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Three Games

Okay, I lied about my last post. I do actually have some games to play, but there aren't any PS3 games I 'm playing right now. I am currently enjoying this three games:
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker (PSP)

I will never miss a canonical MGS titles after the first one (except Portable Ops).
Megaman Zero Collection

I had played all four Megaman Zero titles in the past, but never in an honest way (If you had ever played any games on Gameboy Advance emulator on PC, then you'll know what I mean)
Final Fantasy IX

The first Final Fantasy I'd played, and also my favorite among all of the series. Totally worth downloading it from PSN.
I have a lot of things to talk, but I'll keep it until I pass some part in MGS:PW.

Adakah Kita Semua Pelajar Universiti?

Kita semua dah besar...semua dah belajar tahap universiti...tapi mentaliti masih macam kanak-kanak...ada masalah dengan kawan/roommate/housemate pun tak boleh nak settle elok-elok...semua nak lari dari masalah...tau ada masalah tapi semua diam...tau ada masalah tapi prefer untuk elak...tau ada masalah dengan roommate, pastu lari ke bilik 305...takpun lari balik Malaysia...
kita bukan budak-budak...takkan la kena tegur sikit nak merajuk kan...percaya la kat kawan sendiri yang diorang takkan kecil hati bila ditegur dengan baik...takkan la kawan kita nak letak sign "saya boleh ditegur! silah tegur :)" baru nak tegur...
aku kalau buat salah pun mana aku tau...kita semua nie mana sedar kalau buat salah...kau pun kalau buat salah mana perasan yang kau tu tengah buat salah...kalau tak suka boleh jer cakap...kita semua nie insan biasa jer...semua sama di sisi Tuhan...sebab tu kita hidup dalam masyarakat...supaya kita boleh saling mengingati...
takkan kita nak harapkan orang lain s…

Can I Scream "OMG!!!!!"?

Final Fantasy IX is finally coming to PSN next Tuesday! This is like the greatest news ever for FFIX fans like me. Thank you Sony for bringing one of the most nostalgic classic for me.
Will download it to my PSP!

Don't Get Me Wrong

I don't hate people who don't like the things that I like, and I don't oppose those who like things that I dislike. But I love making fun of people who do things that I dislike. For example...well, you can see at my Facebook profile tonight.

Updating My Games Again

Traded-in games

I finished Lost Planet 2 campaign, playing co-op with my friend. Sure, the game is good, but there are not enough reasons for me to playing it again, so I decided to sell it. And then there is a case with Resonance of Fate. The earlier plot is confusing, not making any sense. The battle supposed to be hard, but since I already anticipated the difficulty, somewhat it became easy. Having no patience and desire to continue with the game, I traded it too.
I want to trade Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey too, but I forgot to put the cartridge inside the game box when I traded the other games. Maybe I'll sell it later.
At first, I though I want to sell them on eBay, but the process will take a long time and I'm kinda lazy. So I decided to trade the game at Gamestop with the upcoming game which is...
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

I never missed any main series of MGS, so I decided to buy this one too. It is on PSP, so I had a doubt at first. But after I read a preview (