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Vacation on Pangkor

26 November

Hari nie aku kena bangun awal...setelah lamer giler tido balik lepas suboh
(patut aa rezeki cam kurang jer en)
Malas seyh nak angkat segala barang ke dalam keter
Tapi takpe
semangat nak bercuti mendahului segalanya

Perjalanan sangatlah lancar sehingga kat highway dekat2 ngan gua tempurung nie tetiber jam.
Tak gerak2 gak traffic neyh

Macam2 aa yang dilakukan oleh manusia2 tgh jam neyh

Adik aku ngan abg sedare aku sibuk men Virtua Tennis 3
Bapak2 sekalian keluar dari keter
panjang giler babi kereta2 nie beratur...babi pun tak panjang camnie

kat depan pun panjang gak...sesetengah manusia yang tidak mempunyai
kesabaran telah menuju ke hadapan untuk mengetahui
apa yang telah terjadi (aku terlalu malas~)

aku telah dipakse menjadi hamba kamera

Rupa2nya ader accident telah berlaku...lori ngan myvi...time nie baru aa aku rase bersyukur sebab tak pernah terlibat dalam kemalangan...

nie lorinyer, tayar belakang beliau hancur (tak sempat ambik gambar)
Dahsyat woo...tapi tiada nyawa yan…


I will be away for three days, starting 26th November until 28th
My family and my cousin's will be going to Pangkor~~
Not that I'm really excited
I need to find something interesting to do there except swimming and sleeping...
maybe I ride a jet-ski?
or go snorkeling?
just..not the typical things
But I'm sure to not forget to bring my :
-Camera to take interesting pictures, of course
-Hand phone can't live without this right?
-PSP & DS just for the sake of don't wanna get bored
That's the things that came to mind
Usually I always bring my PS2 to
But I try to keep it at home
maybe my maid will play it when I'm not home
who knows, maybe she always played Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero when there are nobody in the house
maybe she had achieved the greatest rank ever...
ok that's total nonsense

I hope I enjoy my vacation~

My most enjoyable vacation is last year, when I went to Sabah...
miss that time~

Suhaimi Favourite Problems

WTF is that?

First of all, who is this Suhaimi?

He is my coach at International Mathematic Olympiad Camp
A very intelligent person, especially when it come to mathematics and business

Suhaimi Favourite Problems,SFP in shorts, is a list of problems that he will send to me and other person who he selected.
Not real-life problems, mathematical problems
and we need to send the solution to him

So far, there are 4 problems that he sent to us
I didn't have his permission yet to post in my blog, but I think it's fine with him
I will post the problems later

and I will not post it here UNLESS I had solve it first
because it's my pride!mwahahaha
just kidding
I don't want him to think that I received answer from the others before I solved it myself

Hope you guys can try too!

Me and Raihan~

It had been two weeks and two days since I'm with Raihan
Only few of my friends knew about us

"What about Farahin?" you asked? should know if you had read my previous post

Back to the topic
There are many things that we did
Not only in this two weeks because I knew her since four month ago
Since I entered my class (Boston) at INTEC
Yup, she is my classmate, special one (huhu)

In class, I like to stick around her
dunno myself
She is very outspoken, maybe that triggers everything

I'm still with Farahin at that time
There is a big reason why I stick with Raihan eventhough I was with Farahin at that time
(I already told Farahin)
Maybe I'll explain here later

Our relation start at 7th November (7/11)

I don't know how to put it into words about her...
Never mind, it's enough just for me alone to know

What I more concerned is what I had become
Somehow I become more sensitive
Not the good one of course
I always think the negative …


This is my first new obsession

Title : DJ Max Portable 2 Genre : Rhythm Learning Difficulty : Normal My Grade : 9.4/10

No,not the girl in the image. It's the game DJ Max Portable 2. I just got the game yesterday, and it is really addictive. Somehow I am really attracted to rhythm games (guitar hero,rock band,dance dance revolution) I thought that any other rhythm games that doesn't use specific controller or tools are total lame (guitar,dance mat)
But this game really change my mind set!!
This game is one the best game I ever had in my PSP and it makes my PSP more worthy (compared to my DS, of course)

About The Gameplay:
It just a series of notes, coming from top to the bottom, and you need to hit the right button at the right moment...sounds lame right?BUT IT IS NOT!

It takes more than that to play this game...
and it is not as easy as you think

...Just watch the videos down there, you'll know what I mean

Here is some video

Promotional Video


3 Weeks

It had been three weeks since holiday started
But I don't think I gained many benefits from this holidays
I wasted my time...


I plan carefully for my holidays
or I will fall into oblivion...

What should I do?

-Meningkatkan amal ibadah!!(Ceyh~)
-Study for SAT 2 and next sem(?)
-Study Math!(No Kidding)
-Complete application forms
-Attempt Suhaimi's Favourite Problems (I'll explain later)
-Finish all unfinished games

Suddenly there are many games that I wanted to play...(Next post)

Come On!


I was very lazy up till this moment

Is there any way to overcome laziness?

Maybe I was distracted by my consoles


Need to plan things from now on

especially :- my dedication to my own blog
- study for SAT 2
- completing the application form
- spending time with my will-no-longer-be-in-this-country friends
- finish all unfinished games (hehe)
- spend time with beloved one

Come on!I can do this!

Maybe I start with the games first...which mean never-ending-task

I had to go to the KTM station by myself
my mom just kinda lazy to send me
well, she gave me money for the fuel for my car
couldn't complain

I went to KLCC today
Helya invited me and Raihan to come
But to me it is more like a date with Raihan

Few things I did with Raihan
1. watch Madagascar 2
very funny and nice (and cute)
you should watch it

2.Kinokuniya, searching for SAT Physic
But no luck on finding it

3. Others like talk a lot, eat,bla bla bla...

I met Helya, Irfan aka PD, Mali and others
(sorry guys, I forgot your name, or how to spell it ;p)
I haven't met PD for a long time
but he still 'gay' as ever
just kidding
he is one of the cutest guy around my secondary school
(from what I'd heard, not what I see)

It's so nice to see my not-always-around buddy
hope we had time to spent together, just like the old time
We bid farewell at about 4:30

Raihan and I went to KL Central first
We separated at the KTM Station
For awhile there…

Happy :)

She know and sure what is her feelings toward me

Thank you


I'm moving on

Thanks a lot Farahin

I learned a lot from you

Moving On

Is it so hard to move on?
Depends, I think

Most people around me, my friends that is, experiencing hard time to move on
even those, specifically her, that I hope they will move on

What had done is done

I do not know much about how hard it is to move on

I will discover it,make my own discovery and post it here

Something to do on this long break