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The Peak of Stressful Life as a Student

Last week has been stressful, and seems like this week will be the same too. You know, it's a normal life as a student, with so many assignments and tasks. Normal, but not necessarily easy. As I'm typing with really sleepy eyes, I feel like giving up on a few things.
The list of things to do: 1. Etika - 5 reports and 1 assignment 2. Academic Communication II - Setting up interviews and preparations for conferences 3. Hubungan Etnik - Meeting with the lecturer to decide/inform on the research that we want to do 4. Pengenalan Pengurusan Perniagaan - Setting up and deciding on which company to visit, after being rejected by the first company (and they gave us a lot of hope. Fuck) 5. Permodelan Statistik - Test 2 today at 10 am. 
That's just on the academic side. The non-academic stuffs?
1. Writing an answer scheme for FOUR papers which consisted of TWENTY FIVE questions each. They gave me the task on Friday and asked me to finish it by tomorrow. 2. Preparing for the Internati…

Simple Life

If I can, I just want to live a more simple life as an undergraduate.

Just focus on my studies, get good results, stay away from trouble, and don't make any changes. Just be myself, and just stay low. Enjoy from time to time, and then just graduate safely.

But I don't think I can ever do that.

First, it starts with my debt with MARA. Not going into any details, but I still need to pay up for the loan I made when I went to the States. Therefore, being a 'normal' graduate only won't be enough.

Second, when I decided that I need to be more than a 'normal' graduate, I studied harder that I did. With increased knowledge and skills, there's a responsibility to share what we know to others who need help.

That's what makes me became more concerned about the state of other undergraduates. For what I believe, we need to struggle to the hardest in order to breakthrough from our norm.

But.. I guess I'm just being overly concerned in making a change, especia…