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Simple Meeting

Today, I met with the Head of Mathematics Program, Prof Roslinda, to discuss some matter concerning tutorial.

After she looked at my nametag (saja skema pakai nametag), she said

"Owh, awak la Zafree rupanya"

"Macam mana Prof boleh kenal saya?"

"Banyak cerita pasal awak yang saya dengar..."

"Owh contoh cerita yang Prof dengar? Hehe"

Hehe it made me happy. Then she continued.

"Kami risau dengan student macam awak ni."

(Ish, apa benda yang diorang ni risau??)

"Kami risau kalau result awak jatuh di saat semester-semester yang paling mencabar. Semester yang mencabar ialah semester 1 tahun 2, semester 2 tahun 2, dan semester 1 tahun 3... Tapi insyaAllah awak boleh buat."

And then we talked about the things that I wanted to discuss.

Anyway, it makes me happy to know that even the lecturers are worried about me.. I promise, that I try my best in order not to fall during these difficult semesters. I'll do my best. There are things…

Goals For Next Semester

"If you have a goal(s), then write it down". En Saiful, my economy lecturer said this. (Actually, the effect is better if you use your handwriting rather than typing)

I don't have any noble goals or anything, just a few things that I want to improve upon myself.

-Maintaining/Getting Better Result-
Two things that I learned during last sem.
1) I can get way better results than I can ever imagine, if I put efforts into it.
2) I shouldn't overly pressure myself.
My strategies in studying are simple, yet they have proved to be effective.
i) Start study earlier to replace last minute studying (alone or in group, whichever is fine depending on the situation)
ii) Attend class and write down everything, even if I won't read it later
iii) Make a list on what to ask, and take time to ask lecturers in their room or discuss with friends.
These are the three things that I always keep in mind. For now, they are more than just fine. I still have time to play games, hangout, and …

In The End...

It feels good after releasing what you have held inside your heart all this while. I'm pretty sure letting your feelings out aren't the best way of coping with stress (I've read it in one of the Cracked articles but couldn't find it), but for now, that will suffice.

Sometimes, it is not about letting everyone know that we have problem. It just that we want someone to tell us that it is okay to feel weak sometimes, that it is okay to be at our rock bottom. It's not like we will forever weep and keep being sad. We are human after all, as we have feelings, and we cannot completely close our ears from listening to negative talks. There are times where we just feel sad, and it cannot be said with words or treated with reasons. That is just how human are.

Then, there's no one else responsible to make us happy. Happiness is an internal thing, it comes from within ourselves, not from anyone else. If we are happy from the inside, then it is easier for us to be happy fro…