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Accepting The Past

I have been writing this blog since 2008, and many things has changed since then. How I write and what I write are totally different now compared to back then. I haven't read my older posts for some time. Among all posts, there are some of my written past that I wanted to forget. Some posts that I wish I didn't write, and I truly wish to never see it again. But I rarely delete them, nor even make a big edit. I thought probably it best to just leave them the way they are.

The biggest problem is, still, I am afraid to read them. I know how I was in the past. Not just in what I wrote, but also in my way of thinking, how I see things, things that I prioritized and my maturity. I'm not completely rejecting my past, I am just afraid: simple as that.

Planning To Procrastinate

If you are reading this, then there is a high chance that you currently struggling to finish your assignments. Well this article might not help you right now and right away (too bad for you), but I promise it will prove to be useful the next time you procrastinate. This small guide written by yours truly is written for you guys who are still in early years of college especially.

Why Do We Do Things On The Last Minute?

So what do you need to know about procrastination? It usually happen when we think we can't achieve the perfection or target for the tasks that we set in our mind. For example, you have assignments due next week. You really, really want to complete your assignment perfectly: answer every questions, do a high class writing, getting the right answer on the hardest questions etc. But when you do the tasks, you think it is too hard or unreachable. So you decide to do it later. When you want to start on the tasks again, you feel like "there's nothing I could chang…

Let's Talk Gaming - Part 1

Since I have new visitors reading my blog, I guess there is a need to tell you guys how much I love playing video games. If you think gaming is generally bad, then I hope at least you can read this post with an open mind. Just like other hobbies, gaming is one other way to spend our time.

As I was writing this post, I realized that there are many things to talk about. So I will divide it into four(!) posts. The first one (this post) will be taking about the consoles that I owned and currently have. Second will talk about the important games that I played. Third will be the current games I'm playing (and the one I'm looking forward too) and the last one would be the impact of me playing games. The first three might be kind of boring since I will talk mostly about myself, so at least please do read the last one. I am confident in my abilities to give comments and opinions *proud* I will also try my best to make all these as interesting as possible. (Maybe I need an editor haha)

What Positive Attitudes Can Change

"It's such a waste!"
"You should have stayed there."
"Don't you think you wasted your time there?"

Those are some of the reactions that I got whenever I told someone about my past before entering UKM. Yes, sometimes I do feel like I wasted my three years in the US, especially when I only need to go through one more year before graduating. Their responses are understandable. I don't blame them for their reactions; I should've expected them. But sometimes their responses caught me off guard, and  for a moment, they made me question my reason for being here. "Did I make the wrong choice?" crossed my mind sometimes.

Still, I keep telling myself to "don't mind those negative thoughts from others". I'm pretty sure they are not being mean, but just speaking up what first came to their mind. I already told myself time and time again to always be positive, and just do what I have to do. Right now, I am already in the mid…