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Short Review of a Lot of Games

What will my blog be if I don't write anything game-related in it?

I don't really have much time to play games nowadays, and when I do, I usually play Black Ops with my friends. Playing with friends is, well, Luna here says it best:

Thank you Luna.

But I also spent some of my time to play other games that I bought. Here are some of the games:


inFamous 2 (PS3)
Developer: Sucker Punch
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Meta Score: 83

This PS3-exclusive game is one of my favorite game that I played during summer. inFamous 2 is about Cole McGrath who is blessed (or cursed) with the ability to store and shoot lighting from his body. In the end of the prequel, he learned that his power is needed in order to defeat the Beast, an entity that pose danger to humanity and the Earth itself. Will you use your power for good or evil? You choose. In term of gameplay, Cole now has access to a lot of …

"Loving what you get is happiness"

Didn't realize that I haven't written anything on my blog for such a long period. Time in this semester flies really fast, compared to the last where it seems it was never going to end. I wonder why <3

First part of semester is done. First midterm, first literature paper, first video games paper, and second manga's quiz. Is this the seventh or eighth week? It's hard to keep track of time, when you have a lot of works to do every week.

But I really like this semester, kind of. It's the semester that I finally had a part-time job, and my studies are fine too. Talking about jobs reminds me of a question that I asked myself not too long ago. Why do we need a job? To get more money, and that's it? If it is all about money, then any jobs will do? Without going deeper into the question, I just want to reflect it upon my current part-time job.

When I was looking for a job, I was like "yeah I don't care which job, as long as I can get extra cash". The i…

Not Emo

(I'm not creative when it comes to giving name or titles)
Exam mood is filling the air in UW right now. Students are everywhere as long as there are tables for them to study. I am not one of them, unfortunately, since I don't like to study in the open. I don't like people seeing me studying, maybe because of my ego of not letting me to be one of the knowledge-eating zombies. I like to study at my own pace, and I feel that I studied better when I'm alone. 
I had my Manga quiz last week, so that's one down. The quiz is fun, it's a stress reliever. But the topics that we currently learned are a bit harder, so I need to work..harder. I wish I have a broader choice of vocabulary. 
I have one midterm this week, and it would be Linear Algebra. I need to do a lot of revision on Tuesday so that I won't do silly mistakes. Owh I did miss one Linear Algebra class (on purpose) last week, and turned out it's the class with a lot of stuff learned, and I missed a lot of t…