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I remember the time where I used to pour almost everything on this site. Whenever I feel down, I write. Whenever I am about to cry or already crying, I write. Whenever I am feeling emotional, I write. Whenever I want to tell something but I can't talk to the person, I write, hoping that that person would read it.

"Still annoying?" she asked. I know the answer to that.

I don't know if I changed much since last time. I do know that I focused more on my studies, being around friends a lot more, and see lecturers more often. But I do less on sports and workouts though. Hurm.

There's only one year left before graduation. Or to phrase it in a better way, there's a whole year left for me to settle what is left undone. It can be short or long depending on what I want to achieve. My second year seems short, because I really want it to end. I want to forget a this one thing that I am not focusing on what is more important. Starting next semester, I want to change that.


As a senior who have went through more years in UKM, we all have something to say to our juniors, especially the newcomers. And not just a few things. Many things that we want to share, to tell and to advise. That's the thing about being a senior, we want to give out our experiences, our wisdom, and our stories.

But surely, not all of them are can be related. Everyone has their own paths, and everyone experienced different things. Even for the same events, we perceive things differently. Even our goals are different. Some people emphasize on exam results, some on social networking, some on out-of-class activities, and maybe some just want to get through college life as soon quickly as possible.

Some of us are really eager to give their piece of mind. Some just watched, then give their critics ("bajet jer nak tolong junior" and suchs). Most don't even care about their juniors.

I want to find the balance between all these. I want to help the juniors, yes. I want to hel…