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Last Week, This Week and Next Week (11/21) - Short Holiday

Last Week
Finished my video game paper, and took my Math 340 second midterm. It feels like a lot of burden had been lifted from my shoulder. Thanks to Shafiq Kadir for encouraging me to finish the paper before midnight (because he had to do the paper too). It should be a 10-paper, but my TA is nice enough to let us send the paper even if our paper doesn't reach the intended length (mainly because our lecturer wanted us to do in 1.5 spacing, instead of the usual 2.0 spacing). We both tried to make it to ten pages, but we only managed to do nine; adding more will only make our paper became more convoluted and less meaningful -_-

On the same day on the due date of our paper, I have to lead the discussion, and last week's topic was Games in Education. To sum up what I presented, take a look at this video:

Funny, in the same time meaningful and informative :)

So I have been playing Modern Warfare 3, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Metal Gear, and Super Mario 3D Land, and all of them …

Last Week, This Week and Next Week (11/14) - The Ultimate, and the Ordinary

Last WeekIt was a long week, as so many things happened that every of my feelings are mixed together. But overall, it was a great week. 
It started out on Monday night, where I went to Gamestop with other three friends of mine, lining up for our copy of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. We waited outside for around one to one hour and a half (11pm - 12:30am) with other around 200 people, waiting for the same game. The game got me excited as it promised to be the balanced version of MW2, instead of going a slight different route like Black Ops. 
So how was the game? It was a blast. But let me get the bad things aside first. On the first day, we can't play the game in a party. Every time we tried to, we got kicked out from the lobby. But it is fixed already. The most frustrating and rage-inducing fault is the lag. I can say it happened to me for about around 4 out of 10 game. When it happened, you might just prepare to die a lot. The lag is a game-breaker. Hopefully they will fix this in…

First View: Modern Warfare 3 (Multiplayer)

I am one of those people who bought Modern Warfare 3 solely for the multiplayer. I think the single player and the spec ops as the bonuses, not the main thing. I don't mind if people buy it for single player or spec ops, everyone is entitled to how they want to use the content on what they buy, so don't mind me if I say I am not really interested in anything in MW3 besides the multiplayer. This is just a few opinions and overviews that I have after spending my time on the game for 11+ hours. Might not be the true representative of the full review in the future, so be warned.

The matchmaking system
As for now, it seems relatively slow to get into a lobby full of people. On the first day playing, I can't get into a game with my friends, but it's getting better now.

Weapons are a lot more variety than Black Ops. I think almost all secondary weapon are useless since you can pretty much die in two or three bullets (besides Stinger, I'll tell you in The Killstreaks…

Last Week, This Week and Next Week (11/7)

The only reason I choose to write a blog now is because I don't have anything special to do during my shift. Sure, my shift is 4-hour long but the work isn't. Unless there are anything special happening during this time, I have a lot of free time to do some things, like homework and stuffs. So I decided to use this time to update my blog weekly. I am doing my homework in the same time (a draft for video game class's essay), and I need some distraction too.

Last Week
...was pretty normal. Except that I lost the keys to my apartment, and I stayed at my friend's place for three nights. I didn't go to work on Saturday, but still went to my Sunday's shift. It was on Monday that I finally got my new keys from my landlord. Thank God it didn't took longer than that.

On the next day, I went to Gamestop to pick up my copy of Uncharted 3, and I finished the single player campaign on Thursday night. Was it good? To be honest I am not quite sure. I have mixed feelings ab…

Three More To Buy, Still Many More To Finish

Last week I traded eight of my games for Uncharted 3, and surprisingly I got $125 in-store credits. So $55 for Uncharted 3, and another $70 goes toward Modern Warfare 3. So $20 left for MW3. Luckily enough, my Gamestop Reward Point has reached 50000 points, and just traded that point for in-store $50 off coupon. That coupon will be used more Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, and I will trade some more games for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I hope that's all the games that I need (maybe I'll buy Super Mario 3D Land during winter break) this year. I want to buy PS Vita, so will most probably sell my PSP-3000 and PSP-Go. But no need to be early on this one.

I really need to increase my work hours, and will work a lot during this winter (so no vacations, just staying here in Madison). Still have no plan for next semester (for some reason, I cannot)

Just finished Uncharted 3 yesterday. It was a nice experience, but something was lacking though. I personally think that Uncharted 2 di…

Strong Heart

Jack is just a normal student. Last
year, he made a mistake,
a big one. He thought that that
incident is already dealt with. Now, it comes
back to haunt him.

He received news from his school
that his academic status is on hold. He
wasn't sure what to do. Sadness, fear
and tears can be seen, shown from his eyes.

On the same day, Jack lost the
keys to his apartment. Living alone,
he didn't has any way to enter his
apartment. Sadness grows larger in
his heart. It was Friday, and he cannot
get in touch with his landlord
to get new keys.

In just one day, he feels like his
life has turned around. Academic
status is on hold, cannot go back
to his house.

Part time jobs were calling him, so
he went there, with a heavy heart
and wandering souls.

The thought of giving up filled his head.

The thing is, he don't know how to give up.
Like, what should he do in order
to give up? He was confused by that
thought, so he just move forward, and
deal things like how a man should do.

His parent…