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Sleep and Class

I discovered that in order for me to excel in classes (concentrate, don't miss classes, and the ability to relate all the teachings) is to have a good night sleep I have sleep distortion right now, I cannot sleep before 4.00 a.m. :( Even worse, today, I only managed to put myself into sleep condition at 8.00 a.m.
Now I need to cure myself and re-set my biological clock Good luck to me!
-Sleeping in class doesn't make my drowsiness go away-

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Most smokers don't really care that smoking affect their health until it really does

Dad, I hope you will be just fine Though I never said this, I love you I still want you to be there Take care of your health
-Your son-


The night goes on like usual. I got nothing to do, and I still can't sleep. I look around my own living room, and I got my eyes on my games. As I stare to my games, there is something that is being recalled to my head...
I remember when I was five, playing video games alone in the house without my siblings or parent accompanying me. Even though I always stick to video games, I still have friends because when we were still children, we do anything that our parents told us (going to school, going to playground playing with neighbors). After I get to know my neighbors, we become friends and we all will go to each others house and play games.
Until I was in standard 6, I play games with my brother usually, or maybe my neighbors. Games such as Ninja Turtles, Twisted Metal, Winning Eleven, and Tom and Jerry are our favorites. My sister monitored us sometimes. Yeah, it were great days as a growing child.
Many things change at the moment…


Who says we can't share our tears?

I will always be there, even if you keep rejecting me Because we care for each other And that's enough for a reason


I posted too much in this week, and I wonder why XD
Putting that aside, it seems next week will be a lot busier that this week Econ homework, English essay, second midterm exam... Need to be more hardworking and discipline starting next week!
I still haven't adjusted my biological clock; I can only sleep after 0400...and if I don't set my alarm clock, I will be sleeping straight till 1300
I want to have a peaceful and quiet holiday this weekend, but not a lonely one I need to calm myself down and start to work hard ;) At least I want to finish my Econ homework before Sunday come~
To you, I hope you can be forgiving and be the one who ask for forgiveness first This season makes us become emotionally unstable, so don't get mad too quick if others suddenly become indifferent "We have each other, and that's a lot for love" (Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi) Don't get into fight, don't hate each other and don't talk bad things about others
That's all~

A Thing Someone Said To Me

I was walking with a friend of mine to Chadbourne one dayThen she suddenly said something to me
"Zaf, I think I have become clingy on to you"
I replied "Well, then you should stay yourself away from me"
"Yeah, I think that's what I should do" she said.

Until today, she hasn't contacted me Gotta love that determination~

We Don't Have To Hate Each Other

We don't have to hate a person just because a wrong thing that he/she did
We don't have to hate a person just because others tell us to
We don't have to hate a person just because what he heard from others

"Believers, let not a group of you mock another. Perhaps they are better than you. Let not women mock each other; perhaps one is better than the other. Let not one of you find faults in another nor let anyone of you defame another. How terrible is the defamation after having true faith. Those who do not repent are certainly unjust" (Al-Hujaraat, 49:11)

Don't think that others hate you, it not your fault to begin with
It might be some misunderstanding, so don't hate them
Stay away from conjecture that is based from your emotion only
Always think on the positive side first
Don't be prejudice

"Believers, stay away from conjecture; acting upon some conjecture may lead to sin. Do not spy on one another or back-bite. Would any of you like to eat the disgustin…

A Little Fact and Opinion About Boys and Girls

(I need to state that I stand to neither side~)
Girls tend to seek help from the boys, especially in some way that the girl feel that a boy need to 'protect' them. For example, accompanying to go to market. It is normal, since Allah had made men to be a level higher than the woman:
"Men have a status above women" (Al-Baqarah, 2:228)
This is a fact, and it is always our (men) responsibilities to protect the women. Of course, we guys always need the care of a girl~but that can wait until the marriage. Women are the one who make the men strong~

Back to the main point, it is a nature that a girl need help from a guy. Especially in my community, since we are in a foreign land, not everybody can live on their own. Usually there is no romance involved, but guys sometimes get over their head and think that the girl admired us. It's normal though, guys love it when someone depend on them.
When the guys see the chances to make a move, then they will do everything in their power…

Persona 3 For PSP!

Atlus Co. had announced Persona 3 Portable for PSP!It will be out in Japan at 11/1, but still no information on US release... It's okay though, I will be waiting!
The opening video is awesome!
I just can't get enough love from Persona 3 and Shoji Meguro's soundtrack~~ I want it sooooo bad!!!

I Just Really Love Persona 3

From the left (front row) : Junpei, Minato, Yukari At the back : Thanatos
Persona 3 is one of the most memorable game to meThe characters, the blue theme, the is just so amazing The main character is my favorite character of all (I even wanted to have the same hair style as he is) *The main character don't have a name, but in the manga his name is Minato Arisato When I listen to the opening song, "Burn My Dread", I suddenly feel like want to play the game again But it is just a dream...I don't have my PS2 here... :((
This is the video of the opening of the game I really love it, so can you do me a favor and watch it?? Maybe you'll understand why I love the video so much And you'll realize why my URL is "zafree-mementomori" :)
Actually, the reason that triggered me to buy this game is because of Yukari (the heroine) She's hot :p
If you still have your PS2, then go get this game! You should look for Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 : FES~

I Am Getting More Afraid With Psychology Class

My psychology class is getting scarier within each and every class. It's not haunted or something, but the lessons in class is giving me the creeps
Today, I learn about memory. To make it simple, our brain goes through several processes before an information can be stored in the long term memory (LTM). It goes through the short term memory first, and through some other process which I can't remember right now.
Then, my lecturer shows a video of a person that cannot process the memory into the LTM (his brain is damaged). The person in the video cannot even remember what he was doing yesterday. Every time his wife came into the room, to him, it is the first time. He even wrote a diary every minute, but when he look at his diary again, he says that he did it unconsciously. Somehow I can feel the same thing happening to me. I can't imagine if the same thing happen to me. I will not remember my friends, I can't even remember what I did yesterday...
Thanks to Allah that I am st…

Feel The Happiness First, Then The Success

There are things that we do because of something that we are afraid. For example, we race to be rich because we afraid of getting poor. Our mind set move us by the negative feelings; we will get rich but with the feeling of afraid of being poor, and we will keep moving forward to become richer.

But can't we see that we didn't achieve the happiness?

We don't feel the serenity that we needed. We are blinded by the thought of not being poor. Are we going to be happy when we become rich? Of course we are, but for how long will it last? Our properties and money won't take us anywhere if we only care about the living in the world. We won't feel the happiness if we only urge for the success.

So how can we feel the happiness when we are success?

We hear the advise everyday, and at least five times a day. Can you guess where am I directing now?

Yes, it is the Athan! Everyday, Allah reminds us with this:

"make haste towards worship" (happiness)
"come to the true succ…

Spent About Two Hours Reading The History of Video Games

I'm not actually reading it, it is more like skimming. But there are a lot of info that I get by reading the history of video games~
I guess I'm really interested in reading all of the article. From the first generation console until seventh, it is very wonderful. Never thought that all of the great game today start with something so simple but innovative like the Cathode-Ray Tube amusement device! Do you know that one if the earlier games is created by a group of MIT student? Do you know that a computer programmer from the AT&T (telephone service provider is US) had wrote a game? I was very surprised, I was like "Oh, snap!" (it was dirtier though), when I read those.

As stated in history, there was a video game crash happened in America during 1983. One of the causes is due to some poorly produced games like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Pac-Man (the games suffered because the tight given deadlines). Try to watch this video (click here). This is the starting poi…


I hurt others, so it is time for me to get hurt
Why do I complicate things, when it is already simple? Because I don't know what am I thinking about
Between facts and my own feelings
I might be down, but don't bother, since I'll be stronger
On my way to smile

To My Brother, Zareef

I couldn't find other good image, so deal with it :p
I know it is TOO late to wish for a good luck in your exam, but I do hope you will do your best in your last paper tomorrow
I didn't saw you online, so the good luck wish is also delayed :p
If you got good results, then I'll treat you with something nice when I get back to Malaysia someday~(maybe a Wii?) Don't worry if you don't get a good result, but make sure you don't make the same mistake for SPM
You know, you always make our house feel more alive So I guess things will be much more different if you are the one who go to US instead of me
Make sure you perform all the prayers Make sure you study harder for SPM in the next two years Make sure you are close to dad, not like me Make sure you keep mom accompanied, so she won't cry whenever she thinks about me Make sure you don't make sis mad at you Make sure that my PS2 is not covered with dust, because I still love my PS2 Make sure you do other things rather than …

Don't Mind Me, Ignore Me For Some Time

(EDIT : 1835 11/10)
I am lying to myself by pretending to be mature But it made me look more childish I am running from my true self without realizing it
I claim to be an observant person But I say something without thinking about the consequences My anger and hatred drove me to do that
I claim to be independent But there is someone that I always depend on Now that person is gone, I hope that there is someone out there who can help me forget that person
I claimed to not fall in love again after I had been hurt by the last person But when someone else try to enter my world, I let that person be I guess all I need is someone, not just specific one
I always want to win in everything so that I am better than others But even I don't know what am I competing for It just made me look that I wanted attention so badly by winning
I guess I'm getting sick Somehow

I Play Soccer, and My Hand Got Hurt

(I should change it to football, not soccer but I'm just too lazy, 4:07 pm 11/10)

We, the Malaysian student of Wisconsin, will go out every Friday night to play soccer (except when there are events for the next day, like Eid Mubarak)Since the Malaysian freshmen this year is quite in number, we usually play in one team (there are some who don't play too) with the sophomores Adam, Nazwan and Govin (hope the spelling is right, sorry if I misspelled) do the scoring; Irshaad, Zainal, Khairi, Shasha on the defense (sometimes the midfield) and Syazwi mostly play at the centre. I gotta say that I will feel more secured if Zainal and Irshaad play on the defense, since they are very reliable. Irshaad is kinda unbreakable wall and Zainal's play will grow within each day, and he has the guts to take someone 3 times larger than he is. I haven't told you that I play as the goalkeeper :))
I don't have that much experience of a goalkeeper, and I never played any soccer game when I was …

How Terrible Was It :(

The first midterm of this semester is not going well with meI know, it is my own mess to begin with So...without complaints and frowning, I'll make a change to make things better! yeah! (No use of complaints and only looking to the past without doing nothing eyh?

The Games For My PS3~

I'm not listing all of the game that I have in my house, but these are all the games that I bought :D

Name of the game
My own rating
Replay Value
My Comments/Notes

Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots
The game that I waited for so long to play! I have played all four main series of the game (MGS, MGS2 and MGS3), so I definitely don't want to miss this one :D
This game is really amazing for its...well almost everything! It is very detailed, best graphic, new ideas on the gameplay, and its difficulty.
The only thing that I disappointed is the boss fight; in my opinion, there should be more intense boss fights just like the previous MGS (especially MGS3). But that doesn't stop this game from being the best.
This game has high replay value, but only for those who love to unlock everything and have the will to fight all the way through the Big Boss difficulty (hardest difficulty in MGS4). It's cool to fight again all the boss when you know the strategy, or find a ne…

I Have Feelings Too, Don't Worry

The moment you took a step away from me, I started to gain the time and space that I needed
I didn't feel the uneasiness anymore I feel that I can grow again Do things that I want without limitations Take my own time without limitations I feel very free
I guess that is all I need
We don't need commitments; we are still young to be in serious relationship We don't need commitments; there are still a lot of opportunities and possibilities in front of us We don't need commitments; we are still young to make decisions about relationship We don't need commitments; there are a lot to think, especially about marriages*
We can grow to become a better person, Without limitations and expectations of a lover; We can grow our abilities, Without limitations and expectations of a lover.
The moment you took a step away from me, I felt that I lost something
Who says when we are in love, we need to be in relationship? Who says we can't be just friends? Who says we need to nurture the feelings …

Don't Lock Yourself; Share It With Someone?

You said this to others when they sad"Don't keep all your grief within you, there is a time where you need to share it someone" Keeping all of our sadness in our heart make us bleed from the inside Don't take the burden alone, find someone who can help you

When you said that, it really shows that you care for that person
You don't want that person to be sad You don't want that person to suffer alone You want that person to share the pain with someone that willing to share it You want that person to throw what is inside the heart
Yeah right
Do you realize that you say those words not for everyone else, but only for you?
You actually want that person to share it with you You actually want that person to depend on you You only want to make yourself look good by making others come to you when they are in problems You only want to make yourself feel better when others depend on you
Now you realize, that most of the things that you do are only for yourself, but you cover it up b…

My First Game For DS, and It Is One Of My Favorite Title

Yay, I finally get my hand on this game!

Yeah, I played all the series of Kingdom Hearts including : -Kingdom Hearts -Kingdom Hearts Final Mix -Kingdom Hearts 2 -Kingdom Hearts 2 : Final Mix + (My favorite of all!) -Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (Didn't play the Reverse Rebirth mode)
I didn't play the Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories because I stuck with Persona 4 at that time~

Still, I cannot let myself get deep into playing games without study I still need to fulfill my responsibilities as a sponsored student, who had a load of expectations and things that need to get done at my shoulders :)
Time to continue doing my homeworks!