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Heart-Shaped Glass

As I'm getting older, I guess I am getting more tolerant with people's bad attitude. Rather than focusing on being negative and keep on feeling disappointed, let's just move on, forget it and have fun. Being positive and think positively will always help, even if I know how hard it is actually to do that. But better than spending most of our time feeling mad, sad and bad.

One thing worth of note is that usually the other party don't feel as bad as we are. Have a look at their life, they are still happy after making us feeling disappointed. While we are still pondering on "why", they just obliviously go on like everything is normal. Saying sorry may close the hole, but it won't stop the bleeding. But it won't be up to them to stop the bleeding.

The least I can do is to vent some of it.

New Blog

Hello dear readers (if you still exist somehow),

I'll be writing for more specific topics (namely reading, teaching and gaming) in my new blog. You can visit it at this link. Click it!

I have many things that I want to write and share, but Facebook doesn't seem to be fulfilling that need of mine. So please be sure to expect frequent update on my new blog! I won't abandon this blog, but I can't say if I still will write here as frequent as the new one.

Please do visit my new blog! Thank you :)