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actually, I have many things that I wanna post

but my USB cables cannot work anymore...

so many pix and vids I wanna post...

but I can't


need to search for new one

So Sad...

Everybody is going back home...

yeah, all of you can see the long-time-no-see-home

while I still stuck in this place (Shah Alam)

I guess that the cons of having house too near to college eyh?

I dunno...but I feel very lonely rite now...


I suppose to be happy rite?The Eid is just around the corner!

don't wanna be lonely...

Look At Me

Look at me
Who am I supposed to be
And what do I believe?

Can you tell me
Since you made up your mind
Who knows what you believe

And I just don't know
Oh I just don't know, who am I supposed to be?

Look at me
Am I the image of you're hopes and tragedies
Just look at me
Will I ever be more than just a memory

Cause you just don't know
You just don't know
All I am is me
All I am is me
All I am is me

Guitar Hero~

I managed to finish Free Bird on Expert Mode (the last song in Guitar Hero 2 Career Mode)!!!!


actually I finished it 2 weeks ago, and I forget to post it here


now, I'm going to finish Guitar Hero 3

3 more songs left
-Raining Blood by Slayer
-One by Metallica
-Guitar Battle Vs Lou


After I had upgraded my PSP, the first game that I tried is Patapon! I had bought this game a few month ago, in May I think, and it cost me RM 10. At that time, I cannot play the game because my PSP version didn't meet the requirement to start the game (Patapon need PSP with version at least 3.71). I didn't delete the game, because...well,can't say for sure, The size is small, maybe that is the reason.

After I get a hand on the game, I couldn't stop playing! It is very addictive! The patapons is very

Try to watch the videos I put in here, and you will get a clear picture on how is the game.

This one is the official trailer of the game

and this one is the review of the game



today, I changed 2 most significant things related to me

1st, I changed my Maxis plan from prepaid to postpaid!

2nd, my PSP had upgraded its version from 2.90 to 3.90!!


I can play games that I couldn't play before (especially Patapon...very cute game!!)

and I found the game that I wanted the most...Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops!!


sumpah terharu


My Big Problems #1

The problem that I have since primary school


Can anyone suggest how to overcome this?
-especially in doing homeworks and assignments
-except for things that I like (like mathematics)

Balik Maktab~

Last Tuesday, Khai, Musab and I went to MJSC Tun Ghafar Baba, our previous school. We stayed in Hotel Sri Impian for one night and went to our college the next morning.

I'm too damn lazy to explain, so just take a look at pix ok?hehe