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Somehow I Think She's Cute Doing That

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I have seen a lot of people playing like this (boys and girls), but I think it's especially fun seeing the girls doing it. I mean, they look cute when they do that haha. I did this a lot too during my first few years playing games, especially when playing racing games. Truth be told, I still have this habit, but in a kind of different form: I throw the controller to the floor when I get mad. On a side note, I have been using my PS3 controllers for more than two years now, and still work perfectly fine. Either the quality of the controllers are very high or I am just too awesome.

Anyway, I think girls who play games that boys play are really awesome. I don't really have the scientific explanations for this, but I think it's because:

1) It's rare to see girls play games besides Angry Bird (or some other games in their iPhone) and Facebook games (I'm looking at you, The Sims Social).

2) The appreciation when girls have the same interest as us boys. …

A Great Start For This Year's Gaming

There are three games that I am really looking forward to, and they are top on my must-have list.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the sequel to the highly controversial 2009's FFXIII. The game (FFXIII) is not bad by any mean, but it's not great either. The general argument is that if it does not bear the name Final Fantasy, then it will probably be more well-received. The game is surprisingly linear for at least the first 20 hours, and it made the game rather less interesting compared to other Final Fantasy games. Previous Final Fantasy games provide more exploration and have more optional quests to do. Plus, with the rise of more Western RPG which are more open-ended and full of exploration (Fallout 3 & New Vegas, Mass Effect 2 and Borderland to name few), players are more accustomed to open-world RPG rather than running in a series of tight corridors. For me, FFXIII is a good game, and I enjoyed playing it until I achieved the Platinum trophy (took me about 110+ hours). This is …

You Got a Friend In Need

I remember the time where you can just call your friends most of the time and talk to them on the phone for hours without getting bored. Nowadays, it seems so hard to even message them, even if they are in the same university.

Is it because of other commitments? As we grow older, we have a lot of important things to do. Classes, exams, partner, spouse, work, family, never ends. Perhaps we all wanted to talk to our dear friends, but time and space won't allow us too.

Maybe it's because we think that our friends are busy, and they have the same thought about us too. You know, the feeling of "well he might be busy right now, shouldn't bother him". He thought of the same thing, so you both didn't bother trying to contact.

Perhaps it's our ego, telling us we can live with keeping most of the thing to ourselves.

Why can't people be more honest and just express their feelings accordingly? I am pretty sure most people will appreciate when we try t…

A Happy News

Anything from Atlus will make me happy. Pleeeeeaaaaaaassseeee let it be Persona 5, or the next Shin Megami Tensei. Whatever, just give me a JRPG!

That's it. I'll play Persona 2 while waiting for it.

The news: here.