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Review: Vibe BS NVE-300 Earphone

- I added the technical specification , disclaimer, "Do I Recommend It?" and a new point in "What I Hated".
- Other text added are in bold text

There are many of type of earphones/headphones nowadays, but I bet you never seen an earphone that has the features like Vibe BS.

Vibe BS is an earphone developed by NTECH Industries, a Korean company, and currently it is only available at South Korea. The box contains the earphone with amplifier, a charger, a cable and a user's manual. The amplifier has one button, dedicated to on/off and volume adjusting

Technical Specifications:

Type                          - Earring body
Sound Pressure Level - 48 +/-2dB
Frequency response    - 100hz -20khz
Sensitivity (SPL)         - 25mg +/-5mG at 0.89V (1KHz)

Continuous use            - 12 hours (Level 2)
Battery (rechargeable) - Lithium polymer battery
Charge time                 - 90 minutes
Input terminal               - 3.5mm
Power supply               - 5V charger & USB cable

What I Loved:

New Way of Hearing Music
Instead of directly transferring the sound to your eardrum (like normal earphones do), Vibe BS make use of our earlobes and transfer the sound through our skin and cartilage. It's kinda hard to explain in words, so take a look at the diagram below. It gives a new experience of listening to music.

Feel The Sound!
Yes, you really feel the sound instead of just hearing it. You can feel the vibration of the music you listening and the bass is a killer for an earphone. It's not just a bass, it's THE bass! It is also surprising how clear the sound is even when the earphone is not put directly into our ear. The sound is produced behind our earlobes but it does as much as a normal earphone would, if not better. I used the earphone for playing Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker on my PSP, and there is no way to describe it other than the word terrific. 

Not Blocking External Sound
While listening to music using the earphone, you still can hear other sound. The person standing next to you won't have to yell at you to hear them. The same is applied to when you are driving. So you don't have to worry about not hearing external sound. That is until you turn the volume up very high. Conversely, if you set the volume at a high level, others can hear it too, so choose your volume level well.

It's Comfortable To Wear
Wearing the earphone doesn't feel like a burden to your ear. It is light and comfortable. I tried this earphone to 4 other person, and they don't have any bad vibes about it (bad pun). The built feels very solid, but it cannot bent anymore than it is already. Attempting to do it might broke the earphone ring.

What I Hated

The Confusing Way Of Wearing It Initially
Since the aren't any earphone like this before, it's hard to find the sweet spot of wearing it. You will be keep asking yourself "Is this the right way to wear it?" and frequently adjusting it. It will take a while to get used to it and wear it without any problem, but it won't take long.

No Separate Volume and Vibration Adjusting
You turn the volume up, and so the vibration. You turn the vibration down, and so the volume. The vibration can be a distraction to some people, especially if their earlobe is sensitive. You will need time to be familiar with the vibration, since it vibrates directly at you earlobes. Can be good if you like it though.

No Amplifier, No Sound
This is probably the biggest drawback of this earphone. You need to charge your amplifier after 10-12 hours of use, and it won't work if it doesn't have any power left. It has its own internal battery, so you cannot change the battery. 

After All, It's All About The Price
The price might turn off a lot of people from buying it. Did I mention the price yet? It is $56 (equivalent to ~RM176), and I personally don't think its features is worth the price.

Do I recommend it?
Despite the drawbacks, I still love the earphone. In fact, I was listening to music using this earphone while writing this review. It is hard to recommend this earphone to others, mainly due to its price. If you have extra money to spent, then I recommend it. If you already have a good piece of earphone, stick with it. The price cannot justify its features. Maybe I will recommend it to everybody when the price drop to a more reasonable price.


My personal thanks to Puregreen Sdn. Bhd. for generously giving me this wonderful earphone for free :)

Disclaimer: I adopted the way Kotaku write reviews. By any means, I am not affiliated nor directly connected to Kotaku or its staff/editor. Any similarities in the content of review, if any, are purely coincidental and I always make sure I am making original reviews


  1. Why is it better in many ways when the sound is not projected directly to the ear drums? Can you give some example? How about the build quality? How does it compare to some other similar products in the market? Also, maybe a market price estimation can be good.

    All in all, it's a good review. Lacks in polish but for a first attempt, your doing fine. You could insert more consumer related factors that people might want to know about and the technical specification can be cited on to add more detail about the product.

    I think that Puregreen company didn't make a mistake by sending you a review unit. I see a budding reviewer over here.

  2. When I said the "better in many ways", it refers to the next points. But I guess the sentence is confusing eh?

    I will add relevant answers in the post :)

    Thanks for your compliment. I appreciate it~


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