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I remember the time where I used to pour almost everything on this site. Whenever I feel down, I write. Whenever I am about to cry or already crying, I write. Whenever I am feeling emotional, I write. Whenever I want to tell something but I can't talk to the person, I write, hoping that that person would read it.

"Still annoying?" she asked. I know the answer to that.

I don't know if I changed much since last time. I do know that I focused more on my studies, being around friends a lot more, and see lecturers more often. But I do less on sports and workouts though. Hurm.

There's only one year left before graduation. Or to phrase it in a better way, there's a whole year left for me to settle what is left undone. It can be short or long depending on what I want to achieve. My second year seems short, because I really want it to end. I want to forget a this one thing that I am not focusing on what is more important. Starting next semester, I want to change that.


As a senior who have went through more years in UKM, we all have something to say to our juniors, especially the newcomers. And not just a few things. Many things that we want to share, to tell and to advise. That's the thing about being a senior, we want to give out our experiences, our wisdom, and our stories.

But surely, not all of them are can be related. Everyone has their own paths, and everyone experienced different things. Even for the same events, we perceive things differently. Even our goals are different. Some people emphasize on exam results, some on social networking, some on out-of-class activities, and maybe some just want to get through college life as soon quickly as possible.

Some of us are really eager to give their piece of mind. Some just watched, then give their critics ("bajet jer nak tolong junior" and suchs). Most don't even care about their juniors.

I want to find the balance between all these. I want to help the juniors, yes. I want to hel…

The Peak of Stressful Life as a Student

Last week has been stressful, and seems like this week will be the same too. You know, it's a normal life as a student, with so many assignments and tasks. Normal, but not necessarily easy. As I'm typing with really sleepy eyes, I feel like giving up on a few things.
The list of things to do: 1. Etika - 5 reports and 1 assignment 2. Academic Communication II - Setting up interviews and preparations for conferences 3. Hubungan Etnik - Meeting with the lecturer to decide/inform on the research that we want to do 4. Pengenalan Pengurusan Perniagaan - Setting up and deciding on which company to visit, after being rejected by the first company (and they gave us a lot of hope. Fuck) 5. Permodelan Statistik - Test 2 today at 10 am. 
That's just on the academic side. The non-academic stuffs?
1. Writing an answer scheme for FOUR papers which consisted of TWENTY FIVE questions each. They gave me the task on Friday and asked me to finish it by tomorrow. 2. Preparing for the Internati…

Simple Life

If I can, I just want to live a more simple life as an undergraduate.

Just focus on my studies, get good results, stay away from trouble, and don't make any changes. Just be myself, and just stay low. Enjoy from time to time, and then just graduate safely.

But I don't think I can ever do that.

First, it starts with my debt with MARA. Not going into any details, but I still need to pay up for the loan I made when I went to the States. Therefore, being a 'normal' graduate only won't be enough.

Second, when I decided that I need to be more than a 'normal' graduate, I studied harder that I did. With increased knowledge and skills, there's a responsibility to share what we know to others who need help.

That's what makes me became more concerned about the state of other undergraduates. For what I believe, we need to struggle to the hardest in order to breakthrough from our norm.

But.. I guess I'm just being overly concerned in making a change, especia…


Our results were out yesterday. So how was my result? Great. What were my feelings? I felt confused, unworthy, surprised, and guilty.

Besides Introduction to Insurance and Takaful, all other results were not what I have expected. But yes, it is what I want and hope to get. I already talked about what was my feelings during and after I checked my result on Facebook. To put it simply, I am grateful, even if I know being grateful is just not enough. There's no reason not to be happy.

I hope that I won't have much problems during the next semesters. If the problems are unavoidable, I hope that I will be given the strength to overcome them. I want to make sure that I attend every lectures, and do all the assignments. I want to prepare actively for exams, and help my friends and juniors too.

I just feel guilty because I only understand much of the materials when exams were near. Which means I didn't study early, and I didn't help others as much as I thought I should. But I c…

Pengawalan Diri dan Kebolehan Intelektual

Berikut adalah idea dan buah fikiran yang saya dapat daripada pembacaan yang dilakukan dan juga daripada ilmu yang cetek. Saya sedar, saya terlalu cepat untuk membuat induksi dan mungkin saya masih belum berfikir secara matang, tambahan lagi saya masih baru berjinak dalam bidang psikologi dan berfikir. Tetapi saya merasakan yang perkaitan antara eksperimen yang dilakukan dengan amalan-amalan umat Islam adalah sangat menarik serta boleh dikaji dan dibincangkan. Sila baca dengan hati yang terbuka, dan saya sangat galakkan sebarang komen atau, cadangan yang membolehkan saya untuk lebih memperbaiki cara saya berfikir dan membuat konklusi, dan membetulkan ralat dalam etika berfikir saya.

Apa pun, dapatan kajian daripada Walter Mischel ini adalah sangat menarik.

Terjemahan daripada buku Thinking, Fast and Slow yang ditulis oleh Daniel Kahnemen, muka surat 47:

Daripada salah satu kajian yang terkemuka di dalam sejarah psikologi, Walter Mischel dan para pelajarnya mendedahkan satu dilema kepad…

Recent Games In Memory: Playstation 3

My PS3 has served me well, and I hope it will continue to do so until much, much later. Bought this back in 2009, on the second day I arrived in US (haha). PS3 had a rocky start on the first few years after its release, but now it is one of the must-own console, with so many great exclusives games, free online service, and very rewarding paid service (PS Plus). PS4 is already in the stores, but I will stick with my PS3 since there are many great games still waiting to be released. There are so many great games for PS3 that it is hard to choose the best, so I just list the recent ones. Here we go.

Persona 4 ARENA As a big fan of Persona 4, I wouldn't just let this one go. This game is a fighting game (think about Street Fighter, Tekken, and such), so it won't cater to many fans. Still, it is a fun game. I learned to use Kanji and Yukiko and played online on multiple occasions. But since it is a bit hard for non-fan, there aren't many of my friends who played this game (or a…

Learning About Ourselves

I have been interested in psychology since.. I can't remember when. Seriously. But back in 2009, I took a Introduction to Psychology class, and that was the only time I took a formal learning in Psychology. After that, I struggled with my studies there, which makes me forgot almost everything about psychology, including my interest towards it.
It was during last semester, when I saw Faris read a lot of Historical books. Since I am easily influenced by others.. Nah not really, it just got me thinking "should I read history too?". Yes, perhaps I should, but I don't need to follow Faris's exact footsteps. He doesn't read them for formal learning or something, as he said it is only for side information and knowledge, and extra interests in other things besides Mathematics. The question then came to me, do I have other things that I have interest in besides Mathematics, programming, and video games?
That is when I started to search for books about psychology in th…

Recent Games In Memory: PS Vita

This is the latest console that I bought, but sadly there aren't that many great games compared to PS3 and 3DS. Nevertheless, I still love this bad boy here and it serves me well. I just wish it could get better games, as it truly deserve it. Sony really need to support their portables better, and not repeating the mistake that they did with PSP. Here are the games that I played recently that totally worth mentioning.


I'm a sucker for rhythm games. DJMAX is made by Korean developer, so most of its songs are in Korean. The gameplay is simple enough, with the use of both touch screen and rear pad. Just touch the icons whenever the bar intercepts the icon. You'll understand once you see it in action.

Zapping factor: **** Touching your PS Vita never feels this good.
Cytus Lambda

Another rhythm games in PS Vita, I just downloaded the free version, but man I really love their songs. This one is from a Japanese developer, and I am more into J-Pop instead of K-Po…

Learning From Last Semester

New semester is starting next week, but I still haven't finished packing up or physically prepared. It will get more and more challenging, not only on the materials but also on time management, emotional wellness, stress handling, and so on. Results will also be announced on next Friday (2/14), and honestly I am a bit restless.

During the third semester, there were no weekly tutorial questions, so I became a bit lazier to do my own revision. Unless if exams are near, I wouldn't even touch my notes. My own mistakes there, since I have become dependent on lecturers to give assignments rather than to search for my own. Sadly enough, it's not that I did all the assignments that the lecturer gave. The semester was definitely my laziest.

Then, when helping my friends, I tend to get emotional. I should have known better that most of the juniors don't really know the materials. I guess that's what studying in matriks and asasi did to them. I believe the studies in both mat…

Last Year

Every year is a very blessed year for me, and 2013 is not an exception. To reminisce all the blessings won't be enough here, but here are some of my outstanding experiences of this year.


1. First time in getting almost all A's for an academic semester.
I didn't expect a lot from last semester, but Alhamdulillah I managed to get CGPA of 3.94, with Pembangunan Diri II the only non-A (I got B+). Whether I can repeat the same achievement for this semester is another story. Getting A in all subjects is not the goal. My goal is to answer every question correctly, insyaAllah.

2. Third place in a national-level competition
Just go look at my current Facebook profile cover. It was the biggest accomplishment by far since I entered UKM. Definitely one of the sweetest moments, with my teammates Kinanda and Rafsan.

3. Getting a hurdle in studying
This semester, I always got headache for no apparent reasons. It disturbed my flow of studying,…