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Please Do Help Me

I just got back in Madison yesterday, and there are a lot of things I need to do in order for me to catch up with my studies. Learning from my past mistakes, these are my own ways in order for me to perform better this semester.

To catch up what I missed:

1. Know what I missed
There are a lot of differences between knowing and not knowing (obviously). So before I can study, I need to know exactly what I missed. Going to class, meet lecturers, have appointments with teaching assistants, and also get help from my friends who take the same course.

2. Study what I missed
After I know what I missed then I can study accordingly. I missed two weeks worth of class, so there are a lot to catch up, plus I need to maintain what I am currently learning in class. So it's best to not postpone any revisions of everything that I missed. Quickly but don't rush everything.

After catching up:

1. Concentrate in class
Yes, even though I don't understand what I learn in class, better to just remember it. Because..

2. Self-study on the same day after lecture/discussion
When I do self-study, I can understand better what I didn't understand in class. Referring to textbooks or notes again is one of the best way to immediately understand what I learned in class.

3. Seek help from others as much as I can
Don't be afraid to ask, that's what my mom reminds me. People won't help us if we don't want to help ourselves.

4. Do homework earlier
So that I can enjoy earlier too! Just kidding. If there anything I don't understand with homework, I can seek for aid earlier. No last minutes!

5. Choose reliable friends
By reliable I mean friends that can help me in any way to improve myself. There are things that I can't do by myself, and sometimes I cannot see my own mistakes. Usually it's other people that can judge us best.


1. Get enough sleep
It doesn't matter if I sleep late or not, as long as I can concentrate well in class. I know, sleep earlier is better. I need to make sure that I am not sleepy in the morning until evening.

2. Don't play games until I finished homework and study
Maybe the hardest thing to do, but I know I can :D Games will be my reward now for finishing homework and study, and after working my ass off for the whole weekdays.

3. Don't forget sports
Being a student, I need to make sure my physical conditions too. Visiting gym twice a week won't kill me. Most importantly, volleyball! This is also a good way to release some stress.

4. It's not only about yourself
Yes. Me and my friends here are sponsored (convertible loans) by our governments. Bounded with terms and conditions plus agreements, one mistake can be fatal to us. We need to look at each other's back, always ready to take advices from our friends, and don't be selfish. 

5. Self Evaluation
Always look back at what I did: How effective is it, do I have room for more improvement etc etc. It's good to judge myself by being honest :D

6. Dependency To Allah
If He does not allow me, that there's nothing I can do. Always seek for His help!

7. Do What I Planned
No point of listing all of this if I don't want to do it, right?

The first day I got back here, I can see almost everyone smiling (except one lucky bastard. grrrrr XD). Even in Facebook, people keep congratulating me. Somehow they give me hope and strength for me to do my best while I'm here. Thanks guys!

So referring to my post title, what do I need help with? Please do leave a comment (or on Facebook's link) on how you think I can improve more. I don't want to mess up again this semester. Your comments and words are highly appreciated :D


  1. Very good plan, Zafree!!!! You truly have a good, sensible head on your shoulders!
    I have two suggestions---(1)-choose a few closer friends right in Madison to whom you will commit to being accountable. Be open to their comments and suggestions and help.(2)-Regularly and frequently go back to your plans and evaluate them honestly so you can make adjustments and get a sense of your progress.
    The third is not a suggestion but a dependency on Allah, who is the One who grants favor and success.
    Rooting for you... Deb

  2. zafree,
    aku rasa kau pernah dengar quotation ni -
    "plan your work and work your plan"
    all the best ok.

  3. ko sambung balik ke?
    congratz dude...
    jangan lepaskan peluang kedua ko ni n do your best.

  4. Thanks Deb! I'll update this post right away~

    Thanks to Farahin and Arif gak


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