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Blogging and Facebook

I do realize that I did blogging less than I used to like during my time at INTEC (including before and after INTEC). I think the both the quality and quantity had went down the drain after I came to US. It got nothing to do with being in US, only the timeline. 

I used to enjoy blogging. Writing things whatever, whenever I want. Providing insights, personal experience, interests, and more. It was such a fun thing to do.

Things are a lot different now, compared to back when I updated a lot in a week. Maybe, just maybe, it is because of the existence of Facebook. The conveniences of Facebook might be the reason why I slowly turning away from blogging.

Why do I write a post on blogs? Because I want people to read it, and hopefully, comment on it too. But Facebook done better at letting people read what I post. I can just put it on my status, notes, messages or whatever else available and force other people to read it. What do I mean by force?

Whenever I post a status, people will look at it whenever they open up the Facebook's wall. Or better, I can always tag others to look at it. I think that's what make Facebook more convenient than blogger. 


I don't think I am happy with forcing others to read what I post at Facebook. I can be rebellious, and sometimes (read: a lot) questions what others did. For example, I hated when people being emotional at Facebook, and I posted that I hated that. Well,putting it on Facebook, it does bring anger to others, especially when I did it a lot. 

To put it short, with the way I am now, I am not really suitable with Facebook. The status box limit on how many characters I can type, so it is hard to put my justification or reason behind what I posted. So it can be easily misunderstand by others. Plus, it had happened all the time.

Maybe I am just being paranoid, but I can fell that some, if not most, hated me on Facebook too. Without blaming anyone, I know that it is my fault (if the case is true). I had been avoiding Facebook for some time, and I think I want to do it again. Putting my thoughts on Facebook may not be suitable for me, or maybe I just did it the wrong way. I don't blame Facebook. I admit that I am the one at fault. 

I feel that Facebook is more on "forcing" others to read. I know others can block/hide me if they want, but if they did that because they hated me, then I believe I had failed as a user on Facebook.

Feel free to correct me if I am contradicting myself.


  1. haha aku pon mcm same jek kes ngn ko psl blog nih..dlu mcm2 idea je ade..skrg ni maybe kite sume makin bz~~

    psl fesbuk tu, no comment zaf :D

  2. i've said once in one of my post months ago that facebook is gonna be temporary medium to express idea...

    guess that blog is more of a comfortable environment than fb...

    p.s.: please get rid of the pop up window bug in your blog...i guess the source must be the additional features you put in the blog...

  3. mira - busy, mungkin? Idea still banyak, tapi tak rasa macam perlu share. entah la. aku rasa enthusiasm aku untuk bercerita dah tak seperti dulu.

    adam - comfortable. I guess because blog is more like a "room" or "house", where people need to come to see it for themselves, and that's why it is comfortable. We have our own space. Whereas Facebook is like everyone in the same large "hall", where everyone can hear what you shout, and it can be annoying that I shut my self from seeing the benefits.

    Just a simple comparison.

    I just deleted the suspected gadget, so I hope no more of the same problem. Sorry for the inconveniences.


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