200 generally, and most the games are not really well-received by the critics.

This blog is becomin…

Dream and Promise

Last night I had a dream of you. Counting it, you are in my dream for five consecutive night. I know it just a dream, and I don't want to keep my hopes high. I am still waiting for you to contact me, but I know it wouldn't be as soon as possible. You know, I am still keeping my promise. I'll wait for one year (though I am not really sure when is the 365th day. Let's just keep waiting). I don't really mind waiting.

So yesterday, I just bought Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D for 3DS. Finally I got to see a console-like experience on my 3DS. Yes, there are many controversies surrounding this game, particularly the inability to delete save file. Visit the page on Amazon to see how people are against it. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the game. I tried the online multiplayer session, and I am surprised how it works flawlessly.

As for today, I don't have any plan. Maybe just continue with my FFVIII. lol


This week, I did some experiment with myself, concerning my emotions and blog post. Sounds ridiculous? It is! But it has a meaning for me, and I learned more about my own self.

I started playing Final Fantasy yesterday, and still in somewhere in the middle of disc one (last save is in the train to Timber). Triple Triad is interesting, and I'm positive this is the first time I'm playing it seriously. Not sure why I wasn't interested before this.

The plan for today was supposed to be meeting my friend in KL, but she had another plan, so it was cancelled.

Tomorrow, my friends and I will be going to Muar for wedding ceremony of our senior. But I'm still waiting for confirmation from them.

Well I guess that's it. Not much happened in this week.

Peace and out

More Games

After about two month struggling, I finally achieved Platinum Trophy in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (MvC3). The last time I ever achieved a Platinum was...Final Fantasy XIII, which was more than a year ago. The trophies in MvC3 aren't that hard except for a few, most of them are time consuming. I am totally happy with my team of Zero, Dormammu and Amaterasu :D Also, MvC3 is the first fighting game in PS3 I ever dedicated myself to learning it. I even bought the Strategy Guide! Well mostly because of fan service (Zero and Dante are the only reasons I bought this game!). I tried Tekken 6, but was turned off by a few reasons. Street Fighter IV? Not that interested.

Then I Platinum-ed inFamous 2 in just 6 days. Dedicated my days and nights only to Platinum this game haha. Now that I already finished, I never touched the game again. I mean, there is nothing else to do in the game (I'm not really into user-created contents). Nevertheless, I enjoyed every moment in inFamous 2. An easy 8/10 f…