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Just Some Babbling About Games

I am finished with Final Fantasy XIII! Well, story-wise only though. I really wanted to express my opinions for the game, but I need to finish the game completely and go in-depth so that I won't be doing a biased review~ On my way to Platinum!
I am still thinking of buying Resonance of Fate, but with the mixed reviews from critics, I think I'll buy it when I don't have anymore games to play. I wonder if that day will ever come.
I just received Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey last week, and it is a pretty great game. The game is full of serious tone, way much different from Persona series. But it doesn't stop me from playing. The battle is haaaard, real hard. You can die easily even at some early point in the game. The gameplay is can be easily related to Pokemon, but this time you "negotiate" instead of "catch", and you are dealing with serious "demons", not just some cute "monster". The best part is Demon Fusing, where you can …

Spring Break: In Chicago

Since I never went out of Madison before, I agreed when Zainal invited me to go to a trip to Chicago. I am always very skeptical when it comes to vacation or trip, but I'd tried to give myself a chance to enjoy it~
(I'll try to not include unimportant things when I write this)
After Ili, Yatie and I arrived at Chicago, we all met with our fellas from Purdue first, and then we went straight to our hostel. Adding Daus, Nana and Amal in the party, we went straight to the favorite spots in Chicago. Zainal came later since he had something to do in the morning at Madison.

Willis Tower
The first place we went was Willis Tower, or formerly know as Sears Tower, the second highest building in the world. With the exception of Amal, who had been there before, we went up to the Sky Deck to watch the scenery of Chicago from a 103-floor tall point.

The scenery was very nice and magnificent, but I don't think I have any reasons to go up there again, except for a different sun setting. Maybe a…

It's Character

Usually for an RPG, it is expected that all of its main characters to be deeply involved with its player. Earlier Final Fantasy series had done a great job doing that, but in case with Final Fantasy XIII, it is kinda disappointing. Not that the characters do not have detailed in-depth for them, but as a Final Fantasy fan like myself, I'd expected more. Unlike Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy X, I didn't feel any deep connection between me and the characters in Final Fantasy XIII. But at least the characters are interesting though, but not as much as I felt before.
Plus, side characters are not given any details this time, and that is a shame. Almost all side characters are seen in one dimension, and it makes the game kinda lifeless than usual. Don't get me wrong, the game is still great but when compared it with previous installment, it does not live up to the minimum bar that the series retained.
Like for example, Lebreau is one of the characters that I wish that has mor…

Sleepless, Again

I thought I was just sleepless at night, but now I suspect it is something worse. Like last night, I still managed to sleep at 12:30 until 3:30. I assumed that it will reduce my sleep in the morning. But not only it became shorter, it became longer. I don't know what's wrong anymore with my sleep time. It causes me a lot of stress, mood change, and performance decline. I become less talkative, moody, easily get mad, and so on.
Luckily there is spring break starting this Friday, but what am I going to do right now? Of course, I don't want to burden the others, but this thing just keep eating myself away.
I don't know what else can I do. I am tired thinking of solutions. Maybe I am the one who throwing away my peaceful nights of sleep instead of it was robbed. I wish I have someone to talk, but whenever I tell them, all I got is being scolded, and it DOES NOT make me feel any better, if not getting worse. All I got is what making me feel worst than ever.
I don't want …


Today is an another day where I can say that I am utterly pathetic. Well, it's not like only this day.
Don't know what I should do to make it right again

You're a God

I've got to be honest I think you know We've covered in lies and that's OK There's somewhere beyond this, I know But I hope I can find the words to say
Never again no No never again
'Cause you're a god And I am not And I just thought That you would know You're a god And I am not And I just thought I'd let you go
But I've been unable To put you down I'm still learning things I ought to know by now It's under the table, so I need something more to show somehow
Never again no No never again

Of Men and Women : Prologue

Men and women are two different species, yet, they are treated as the same. Men expect women to be and think like them, and also the other way around. This is kind of thinking is WRONG.
We shouldn't treat the other gender the same as we would treat our own kind. We should never expect them to act like us. Women are always women, and men are always men.
But of course, women can still do what men do, like playing sports, studying, achieve successes in life etc, and men also can do what women do like sewing, cooking, etc. We need to distinguish between equalities and similarities.
What we do, they can do. That's equality. Everyone has the rights to do what they want.
But men and women are not similar. Both gender has its own special trait.
We often got into conflicts because we thought that the opposite gender should react how we did. By first understanding our differences, we can avoid conflicts and live in a more harmony way.
More to be coming in the future.

One Game a Week

(Edited on God of War III's comment and Strange Journey's comment)

Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigations Released: February 16 Pre-ordered at Done playing, traded-in for Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey I am a fan of Ace Attorney series, and I love problem-and-case solving
Comments: I love this game very much, and it is more accessible and less dragging than the series before. I always love the Ace Attorney series, and this one is no exception. Interesting new characters, and also old characters make a comeback. The only things that didn't feel like enough is that the challenge is relatively easy, but it is still satisfying.

Heavy Rain February 23 Bought at Gamestop store Finished several times, and on the way to achieve all the trophies I'd like to try a story-driven game, plus it is a PS3 exclusive
Comments: This game will be one of the most memorable game in term of story. This game delivers a very deep and emotionally involving experience. You are the one w…

Getting Final Fantasy XIII

Waiting for Final Fantasy XIII is never longer for us gamers. At the midnight of March 9, our wait had finally over. We all went out to street, lining up in front of Gamestop store to get our long-awaited game.
These are the people who willingly throwing away their social life just for a game
Including us, and we are happy about it
After 30 minutes of waiting, we get our hands on the game, and there are still others who waiting to end their social life.
Welcome, solitary life

Not For You to Read

I know that there are many emo posts lately, and I am trying to avoid it as much as I could. But once I had post it, I won't just simply delete it. I prefer it stayed so that I know how foolish I am ;p
Lately there aren't any happy thoughts that I want to post. Sincerely, studying here does not make me feel happy, at least right now. Maybe I just expecting too much from everything around me, that it makes me utterly sad when I don't get it (expect less, give more)
Right now, only talking about video games can divert my attention from emo-ish stuffs. But as you know, there aren't many people out there who read my blog love to talk about video games. PLus, one of my friend who love video games just got sad because of something he can't avoid, so I don't want to disturb his emotion.
Well, as long as it can make me happy even a little, I'd do anything.
The most happiest thing in the world is to want what you have (grateful or syukur to Allah)

Change, Direct and Hate

This post isn't your everyday nice post, so prepare for some harsh and unwanted words. Thank you.
(Edited on 1257 3/7/2010)
I decided tonight that I won't sleep. My sleep time is totally disordered so I need to fix it, and one of the way is to restrain my sleep once. I did this once before, and it worked. But it became distorted again by some certain event. Adjusting sleep time is never impossible. So don't say you can't do it without trying it first. Just keep your determination high, and you'll do it.
It just reminded me of something that I somehow doesn't like. I have a few friends that at least once said that "I can't change the way I am," "I am always like this," "This is like my nature," "This is just the way I am" or some other bullshit that they threw. There is no way that you can't chance yourself. You're not some elderly that can't chance themselves just because they think that they have live longer…

Shopping and Basketball

These two has nothing in common except that they happened on the same day. Today I went to West Town Mall, buying some stuff for myself and a jacket for my father. I bought some sport attires and also a sweater. I went there with Ain and Vanessa, Ain's friend. I didn't talk much today because I was sleepless last night. Nothing out of ordinary happened during the shopping though.
Today we had Dessert Night, held by MSA, but I didn't came. I just didn't feel like going, so I went to Serf (gym) with Shasha and Irshaad. They both went for cardiovascular and weight training, but I went to basketball court, with the hope to play with Americans~
I wanted to borrow a basket ball from the gym, but they were all taken :( So I just went to the courts, hoping they will let me play.
I stayed at one of the courts, just watching the guys played. After more than half an hour waiting, they asked me if I want to join. Without any hesitation, I joined them~
The first play was the worst. T…


Please, just don't do it if you don't want to do itIf you are going against your will just to make sure that you won't hurt my feelings, then you just did more than just hurting my feelings Use your lips to say "I don't want to," and honestly It is much better that way

p/s: I enjoyed playing Resident Evil 5 co-op online with Shafiq. Thanks a lot bro!


Somehow, I just knew that reviews for Final Fantasy XIII will be lower compared to other games in store. Especially for Western reviewers, Final Fantasy XIII is just not what they expect. Check out gamespot's review for one of the examples. Like I said once before, scores on review won't affect me to buy the game, but I am afraid that it will affect my view when I play the game. So I'll try to not be bothered by reviews, and enjoy the game~ Reviewers aren't always right, right? ;)

I Never Had Anyone To Talk About Games

Lately there's a lot about video games that I want to talk about. Sadly, there aren't really anyone who are willing to listen and discuss about video games. Some of those rare person are Rayza, Adam, and Irshaad. Rayza is the one who listens to me the most. Thanks Rayza :) Also, special thanks to Raihan for always asking me about the games that I played. I appreciate it A LOT :D
I guess it is natural for parents in my culture to think that playing video games is just a waste of time. But never mind them, thinking about it only sadden me more. Even though my parents never even care about the me and games, they always willing to buy games for me. I guess I am truly lucky to have a very considerate parents :)
There are a lot of things to talk about here. Let me sort out my mind first. Firstly, I want to talk about new releases. This month, there will be a lot of interesting titles that will be coming out. Even last month has a couple of my favorite titles. There are two games that …