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It's Not Like I Wanted It To Happen


Just after a few days arrived in Malaysia (yes, I am in Malaysia), I got caught up in an accident. Not that serious, but it does has an impact toward myself.

When and Where it Happened:

Right after Jumaat prayer, at a junction near Masjid Shah Alam and Plaza Masalam

I went to the prayer okay!

How it Happened:

From my experience and knowledge, usually there will be traffic polices to guide the traffic instead of the traffic light. There was polices at that time, but they didn't guide the traffic. When the light turned red, at least two cars, crossed the junction. So without any doubt, I did the same. Unfortunately, I hit a motorcycle :(

It was a total disaster, both physically and mentally. The motorcycle was damaged on the right side, but fortunately I didn't hit the driver, and he escaped without any injury (though I did saw him flying like 2-3 meters to his left. It was not a beautiful scenery)

There was two polices at the place of incident, so I got summoned on the spot. One of the police saw what happened, so she didn't blame me that badly. The other one? Bullshit. All he did was trashing me. Even the victim, Fizan, saw what happened and didn't put all the blame to me.

Why it affect me mentally? Well, I already caused enough trouble to my parents when I was in US, so I promised myself that I don't want to cause anymore trouble when I'm in Malaysia. On the way back home, I couldn't stop myself from shedding tears.

Lucky for me that my parents are understanding, and they relieved me.

Today, I just met Fizan. I guess I am truly lucky because he is a very nice person. He listened to my reasoning and didn't seemed upset with me that much. He also didn't make a police report after I requested it from him. But in exchange, I promised him to pay for the repairs, and I did today (now I'm penniless)

Well, things happen. It's not like I can escape what had been written for me, and going with "what if" won't solve a thing. Therefore, I am willingly accept what had happened. Maybe there are something that He wanted to show me, and there are something better coming for me somewhere in the future.

Don't ask for things to be easy for us, ask for a strength of heart so that we can overcome any obstacle in our life


  1. laaa lggar motor ke. igt lggar lori ke truck ke. hahaha. but thank god xjadi pape

  2. aisya senyum jer? :)

    haha tu la nasib baik motor jer, takde la banyak sangat damage. tapi duit still melayang aa. wooo~

  3. aisya senyum jer? :)

    haha tu la nasib baik motor jer, tade la banyak giler damage. tapi duit mengalir aa huhu


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