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New Games Coming To PSP!

For about one year my PSP is filled with not-so-good games
Seriously, if you are one of the hardcore gamers, you will find that actually there are not enough games for PSP
I am kinda disappointed with PSP's games but it is hard to admit
(That is one of the reason I bought Nintendo DS Lite :p)

The games in PSP are great, but we need more of them
PSP games are not like PS3's or even PS2's; the time spent to play PSP is too small compared to consoles
It is no surprise since we cannot expect an UMD to hold so many information of a game

Now, I see the ray of hopes
If you visit the E3 exhibition, you'll know that there are many interesting title will be coming out

Here are the list!

Rock Band Unplugged - 06/09/09
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - 06/22/09
Dissidia Final Fantasy - 08/25/09
Gran Turismo - 10/01/09
Persona - Q3 2009
Soul Calibur : Broken Destiny - Q3 2009
Kingdom Heart : Birth By Sleep - Not Yet Annouced
Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier - Q4 2009
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker…

New PSP Go!

Technology sure make its way damn too fast
Yeah, and people still demanding for more
PSP-3000 is already out there, but now we are going to have PSP Go!!

PSP Go is not a replacement for existing PSP, it is for another class of users like gamers.
Just like iPhone, you can download games for free!
For more information, you can click here

It will be in stores by October 1st
No need to ask, I'm going to have this baby

Size comparison to PSP-3000

If I have more than enough money and time, I'll consider of having PSP-3000, DSi, iPhone, and PS3 too
Maybe Wii too for my families :)

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You have your own problems to settle
If I am only a burden to you, then I will gladly walk away from your life
I don't want to add any obstacle in your way to myriad success

Enjoy your life to the fullest
I hope the wind will always carry the news to me
So that I can still know what happened to you
You are still my friend
I am just too afraid to get in touch with you again