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I Am Not Going Back To United States

Just after the day I arrived, I got caught up in an accident. Now, just another week before going back to USA, I received a bad news. MARA told me that they had terminated my sponsorship. Yes, this is not a hoax. I received the letter two days ago, and now I decided to give a full story to you readers.

Review: Persona 3 Portable

Persona 3 Portable (P3P) is a remake of Persona 3 FES (FES), which is a remake of Persona 3 (P3). Both the previous games are on PS2, while P3P is on PSP. The story of the game centered on a nameless character (the gender depends on who you choose) who just got transfered to a new dorm. 

The Best Thing About Fan Re-made

Ok, this video down here is about a man who broke a house and went into bed with a woman in the house. This video somehow got 1 million + views (the first time I watched this video is on Ray William Johnson's channel, though I don't remember which video)

Try to watch this first.

The funny thing is, some people really has a lot of free time to auto-tune the video and turn it into a song! The fan remade has a lot more viewers than the original (10 million views!). It is available in iTunes now (but I haven't checked yet top confirm it)

Help yourself to watch it :)

Review: Vibe BS NVE-300 Earphone

- I added the technical specification , disclaimer, "Do I Recommend It?" and a new point in "What I Hated".
- Other text added are in bold text

There are many of type of earphones/headphones nowadays, but I bet you never seen an earphone that has the features like Vibe BS.

Vibe BS is an earphone developed by NTECH Industries, a Korean company, and currently it is only available at South Korea. The box contains the earphone with amplifier, a charger, a cable and a user's manual. The amplifier has one button, dedicated to on/off and volume adjusting

Re-organizing My Thoughts And Blog

Lately, all I had been doing is talking s**t in my blog. I never posted things that I had created from my own thoughts. So in order to revive my blog (Phoenix Down!), I decided to organize on what, when and how should I post my blog.

I don't know what caused me to lose all my blog touch. Well it doesn't matter now, since I am determined to make a new history with my blog. I know I won't have to do something out of ordinary. I will do simple but effective post, so I don't have to crack my head to the wall to search for an idea.

Helios Eclipse In Manga Fox

For those of you who don't know, Helios Eclipse is a manga by Malaysian artist, Kaoru, and the manga is published by Gempak, a Malaysian magazine. Someone just had a lot of free time to scan the manga and translate it to English! It's a good manga, so read it if you have the time :)

Here's the link

Moral Choices

In some video games, we are presented with the moral choices system. Games like inFamous, Bioshock, Fallout 3 and Heavy Rain provided us with some of the best mechanic of moral choices.

In real life, we also face some moments of choosing, with our morality being tested.