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Change To Prove

As we go on with life, we will go through a lot of phases. We overcome difficulties and challenges, we taste defeat, we achieved sweet victory, and we meet people of different backgrounds. All the little things that we do and experience will change us on the inside bit by bit, and comparing ourselves with from where we begin, we'll realize we have changed a lot.

Usually, teenagers are the one who will go through the important phases in life which will determine on what kind of adult they will be. From my experience and observation, this is the time where they are searching for their own worth. All those hormone rush will make them be more prone to what others say about them and they also have the tendency to risk themselves for the rewards they don't know they are looking for. Some will succeed in finding themselves, and some need to fall a few times before they realize who they really are.

The search for "who I am" is wonderful, as you will do everything in order to…

First Week Of Semester 2: First Result

After such a long time abandoning my blog, I finally have the urge to write something.

Last week, I finally got to see my result for my first semester. It turned out really good: I got 3.75. I am happy, but not as happy as I thought I would be. After all, there are still students out there who get better results than me, and I feel like I truly can achieve 4.00 now that my first result is excellent. I don't know if I can achieve better results by the next semesters or if they will be as easy as the first semester, so it feels like a wasted opportunity.

Nevertheless, it is in proportion to my effort, so I am thankful. No, the ratio of my effort to my result is too big actually. I didn't put as much effort as other students (especially for Calculus and C++, thanks to my previous experiences taking the class), so there's no reason I shouldn't be thankful. Helping my friends in study group definitely played a big part in getting the good result.