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To : You

That night, you said we don't have to be serious for those reasons

I agree with what you've said


Today, I just felt this

I'm sorry

I don't want you to disappear too

I need time to understand

not because we're friends, but because it is you

what you were really want to say

sorry dear...

The Things That Happened

I know
My life is great

What I don't know
I made a lot of sins in my life

I know
I'm a brilliant person

What I don't know
In the same time, I am very stupid

I know
I should get respects from others

What I don't know
I need to respect others

I know
I am a great being

What I don't know
I am just a small person from the God's view

I should have known it earlier
Why didn't I knew it earlier?

I was given many chances
yet I didn't see it

This time
I have the chance again

The month that is really meaningful to Muslims
but did I make Ramadhan meaningful to me?

I hope
and I will
take my chances
in this coming Ramadhan

In TOEFL class..

Just finished the writing Practice Test tired u noe?n i thought my essays were gone without being saved..huhu

Holiday Had Gone...

This is the last day of our holiday...

but I still in my house!!

I can go back to my college anytime,so i prefer to stay home sometimes (which mean always,indirectly)

A lot of things happened to me during the holiday

I arranged it chronologically

16 & 17/8
-went to Olympiad camp as a facilitator
-went to the LRT stations that I had never been there

20/08 (i like the date)
-went back to MRSM Jasin
-for the first time driving car from Shah Alam to Malacca
-went to Farahin's house
-go out on a date with Farahin
-my very happy moment!

-went to KLCC alone (again)
-bought a non-fiction for the first time (The biography of Mahatma Gandhi)
-talking to a nice man in KTM
-almost didn't manage to Solat Jumaat (I arrived at UKM station at 1350,quickly take a cab to UKM's Mosque)
-went to Izwan and Imran's room
-Eat together with Hafiz, Molly, Razi and Aiman Wonggi
-Slept at Hafiz's house

-went to Alamanda with Hafiz, Izzad and Razi (playing bowling)
-went to …

Aku Nak Keluar~~

(dah lama x post dalam bm)

Hari nie aku nak pegi Kinokuniya
-mencari buku non-fiction (baru hari nie nak cari)

Lepas tu nak kena cari masjid
-solat Jumat,of coz

Kemudian, pergi KL Sentral
-pertukaran tren, naik KTM pergi ke Kajang (turun kat UKM)

Seterusnya, Tido kat rumah Hafiz aka Chemboyt
-rindu woooo kat dia

Lastly, esok, pergi Cheras
-ada kem Olimpiad (jadi fasilitator)

Both of Us

Yesterday was an important day

It changed my life a bit (yes, a need to explain.You still want me to explain?)

It didn't change us significantly

We are still us

Yes, because we rilek2 sudey

I really appreciate it

We can be who we really are

No need to change ourselves

Thank you for accepting me

Thank you for not letting me down

Even both of us are really sengal

All the way from Shah Alam to Melaka (specifically? Bukit Katil)

just to meet her

Happy and rilek2

(hope this post is not too jiwang)

Going to Malacca

Tomorrow (20/08/08), I will be going to Malacca

There are some things that I need to settle at my previous school (MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba, Jasin)

I dunno what had happened in the OSSP (pejabat, didn't know what it stands for) INTEC but we, the students suffer from it.

We (ADFP students) need to get approval of the copies of our certificates since Form 1 until Form 5 from our secondary school's headmaster

Furthermore, we also need to translate our certificate from Malay to English

What the hell??

uuurgh, this thing will only ruin our vacation

but who am I to complaint

I still need to do it, otherwise I won't be going to USA

After all of the things had settled, I will be meetingsomeone

At first, we planned to meet in KL. But since she cannot come (no transport) and alang2 I will coming to Malacca, we will meet in Jasin first. Then we will goon our date somewhere (not sure where yet)

owh, and I will bring three other friends with me to Malacca


I need to get things prepared by tod…

Solve This

Kamal went to Raihan's house

They talked for a while and the Kamal asked :

"What are the age of all your 3 children?"

"erm...the product of their ages is 36"

"That's all?What is the total sum of their ages?"

"Even if I tell you,you still couldn't find the answer"

"that is still not too informative. Give me more"

"My eldest son love to play basketball"

All right,now for you who read this : What is the ages of Raihan's children?

The first one that can solve this problem can contact me and I'll give you something nice~~

I promise!You have my words~~

(budak olimpiad xleh jawab soalan nie!!)

I Hate You My Memory Card...


the worst thing that could happen to me (in gaming) had happened...

My Guitar Hero 3 save file data had corrupted!!!

omg...after all the hard work...I had finished Hard Mode and 7 songs left in Expert mode...grrrrr

I'm not giving up!!I'm going to play all over again (hahahaha)

someone-that-I-know had inspired me (unintentionally) to not give up so easily~~


I Cannot Sleep...

I had to finish my 276-page novel within one night...urghhh

that is what i get for being LAZY


seriously, I need to change myself!


After the election and voting had done, I went back to Cendana from Cemara at 10:45

I went to the Petronas Station to buy some drinks. Bernard said that RedBull can keeps me awake,so I took one, along with a can of Livita.

I started reading the Living Proof by John Harvey from page 71 (I had read some before) and I need to finish until the last page, page 276.

The clock was showing 11:48 when i started. I had RedBull before I started and yeah, I feel refreshed.

I just skimmed through the novel, looking only at important words and sentence.

When I had read until page 176, it was 2:00. So I decided to stop for a while.

Then, I remembered that Farahin said that she also wanted to stay up. I knew she will be sleeping, so I decided to call her to wake her …

INPRO Closing Ceremony

I joined the marching competition Inter-Program. I am in the ATU (American Top Universtity) program. I really enjoyed our marching eventhough we didn't win. kinda sad actually...but it was really fun!

Before marching :

we are the only junior boys in the ATU marching~~~hehehe

The 'Awekz'

Zorro vs. Superman?

Now they are buddies~

The girls : eeeeyyy...comelnya koala tu!!

Q : Where can I find a bird that cannot fly?
A : Look there

Mascot Kombat

ATU is the overall winner!!yay!!!

all the trophies that we'd won

What people do when they happy:

Some Pix~

some pix that i took long ago

bang,pnah rase kena langgar ngan kereta api sambil on call x?

pantai;tempat ideal utk dating

AMBANK Runcit?

Punctuation Puzzle

This is the puzzle that I got in the Writing Class. They are interesting so I thought of posting it here. Try to solve them by inserting the correct punctuation so that they make sense.

Good Luck~~

1. King Charles the First walked and talked half an hour after his head was cut off

2. time flies you can't they fly too fast

3. Write this down in two different ways :
A hundred people whispered the President

4. A barber once hang out this sign :


Punctuate the notice in such a way that the customer don't get anything for free

5. Punctuation can give this headline four different meanings. What are they?


6. Write this down in four different ways :

What do you think she replied with a smile

7. it was and i said not but

8. that that is is that that is not is not is not that so it is

9. Peter where Joan had had had had had had had had had had the teacher…

My Story At Terengganu Pt. 2

I don't have that much time to tell all my story at Terengganu..
but rather than tell you,I'll show you
sorry for the long gap between Pt.1 and Pt.2

This is the room where I stayed while I was in is a really nice room

Bed for two..but I sleep alone.(the other facilitator cannot come)


The group that I handled for the lower secondary.I miss all of you!

representatives from each group present their works

examples of the assignments (you won't understand)

the facilitators.aaargh!!my face!


the upper secondary turn!

preparing for the last presentation...

this is my 2nd group~~miss you all too!

the note that my group done for me...I should say thank you too!!hope we can meet in another time..~

Guitar Hero again

Now I had started with Guitar Hero 3 (though I didn't finished Guitar Hero 2 yet)

I had completed GH3 in Hard Mode yesterday (I beat Through The Fire and Flames on Hard too!!yay!!)

8 songs left in GH3 Expert Mode and one song left in GH2 Expert Mode (Free Bird)

I'm going to finish it soon...


I'm in TOEFL class right nothing to do...hehehe

Murugesh is sitting beside me,listening to the TOEFL Speaking Test~~

Everybody keeps doing their own business....

well,this is ADFP!All Day Fun and Play~~