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Will-Be-Played Games

It had been a long time that I didn't enjoy playing games
So, this holiday will be filled with playing games that I want~~

So these are the list!

For Playstation Portable:

Final Fantasy Anniversary
Still Playing

Final Fantasy II Anniversary
Haven't Started

For DS:

Final Fantasy III
Just Started

Final Fantasy IV

Pokemon Platinum
Still Playing

For Playstation 2:

Persona 4
Had finished a month ago
Notes: Going to play the Hard mode~~

It's Not Really The End

I know that the most tiring semester just ended yesterday
I can see that most of us had already enjoyed themselves
Of course
After all the hard works
Why wouldn't we reward ourselves right?

I don't think it's over for me
Something just don't feel right
I feel like there are still a lot of things that I had left unfinished

Stress and tension are still within my head
I don't think they will go away that easy
My mind is very distorted right now
I don't think the fog will lift just like that

I feel like saying
"Don't disturb me"
But I want someone to come and talk with me
I feel like saying
"I wanna be alone right now"
but I really want someone right beside me

I'm really unstable and somehow moody sometimes
but I'm gonna be okay
I'm feel like want to shout out loud
but I will try to smile, sincerely, and always

Gonna settle the unfinished things
Gonna get back what I had lost
Appreciating what I have
Gonna be okay
Smilling, eventhough it i…

Cukup dan Kurang

Perasaan cukup dan perasaan kekurangan

Pernah x anda merasa anda sudah cukup study untuk exam?
Apa yg anda lakukan apabila sudah rasa cukup?

Anda juga mesti pernah berasa yang anda tidak cukup study
Apa yg anda lakukan apabila merasakan tidak cukup?

Perasaan cukup merupakan sesuatu yang boleh memberi manfaat besar
Begitu juga dengan perasaan tidak cukup
Tak percaya?
Tak mengapa
Ini pun cuma pendapat saya

Perasaan cukup
Kita ambil contoh paling senang
Duit (bukan nak perli ko tau Farahin)
Ya, duit (yang nie baru perli ko)
(Ye la, aku tukar ke harta)
Lumrah manusia untuk memiliki harta yang banyak
Selagi kita mampu, kita akan mencari sebanyak harta yang boleh
Apabila kita sudah berasa cukup
Kita akan berhenti untuk mencari
Betul tak?

Di sini hendak diterangkan bahawa perasaan cukup itu membuatkan manusia berhenti daripada terus melakukan sesuatu
Apabila kita tidak mahu berlebihan, kita tanamlah perasaan cukup dalam diri kita.
Seperti apabila kita makan
Main game
dan juga kalau kita terlal…

A Message To All My Friends

My handphone had been affected by virus and I had lost all the contact numbers

To all my friends that have my numbers, could you please SMS me your number?

Thank you!

It feel like I had lost 1/4 of my social life

Final Week of Assignments

This will be the last week filled with assignments
Everyone are so tired that they are looking forward for the end of the semester

ACS - Festivals
Advanced Composition - Research Paper
Speech Communication - Persuasive Speech


This will happen if we try to absorb everything from Calculus book

My hair is a mess, as well as my brain

Not a very happy look in the morning ya?

My 5 Weeks

These are the songs that are related to what happened to me in my 5 weeks of waiting and depression
It's only 5 weeks and I know I shouldn't be too sad
I learn something from it :)

Wounded by Good Charlotte

Lost and broken, hopeless and lonely
Smiling on the outside, but hurt beneath my skin
My eyes are fading, my soul is bleeding
I'll try to make it seems ok, but my faith is wearing thin

So help me heal this wounds
They have been open for way too long
Help me fill this soul, even though this is not your fault
That I'm open, and I'm bleeding all over your brand new rug
And I need someone to help me sew them up

I only wanted a magazine, I only wanted a movie screen
I only wanted a life I read about and dreamed
And now my mind is an open book
and now my heart is an open wound
and now my life is an open soul for all to see

So help me heal this wounds
They have been open for way too long
Help me fill this soul, even though this is not your fault
That I'm open, and I'm bleeding all …

Nothing For A While

My life had been so disastrous since last three weeks

Assignments, tests, and all that
Well, all of them are normal for student like me so I didn't mind

Except that suddenly I almost lost my interest to continue doing all that
I know CGPA is important
But sometimes I asked myself
"What's the point for all the things that I did?"
"Did I get anything for all this?"
"It is really important?"
etc etc...

I should not forget my role as a student
Next week will be the last
So I'm going to put all my effort
I know I can do it
I just need a little push and I'm done

There are a lot of other things happened~
-I had been caught by pak guard for some reason that I did and didn't
-I manage to get back what I want
-My mom had been skeptical towards me until this evening
-I didn't come to class for so many times due to my health problems and research paper
-My mind was almost totally blank during Calculus test
-I had been abandoning my friends, u…

Sedih Sikit

Semalam Adam hantar mesej nie kat sumer dak Denver

"Esok ada kelas miss daya...lepas Zafree present, kita free...:)"

haha sedih siot...
cam semua orang patutnyer leh tidolebey skit pagi tuh...

sorry guys :(
aku bnyk sakit aa sejak minggu lepas
sekarang dah ok alhamdulillah :)