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Takziah Untuk Adik Aminulrasyid Amzah

Aminulrasyid Amzah, seorang pelajar tingkatan 3 di Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seksyen 9 Shah Alam mati ditembak oleh polis.
Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, klik sini dan sini
Aku berasa sangat sedih kerana tragedi ini berlaku sangat dekat dengan tempat tinggal aku (Seksyen 8). Aku tidak akan membuat spekulasi sendiri (bahaya), tetapi aku sangat berharap untuk mengetahui perkara yang sebenar, bukannya kepalsuan yang direka-reka oleh mereka yang ingin melindungi diri mereka.
Semoga pemergiannya dirahmati Allah. Amin

I Want To Talk About Games

Not talking about games will drive me nuts. Plus, talking about subjects and courses that I can't get into and only taking it for the sake of entering Business School and graduation make me crazy. I'm starting to questioning myself why the hell did I took the scholarship. But never mind that, it can be discussed in another post.
I know finals are getting near (the first will be at 9th May, Sunday) but talking about it won't make me smarter or increase the probability of getting higher marks. I rather talk about games here, since it put a smile on my face even for a while.
Lately, I had been drown in the world of Final Fantasy XIII even though the world isn't that diverse. I only need to finish two more trophies before I can get the Platinum, but one of it is very time-consuming. Maybe I'll finish it during summer break. I am thinking about making a review of it for, but I need to put every focus and attention when doing it so it will be done when I…

Stress (Tak Boleh Tido)

Aku ingat lepas pulang dari Chicago pada minggu lepas, waktu tido aku dah ok balik
Aku tak tau kenapa hari nie aku tak boleh tido balik, dan aku sangat stress. Aku dah cuba untuk tido pukul 1 lebeyh (semalam dah tido lama), tapi bila dah naik katil, aku tak boleh nak terus tido macam biasa (at least seminggu lebih dapat tido dengan aman).
Pukul 2 pagi. Aku still tengah cuba untuk tido. Tiba2 dapat call. Nak wat camner, aku nak tido, aku pun malas la nak layan, dan aku pun terus tekan butang silent nak bagi henset aku tak vibrate walaupun aku dah letak silent mode awal2. Aku dah rasa nak lelap dah nie, dalam 10 minit lagi, dapat lagi call. Aku nak tido ok. Aku buat benda sama. Berterusan lah kisah ini sehingga pukul 3, dan aku masih tak dapat tido.
Dah pukul 3 tapi still tak dapat tido.
Aku cuba lagi untuk melelapkan mata. Cuba...cuba...cuba...entah lelap atau tidak, tengok2 dah pukul 4. Nak buat macam mana, boleh pulak orang2 mabuk nie buat bising kat luar. Aku nak jer jerit suro …

Rambling Again

I know, boys need to be strong so that we can protect others that we love. Boys shouldn't show to others that they are weak, at least that is how the societies view at boys. But sometimes I couldn't help thinking and being weak.
Is it others that can't accept what I want to share about or is it me that make myself look like a weirdo? My motivation went down straight to the dark valley.
Baik main Pokemon

What's So Special About Maturity?

At least for a gamer like me, this "maturity" is for people over 18. If a game is rated M (for Mature), then only a person 18 or above can buy it. But do maturity grow alongside with age? Do all people who are at least 18 are matured? Of course not.
According to TheFreeDictionary, mature is defined by "Of, relating to, or characteristics of full development, either mental or physical." If we are going with the definition, then certainly we can see that age does not really confide our maturity, especially on the mental part.
I don't really have a lot to talk about maturity, at least when viewing at myself. I know I am 20 this year, but I never feel like I am mature enough. I can never say that "I am matured!" to everyone since there are always some parts of my mental and thinking skills that haven't matured enough.
A few people I know always care too much about maturity. They can even declare themselves of being mature to others. I know that nothing…

Too Much Of Final Fantasy XIII? (With a Chunk of Review)

Up until now from the start of spring break, I have been playing Final Fantasy XIII like crazy. Grinding level, killing marks, spamming gils (currency in FFXIII), and more importantly, working toward getting Platinum trophy. Damn I should knew from the start that I could nearly lose my social life.
There was this one week where I dreamed about Paradigm Shift for 3 days straight. Yesterday, I dream about the roles haha. Yeah, that is too much.
But the interesting part is that I never dreamed about other aspects about FFXIII. The battle system is the most memorable part, at least in my opinion. Kudos to Square Enix for innovating the battle system.
Here is my comments about the battle system. At the beginning of the game, you only have limited choices for your attacks, and abilities are very little. As the game goes on, you will be exposed to many new things such as the roles and Paradigm Shift (Optima Change in Japanese version). Each character has 6 roles, but you are only limited to so…