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Most smokers don't really care that smoking affect their health until it really does

Dad, I hope you will be just fine
Though I never said this, I love you
I still want you to be there
Take care of your health

-Your son-


  1. yeah..."love you so much, abah"
    kau agak, ayah aku tahu tak aku sayang dia? sebab aku sampai sekarang tak jenuh-jenuh perli/tegur dia. kadang-kadang rasa nak bakar je kotak rokok tu. kejam kah andai aku bertindak begitu?

  2. nak tego parents nie bukan senang...kte xleh wat dier terase. tapi ko cakap aa kat dier yg ko ader mende nak cakap kat dier, so dier prepare nak terase. haha. pastu ko cakap aa dengan direct nyer :p

    cadangan semata2 tau!

  3. aku nak ikut cadangan kau aa.
    kalau aku dan ayah retak, siap kau!

  4. patutnyer aku letak "bertindak atas risiko sendiri"


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