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Wake Up

For how much longer are you going to stay in such a depressed state?
It's time for you stand up ON YOUR OWN and take a step forward.
Don't be such a loser, loser.

Sony Is Tempting Kingdom Hearts Fan With New Entertainment Pack

Sony announced PSP-3000 Big Boss Bundle last month(here), and now they are announcing Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep PSP Entertainment Pack (here)!
Cannot...resist...temptation...Here goes my money again...Luckily it's on September 7~
Hopefully there are no other big titles coming around June until September... Yeah like that can happen. I should start learning to save money from now on. Or maybe I can sell my current PSP for this bundle...kehkehkeh

New Pokemon

The fifth generation of Pokemon will be coming soon, and the three starter Pokemons had been revealed in Japan. The new game will be Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

Don't you think that the Pokemons have become weirder and weirder? But there is nothing much to say until it will be fully revealed.

Two Things

The chances and probability are very high.
Maybe an earlier farewell is better?

Right now, I am in total mess, struggling for my last two exams. Therefore, I wish not to be bothered by anyone or anything. If you can't even understand this, then please go away, don't ever bother me to give my attention to you. If you think I am being inappropriate, then go find someone else who can be more appropriate. Thank you.


I Love My Mother! And I Want The Whole World To Know! Yay!

Everyone wants to show how much they love their mother in Facebook. Why don't you just say it to her personally? It is more effective and special, you know
Seriously, I have bad issues with Facebook, maybe the users too. My fault.
What's wrong with me anyway, bashing stuffs whenever I have a chance.
Now I have an idea for my next post
After cooling down my head and being more rational, I think it is normal for us to show what we love. But PERSONALLY, I think that we should say to her directly instead of telling it publicly (no point in doing both, right? Maybe). If you put it in your own space, it is still alright. But putting in on Facebook? I hope it is not for showing off. Sorry, I am being really skeptical lately. But I know most of you are sincere with your feelings towards your mother (put a smiley here).
I'm not going to delete what I wrote above the line, it will take away my pride if I do tha…


"Kalau kau dah rasa malas nak study, tak mengapalah. Tak perlulah study. Tapi ingat jer la tanggungjawab kau sebagai student" (Farahin, 2010)
"Jangan kita lakukan sesuatu semata-mata kerana 'ingin' sebab 'ingin' tidak pernah ada habisnya...Juga jangan kerana 'suka' sebab 'suka' mudah berubah...Berubahlah kepada 'perlu' sebab 'perlu' mengundang banyak manfaat." From Iluvislam on Facebook
Ok, gie study

Will Do

I promised myself that I won't be part of the crowd, and I will do it
And I think it is time for us to stay away from each other, so that we will be more appreciative

Selipar Crocs Adik Aku

Kesian pulak aku tengok adik aku nie bila aku beritau yang selipar crocs dier kena rembat (bersama2 kasut ayah aku). Tengok harga selipar tu pun tak aa mahal sangat (beli pasar jer) tapi tau la yang adik aku sayang sangat selipar dia.
Aku paling menyampah/benci/kutuk/$%^$#$ orang yang mencuri nie. Sejak dari form 1 lagi aku ada sejarah buruk dengan pencuri. Biasalah budak asrama, nampak barang best jer curik. Lan**u sungguh perangai pencuri2 nie. Aku tak tau la macam maner nak describe perasaan aku sekarang nie, sebab aku sangat2 anti dengan pencuri, tak kira la dari golongan maner pun. Kesian adik aku ko tau x? Kalau aku dapat tangkap pencuri2 nie...siot, perasaan marah dah menghantui diri.
Tapi nak buat macam maner en, barang yang dah kena curi, memang takkan dapat balik aa. Sebab kesian sangat dengan adik aku, aku cakap aa kat dier yang nanti aku belikan satu selipar crocs untuk dier. Harap2 ader la sale kat Johnson Creek tu. Sabar la ye wahai adikku, nanti aku balik hujung bulan 6 …