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I think I just realized how it felt to be him a littleI can feel what that person had gone through from the beginning we step in the foreign land I just hope he know just how much I admire him
I guess you do learn something when you know you are not accepted I always think you as my friend, but I also always afraid that you don't think of the same thing and I wish there is still something that I can do to tie again our rope of friendship

Taking My Ego To Another Step

I'd been in that world before, and somehow my wild imagination sensed that you are approaching to it. You just need to take a step back, little by little, so that you won't drown in a sea of sins, just like how I did. It is only a pleasure until you'll realize it is wrong. Keep your distances.
Since you don't really want to talk with me, this is the only choice I have right now. Even if you want to do it face to face, I might as well just tell you to f yourself. Can't take critic directly? Then don't be an adult; just go back to your fantasy world where everyone will love you.
I'm done with crying within me just because others don't like me. I'm taking a step forward to take all the bashing. In fact, I never did mess with you directly, and I already done with your other half by apologizing. I'm not running away again like I used to.
I just love ambiguity


"Lecturers love to ask and to be asked. But they will start to ignore you if you volunteered to answer every question they ask in a lecture"
Just don't excessively show off

Update #1

From this moment until tomorrow (2/21), I will be updating three things about myself. So this weekend will be have the most post in this month~
My Academics
I will have the first midterm exam for Astronomy this coming Monday. About this subject, I think I have some difficulties with it. First of all, it is mostly based on your reading, where my weakness lies. I am not really into reading, not because it is hard, but I have trouble to start reading. Astronomy shouldn't be that easy, but if I dedicate myself more towards reading, then I believe I can succeed. I also not really good in sciences (except physics where I can relate and apply it more easily), but it is not an excuse for me to not perform well in science related courses. It is still not too late for me to realize this, so I am going to work harder for this subject :)
This book proves to me that Astronomy shouldn't be taken lightly

Intro to Cultures of Asia
Since this is also a reading based course, I admit I have …

At Least It Is Better Now

I wonder if sleep can make people become happy. But at least it can make me forget things I shouldn't remember Now I'm better~~

p/s: I still remember my day before last night's dream. It's terrible, even just to think about it

I'm Not Really Good Writing an Emo Post

But right now, I'm kinda feeling sad and blue, never sure whyLife should be filled with happiness, but I don't know why I throw myself into the depth of sadness. I really hate myself for this reason
I really want to type something, but no idea come to mind I really want to talk to someone, but I don't know what to say
Maybe I should just stfu and go to sleep now
Hope tomorrow is a better day, and the next will be the best
Never mind me, maybe I have pms too. haha

Improving Your Reading

This is the guide given by my Psychology text book, and this post is dedicated especially to Coco because I promised to tell her if I find it in the text book. But I guess it's better for everyone else to know :)
(reference: Psychology Themes and Variations Briefer Edition by Wayne Weiten, pg 24-25)
Owh, and it is directly from the text book, without any rephrasing or summarizing
Step 1: Survey Before you plunge into the reading itself, glance over the topic headings in the chapter. Try to get a general overview of the material. If you know where the chapter is going, you can better appreciate and organize the information you are about to read.
Step 2: Question Once you have an overview of your reading assignment, you should proceed through it one section at a time. Take a look at the heading of the first section and convert it into a question. Doing so is usually quite simple. If the heading is "Prenatal Risk Factors," your question should be "What are sources of risk d…


I got tired of resolving things that I shouldn't, and unintentionally making simple things complicated. My life also gotten worse because of my very own actions. I need to reminisce, and rebirth myself. Or my life will be much worse than it would be.
I know I need someone here, but I don't think I deserve it
Time to make things better

Why There Are So Many Games Coming At Time Like This?

The latest issue of gameinformer just arrived in my mail box today. I haven't fully read all of them, but at least I read almost all of the reviews for the latest games (both that already at the store and just around the corner of release date)

Surprisingly, this issue provides many games that received above 9.00 for the review. There are also some games that caught my attention, even though their marks isn't that high. Here are the games that I think deserve my attention (only limited to games that I can play, meaning no Mass Effect 2)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PS3) Developer: DICE Publisher: Electronic Arts Release Date: March 2
The first line here is very catchy: "DICE declares war on Infinity Ward". I already played Modern Warfare 2, but it kinda disappoints me since it is not very single-player friendly; the game focus too much on multiplayer. Not that it is a bad thing, but as a newcomer to a military shooter genre, I kinda feel alienated. As Matt Bertz, the revi…


Kenapa kalau satu pasangan nak kahwin, diorang akan beritahu semua orang dan buat kenduri besar-besaran untuk perkahwinan diorang?
Sebab dah menjadi fitrah manusia untuk menunjukkan kepada orang lain yang mereka bahagia, selain sebab untuk orang lain mengetahui hubungan mereka sudah disahkan
Kenapa kalau pasangan yang bercouple pulak, diorang akan cuba menyembunyikan rahsia yang mereka bercouple?
Sebab fitrah kita sendiri memberitahu kita yang perbuatan kita itu salah, dan kita taknak orang lain tahu yang kita mempunyai hubungan yang tidak sah
*Lupa nak nyatakan, nie pendapat aku*


It's great when you can befriend everyone without ever falling in love.

It's not that you are not appreciating your feelings, but it's hard when you fell in love easily. You always hate it when you easily fell in love with your certain friend You always envy people that never fall in love before and never be in relationship
As a friend of mine (yatie) said, don't think about it too much :)

We are all friends, and we are enjoying our moments together
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Back when I was in high school, I never had a roommate that I can get along well. Not that we had a fight, it just that we don't have a "chemistry" between us. But not until when I was Form 5 (17 years old) that I had a roommate that is one of my closest friends. By closest friends, I will refer to the friends that I played basketball together with. We are all very close at that time, even until the school ended. This friend of mine, let call him Arif (not the real name), is very one of a kind friend of mine. When we were Form 4, his partition is just beside mine, so we share stories a lot. During earlier Form 5, I thought that it was my happiest year of all because I finally have a roommate that I can get along with.
Well, that was what I thought anyway. Everything was turned around just because of one reason. He had a girlfriend, and she is one year younger than us (Form 4). Of course, I didn't really mind them because...well everyone has feelings. I really didn'…


Sangt terharu bila ada orang hantar mesej yang berbunyi:

"Sorry for being random but I really like talking to you as a friend, my friend. Thank you for being there :)"

aku nak reply apa? aku dah luper macam mana nak jadi sentimental nie. tu la asyik kutok orang jer haha

but I must say it soothes my heart~

Kenapa Tak Boleh Menghampiri Zina?

"dan janganlah kamu menghampiri zina..." (al-isra' 17:32)
Dah berapa kali kita dengar ayat nie kan? Tapi berapa ramai antara kita yang memahami maksud sebenar ayat ini? Kau tak tau? Aku pun tak tau. Tapi at least aku ada interpretation aku sendiri, berdasarkan pemerhatian sendiri. Ia mungkin bukan maksud yang sebenar, dan hanyalah pandangan aku sendiri. Aku tegaskan sekali lagi bahawa HANYALAH PENDAPAT aku (berdasarkan pengalaman + pemerhatian), so jangan mengada nak attack aku lepas nie.
Kenapa dalam ayat tersebut mengatakan "menghampiri", bukannya "janganlah kamu berzina" terus? Aku bukanlah pengkaji al-Quran untuk mengeluarkan dakyah aku sendiri, tapi insyaAllah dengan sedikit ilmu yang ada cukuplah untuk aku memberikan pendapat sendiri.
Selalulah juga aku dengar, bila ada orang tegur orang2 yang tengah hangat ber-couple nie, mereka menjawab "Ala, kitorang bukannya buat apa2 pun!", "Kitorang yakin kitorang boleh jaga diri kitorang"…


Tell me which one is worst: A woman who always ordering a man around or a man who always following the orders of a woman.
Or none of them are a bad thing?


"If you have a grudge/mad at someone, try to remember the good things/moments that the person had with you"
Of course, it is only applied IF you had one
Luckily, I had a friend who remind me of this

Message Filled With Emotion

Now I'm making it obvious that I'm writing this with pure EMOTION. Please skip this post if it will disturb you.
Don't read this unless you can accept the emotional side of me
Here we go~~hee~

Don't criticize me that I am a fool for putting it at my blog instead of saying it directly, unless you can take critics right at your face. Telling me to not put it at the blog doesn't make you a good listener, or even open to critics.
Don't tell me to not to get emotional on my blog; do you really think that you can listen to what I'm gonna say to you? Nah
I know I did a wrong thing, and I learn from it. You, who being ignorant at what people said about you, don't have the right to say anything about me on this. Why bother telling straight at your face when you can't open your heart and ear to listen just because you think what you did is right? At least I listened to what others said about me, directly, about what I wrote on the post 3-posts before, even thoug…

20th Birthday, With Maturity and Wishlist

Today marks the 20 years that I had spent living in this world :) Praise be to Allah for the long live that He gave me. 20 years is reeeaaally long if you think about it, but it passes very quick. Also, I received a lot of birthday wishes at my facebook profile (Thanks guys!) and these wishes include "happy being old!", "may you be a great gamer!", "stop being a gamer!", "have a blast!", "be more mature!", etc etc. I had my attention on the last one on being more mature. I'll return to matter later :) _____________________________________________________________
Birthday is always associated with...presents! Of course, I had many wishes on what I would like to have as my present~(I'll put my wishlist) But as we grow older, we need to accept that the present that we seek may not be as visible as we thought, or maybe it is already right there all the time. Present doesn't mean something new, it can be an old thing that are…