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Two nights to spend at the library before the last day of finals. Still got two finals left (one exam on each day), and man I am scared. Might be the last time I will be spending time at the library here in UW. Hope everything will go well... After that, I will leave everything to fate.

Just enrolled for two summer classes. It will start after Midwest Games at UIUC.

I am scared. Really scared. Worried.

Radiant Historia and 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors

When I stopped playing a certain games, the only thing that reminds me of how awesome the game is is the soundtracks. It is even better if the game has great soundtrack, awesome gameplay and engaging storyline. Two recent games that I've played on my DS that fit these criteria are Radiant Historia and 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors.

Radiant Historia is a Japanese RPG, and the game delivers a homage to classic JRPGs. I can't stress this high enough, but it is an awesome game. Everything that it delivers is great, and this is only a DS game we're talking about. A story that keeps you wanting to know more, a battle system that is improved from the classic battle system, memorable and melancholic soundtracks provided by the composer of Kingdom Hearts series, and a twist to the story-telling mechanic that reminds you of Chrono Trigger. A bonus for me is that this game is published by one of my most favorite company, Atlus.

9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors (999) is about nine people trying …

Future Teacher: Laughing At Other's Dream

I have always been thinking about becoming a teacher. The most ideal would be if I will teach both Modern Mathematics and Additional Mathematics, advisor + coach for volleyball club, and assigned to teach in MRSM TGB. That's my dream :)
If I am going to be interviewed (which I'm sure I will), I want to tell that some of my inspirations came from reading manga about teachers. Is it absurd? I don't think so. I believe almost anything in this world can inspire you, just like how the mangas like Great Teacher Onizuka inspired me more to become a teacher. If the interviewer think that is funny, then I will tell them that that's what I am going to teach to my students: to go chase your dream no matter what other people tell you even if it is absurd or unconventional.
My goal is set on what I want to become. The only problem is the path. But a future teacher shouldn't give up before telling his student to "never give up". Even if I fall right now, I will make su…