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Guitar Hero~~

This is a really good news for me

I managed to finish Guitar hero 2 on Hard Mode!!


now I'm going to finish the Expert mode and go through Guitar Hero 3

My goal : To finish and complete Guitar Hero 3 and beat Through The Fire And Flames

My Story In Terengganu (Part 1)

Going to Terengganu!


Luqman arrived about 1115 in front of my house to pick me up. I thought we will be straight to Terengganu but he said there are some business to be taken care of. It can't be helped so I didn't mind. It's not that I was the one who gonna drive all the way to Terengganu

We went to Bandar Sunway to claim some document and then to Gombak to pick up Suhaimi. After that, we went to the Ardent Educational Consultant Office because Suhaimi(Bal) and Luqman (Sungai) need to take care of something; about their business. So I just relaxed at their office playing my PSP games.
Then Bal came and gave me a two sets of diagnostic test for the camp.
I did manage to answer the questions except one question. I didn't answer it coz i didn't get it and asked Bal later for how to do it.

Then, about 1700, we started to depart to Terengganu. Sungai was the one who going to drive all the way the Terengganu. We only stopped thrice during our journey. First at the R&…

What's Up With Me??!

Sooo sorry guys because i couldn't update my blog

it had been a long time since the last time i updated it

Insya Allah i will try my best to update it sooner

owh my gosh...

so buzy lately...

and my sister 'stole' the usb cable that i can't upload my photos...