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Appreciation To Keep Moving

In the last two days, I wrote two Facebook statuses, that might be too direct. They showed how frustrated I am with some of the students around me. It has been some time since I last being direct like that. I dunno what triggered me to post that. Anyway, I've said what I feel, and I'm not regretting it. Kalau korang sentap, lagi bagus.

Perhaps I am too young, that I still demand attention and appreciation. While in the world of adults, most of the things that you do will go unnoticed. Most people won't appreciate what you do. But everyone will get mad if you don't do at least as expected. I need to prepare for that. I can't be weak, I can't just expect everyone will be appreciative and thankful. It's not like I've done anything significant either.

But sometimes, I do need to express what I feel. That's why I like blog. If people want to read it, they'll visit this blog. If not, they can just ignore. Simple as that.

I want to start with this one …

What Do The Lecturers Says

Yesterday, we met with Prof Maslina, the Vice Dean of FST. She asked me, what do I want to be in the future? Before I could respond, she asked again,"Academician?". I just nodded.

Then she continued, that maybe I won't teach in Pure Math, but most likely in Statistics. She asked again, "Are you okay with it?". I replied, why not?

I didn't realize it at that time, but then Nik Ahmad Faris raised this question later on: "Don't you think that the lecturers have already planned on where we [Me and Faris] should be if we were to be academicians in UKM? Why did she specifically ask you to be in Statistics department? Perhaps it is because they do have some kind of planning and consideration for us." I think he was right.

For Faris, they also have some plan for him, but I leave that to him whether he wants to talk about it or not.

We both are touched because even our lecturers have hopes for us, whereas in the past we both had given up with our futu…

What Have I Done?

So, the first half of this semester has ended, and it has been a bit of a mess. I missed a few classes, didn't do some of the assignment, made late revision for certain subjects and a bit unprepared. My discipline is a bit lower this time around, but that doesn't mean I didn't cover up for it. Alhamdulillah for my midsem exams, because I did quite well in them. As for my studies, I don't think I have much problems with them. As long as I keep on studying, doing revisions, focus in lectures and ask a lot, I should be doing fine in the other midsems and final exams.

I am blessed with not having much problems in my studies and academics stuff. That's all the more reasons for me to help others in their studies.

Among my batch, nothing changed much. From my point of view, most of them are still busy with their programs and events, so the first half prove to be quite challenging in term of finding suitable time to study. In fact, less of them seek help from me nowadays. …

A Step Back And Introspection

Today's mark the end of half of this semester, and the start of midsemester break. Now is a good time to sit down and reflect on what have I done since the start of this semester up until now. One thing for sure, this semester is full of feel.

I have a lot to talk about, a lot of unspoken thoughts. I'll make full use of the break to be introspective and make more improvements. All the topics are already written, just need to elaborate and then some.

I pray for a blessed semester and second year. I pray for a blessed life.