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Kepada Pelajar yang Sudah atau Akan Menghantar Borang MARA

(Post kali ini dalam bahasa Melayu dan tidak berniat untuk mengutuk, menyedihkan atau merendahkan mana-mana pihak. Jika ada sebarang ke-terasa-an hati, boleh tinggalkan komen. Saya dahulukan dengan ucapan terima kasih dan minta maaf juga menyinggung hati mana-mana pihak sama ada yang hidup ataupun yang dah tiada)

Tahniah kepada mereka yang telah menghantar borang MARA setelah bersusah payah :
- mengisi segala maklumat
- mencari penjamin-penjamin anda
- mendapat tanda tangan penjamin dan saksi anda
- mengambil gambar untuk dilekatkan
- membuat salinan-salinan yang diperlukan
- mengesahan salinan-salinan
- mendapatkan cop pesuruhjaya sumpah
- membeli setem HASIL dan mematikannya
- berjalan jauh ke pejabat MARA

Banyak duit anda habis kan?

Ada juga yang hantar menggunakan pos dan ada juga yang parents settlekan semua..
Takpe yang penting siap

Kepada mereka yang :

- hantar sekali dan tidak di-reject
Tahniah!! Anda memang membaca setiap huruf dalam buku panduan dan surat-surat tersebut. Mesti…


Sometimes when you think too much, you will realize that you actually don't think about anything
Your mind is just going on a circle, which you will end up at nothingness

All of this procedure to apply to go to USA is making my head go round and round and round and round...(infinite loop)
I'm very weak at handling things like this
Maybe it is easy for you guys, I envy you all
I try to understand it and do it by myself, but it always go worst
When I try to ask help from certain people, then they will go like "You can't even simple do tasks like this??", more or less the same

I should do something with myself
My brain is at total blank and will likely shut down by itself

Maybe I should buy Self Management for Dummies (if there are any)

My First Time With Carls Jr

I went to Midvalley today, and I had one of the most frustrating day with the KTM (a company that owns a train system in Malaysia)
Seriously, I'm kinda frustrated with KTM, and most Malaysian know why
It's ok, nothing I can do though
At least it is the train system that connect the most places around Selangor

I met Adam, Naqib and their friends at MidValley
I arrived at about 1600, which is kinda late since they had finished playing bowling
but I still had not have my lunch at that time
Lucky me, they accompanied me eating at the Food Junction
hehe thanx guys

After we had walked in the MidValley for some time, suddenly Adam decided to have some burgers at Carls Jr.
Of course, I thought he was just joking

Well, here we go!

Adam bought the Teriyaki-what-I-don't-remember burger, and when I tried it, something triggered me to buy a burger too
hehe (nafsu makan kuat)
So I bought the Mushroom-I-forget-the-name burger for RM18.00
I don't regret it coz' it keeps me full eno…


Now I have a lot of ideas to make a new post (Alhamdulillah) but I just can't seem to put it into the right words ;p
Maybe my mind is too busy thinking about many things, so I need to give it a break

I planned to go out yesterday, but I canceled it because all cars at my house is occupied
Today I'm going with Naqib and Adam with their friends to Midvalley
There's nothing much to do at Midvalley actually, but I have my own intention

Time to make full use of my camera~

Take Time To Rest

Since the last day in INTEC, I rarely step my feet outside of my house (except for important things and events)
I think my head got too saturated with unnecessary things...

I need to go out from my house and take some fresh air
Maybe I will spend my time alone tomorrow to go to somewhere else
I need to see the world outside too, and surely I hope I got some inspiration to post something better at this blog
Time to take my camera into action!
(Anybody free tomorrow?)

Right now, I'm really addicted to these two games on PSP

Final Fantasy VII (PSone)

PANGYA Fantasy Golf

Almost everyone knows about Final Fantasy VII, so I won;t describe it too long here
Simply enough, it is at the second place for the Best Game Ever competition at
It is an RPG game
I highly recommended to gamers to play this game, in case for those who haven't played

PANGYA Fantasy Golf
I never heard of the game before it was released
Of course, games that are not famous does not mean that it is not great, and PANGYA…

Less Than A Month Left Berore Departure

If you had seen through all my post before, you will realized that seldom, if not, very little, I talked about going overseas
I...never felt excited about going overseas
It's only a coincidence that I received this scholarship to go to USA
If I didn't get the scholarship, then I'm happy enough to study in our country
Looking back, I never ever thought about my future for the long term
I don't really care about it; as long as I continue living, I'll be delighted

Did I really wanted to choose actuarial science? Yes, but only because my teacher recommended it and it is the only course that are listed in MARA's website that had something to do with Mathematics (besides engineering)
I'm willingly enter the path that had in front of me, I don't give a damn about searching other hidden roads that may lead to better destination
Yeah, that's me alright

I remember in a talk about mind set, I learn that if we want to succeed, we need to have a vision in our mi…

Being Emotionally Dependant

Suddenly I remembered something about my past, an unforgettable one
It is about myself, when I was in secondary school

I never had a real friend back then, and I wasn't in good term with my family
So I really needed someone whom I can share my feelings, whether it is a boy or a girl, as long there is anyone
I used to trust everybody, so whenever there is a chance, I always told them about my problems
The agony of sadness at that time, I remember it until now
This trait of mine goes on until I was in INTEC, or specifically, until when I loose a friend, a great one
I realized then how much I depend on others; without even give myself a second to think for myself
How ludicrous I was

Every time I had a problem, I never thought that I can solve it myself
I don't know why my mind set is like that
Now that I think back again, I just want to smack something for how pathetic I was

When these memories run through my mind, there is something that struck me, but I don't know how to describe it


Hit Me

Something happened to my latest blog so I had to delete it :(
I had imported all the post here, so nothing changed much actually


It is so tiring to fix it, but lastly I had to delete it

They Had Gone...


Just only for about 2 hours I left the chicks, something terrible had happened..
(Take a look at my previous post below)

The chicky that was wounded had sad

After that I started to count the chicks
Well, there are only 13, which means 1 still missing
It comes to my surprise when I saw this...

Yeah, the lower part of its body is missing...

So, I carried out my duties as a good owner....(eceyh)

In this backyard, there are two of my family's cats that had been buried here
The first cat (Cookie) and the forth cat (Miao Miao, don't EVER ask me about its name)
That is life, we will face death one day or another
Never think that we will be able to live for tomorrow, because today might be the last...


New Residents of My House

There are 15 cuties that had been staying at the back of my house since last Sunday
They are so cute that you wanna touch, hold and squeeze them ;)

At least I had something to do other than watching the cat that already get all the attention that she needed from my family

I love chicks-more~
This is where they stay

Here they are!

Aren't they small and cute??(Maybe I'm the only one who think that)
In case you are wondering, there are only 14 of them in this picture
The other one?Well...He is struggling with his life
See this

Poor little chick, I don't know for how long he got stuck there
I think it is for quite a long time, since when I got him out, he took a few minutes before he could walk again
and...he has cuts on his wings the place where he got stuck

Watch this video

Yang lagi sekor tu sebok jer nak masuk video..

Well, at least he is getting better
I'm going to monitor them often so that this won't happen again

About My Post

I realized that most of my posts are very lengthy. I try my best to keep them compact and short after this.

I still have many things that left untold for now, so I hope people will look forward to it :)

May this blog gives benefit to myself, and if possible, the readers~

MRSM TGB: Revisited

7/16 - 7/17

I spent my two precious days to go to my former school, MRSM TGB
This visit was planned by Zahid, and other three of my friends joined (Izwan, Azrul, and Ramzi)
Besides the main reason, which is to take our SPM certificate, we really wish to see our teachers before we are going to leave Malaysia
Maybe we don't have this opportunity after this, so better make full use of it
I am going to United States of America; Izwan is already in Egypt, he is on holiday; Ramzi is going to Indonesia, Zahid will be leaving for France and Azrul...well he stays in Malaysia at UTP, but that doesn't stop him from seeing our teachers

I drove from Shah Alam to Bangi first to take fetch them
About 0930, we started our travel to Jasin and we arrived at about 1130
Firstly, we went to the office to take our certificates
At the offices, there is a board of organization of MRSM TGB, so we saw the updates of the teachers
We had a new headmaster; Encik Rahim, who was the HEP is now HEA; Ustaz Sabri is the…

Four Days of Meeting Old Friends and New Friends

Praise be to Allah for the chance that He gives to me to write this post

I had been very busy since Thursday 7/16 for I had gone to a few places, which are not very near

From Thursday until the day after, I went to Jasin to take my SPM certificate from my former school, Maktab Rendah Sains MARA Tun Ghafar Baba
I drove from Shah Alam with four of my friends
The meeting with my old friends is really meaningful, as there are a lot of things that we can talk about

From Friday (7/17) evening until Sunday (7/19), I went to Summer Training Camp at Kem Rimba Tamu, Batang Kali
I was given the chance to meet seniors from American University to get a lot of useful information for me and my friends

Both of this two events changed something inside me, which I will tell later
I really wanted to post it today, but I felt very exhausted and sleepy right now
Maybe because I had not been traveling like this before...

KLCC + Aquaria with half of Denverians

It is not common for others to ask me to go out in a group, so if I have a chance, I'd try my best to come along
Irshaad suddenly called me and asked me to join to go to KLCC on Tuesday, 14th July
I guess it is not really planned; just a sudden thought of going out, since Raja from Sabak Bernam came, we need to celebrate his days in KL :p

Naqib and I went to Wisma MCA first to take our completed passport with VISA. Yay!
After that, all of us gathered at KLCC, at the pond with the fountain

We didn't plan on doing anything yet, until someone suggested to go to Aquaria, since not all of us had been there. At least nobody objected :)

Like always, uploading photos is easier than to narrate everything in this post
Here we go!~

Before we're going in~

Adam's Canon Ixus 80 IS, which is same as mine

They never let go the opportunities to take picture at escalator

We're having some drinks before going in

Now, into the Aquaria! :D

Raja's attempt to touch a fish. Way to go! :p

Khairi is …