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Last Year

Every year is a very blessed year for me, and 2013 is not an exception. To reminisce all the blessings won't be enough here, but here are some of my outstanding experiences of this year.


1. First time in getting almost all A's for an academic semester.
I didn't expect a lot from last semester, but Alhamdulillah I managed to get CGPA of 3.94, with Pembangunan Diri II the only non-A (I got B+). Whether I can repeat the same achievement for this semester is another story. Getting A in all subjects is not the goal. My goal is to answer every question correctly, insyaAllah.

2. Third place in a national-level competition
Just go look at my current Facebook profile cover. It was the biggest accomplishment by far since I entered UKM. Definitely one of the sweetest moments, with my teammates Kinanda and Rafsan.

3. Getting a hurdle in studying
This semester, I always got headache for no apparent reasons. It disturbed my flow of studying,…