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Show Off Week: Day 2

Thanks for viewing my previous post :D Without further ado, welcome to my second day of SOW. Now is time for my most beloved portable gaming console, the PSP (PlayStation Portable)!

The first time I saw the PSP back in 2006, I knew that I need to get one. But it wasn't until 2008 that I got my hand of it. I bought a blue-colored PSP-2000 with my own money (my mom add a about RM100 for me) in Malaysia, after I got my first income, teaching Olympiad mathematics in my school. The said PSP is in my friend's hand right now.

Late in 2009, I bought a Piano Black PSP-3000 here in the US, and it stays with me until now. The retail price back then was $179.99 (now is $129.99).

PSP has a lot other functions besides to play games. It can play music, videos, surfing internet (though not recommended), comics, and a few more. It also can play PSone games, but it is only downloadable through PSN (PlayStation Network) and not all PSone games are available.

On its own, it is a great piece of ha…

Show Off Week: Day 1

Welcome to my first day of Show Off Week! Yes, it is exactly what the title said. Starting today, I will post and talk about the things that I have right now and today I will start with my... 3DS! Just want to remind you guys that I am not doing reviews for the items that I am going to post unless someone make a request :)

I bought this little guy during its release day (March 27 2011), and I went for the midnight release. To be exact, I didn't buy the 3DS, I traded my DSi and old games for it. Luckily the trade value is just enough to cover the full price including tax so I didn't have to pay extra :)

The hardware itself is amazing. Somehow I love just looking at it while doing nothing. It look very sleek and glossy, and unlike previous portables (DS, GBA etc) which still have the toy-ish feeling on it, the 3DS looks very authentic and expensive (it IS expensive). There are two colors available in market right now: Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black. In my opinion, the Cosmo Black isn…

Cooling Down

Today I just watched my classmates presenting their IRP (Independent Research Paper), and I learned a lot on what not to do during a presentation. Thanks guys! I'll make sure that I am fully prepared during my presentation~

I don't know why I couldn't let my emotions in check =_= Aaaaaalways over-reacting to trivial stuffs. I guess my past experiences did a great job on giving an impact to my mind power (thank you!). But it's alright~ I'll slowly manage. I want to change, and I want to be a good friend for you :)

I really want to post about my personal items here, but whenever I am free I tend to play games first. Since I am currently playing my 3DS, I will post about my 3DS tomorrow :) Right now I am enjoying Radiant Historia (DS game), truly a gem for DS.

"Over thinking lead to over reacting"


I am afraid that I am being disrespectful to you. I want to be able to respect your own time and space, giving you time and space for you to do your own things. Is it good for me to be overly cautious? Of course not. But what if I am being careless? That isn't good too.

"Rilek2 jer~"

What if I can't be just moderate?

"Don't over thinking stuff"

Giving advice to ourselves sure is hard

Tuesday Night Mini-Rants

Finally I am keeping up with my homeworks. There have been a few days in certain weeks that I didn't sleep, or at least just for 2-3 hours worth of sleeps. So today I can enjoy a little bit without worrying too much :) There are still some things to worry, but not study related.

Life is still pretty much the same, nothing really changed. But I really miss talking with someone for hours :( I guess I really do love to talk a lot if I can get the chance hehe. This week I am kinda free so I am thinking about making a post about my belongings or gadgets, and another post about games that I am currently playing. I already took most of the pictures, but I don't have the right time to write about it. Maybe I'll do it starting tomorrow (usually it means later in the future haha).

I rarely played games on my PS3, unless if my friends invited me to play Black Ops (or I invited them). I am into portable games right now, throwing hours into unlocking stuffs in Dissidia 012 and time-tra…

The Things That I Can Do

I received news from my mother that my sister's boyfriend is going to 'merisik' her by this May. I didn't think that it will be this earlier, but good for them. My mom added that they are going to get married by March 2012 (yeah, no engagement and straight to the marriage). It means that I will not be there when they are getting married, and my mom really wants me to be there.

Mom: tapi nanti mama nak pujuk kakak tunggu abang cuti next yearlah

Me: abang tak kisah pun. mana2 la yang bagus untuk diorang. tak baik lambat2 benda yang bagus. hoho

Mom: tak bestlah abang tak ada...

Yeah, I said to my mom that I don't mind. But that wasn't really my true feelings. I really don't know why, but I felt really sad at that time. Not because I am sad that my sister is going to get married. It's her happiness, so why should I be sad? It's not like I am really close with her. I mean, during my high school, I spent my time in boarding schools (for five years), then …


People don't like you being emotional on the internet. But no one ever asked you about your problems. When you want to tell them, they don't want to listen. When you don't say anything, they blame you for being silent.

Then you just post it. They hate you. They never ask. You never tell. You blame them. They blame you.

Then you post it again. Rinse and repeat.



Come forth, the awesomely-badass-inner-persona-kicking-other's-ass-with-fucking-magics!

Dammit, I know I should've listen to the doctors when they say not to play games before sleeping.
Watch it in action

Boring fact:
This is a d**k (literally) Persona, named Mara. I am not making this up

Dude you are one freaking genital. With wheels instead of...balls?
the (randomly generated) moral of the story : shooting a gun through your head is bad for your health