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Spent About Two Hours Reading The History of Video Games

I'm not actually reading it, it is more like skimming. But there are a lot of info that I get by reading the history of video games~

I guess I'm really interested in reading all of the article. From the first generation console until seventh, it is very wonderful. Never thought that all of the great game today start with something so simple but innovative like the Cathode-Ray Tube amusement device! Do you know that one if the earlier games is created by a group of MIT student? Do you know that a computer programmer from the AT&T (telephone service provider is US) had wrote a game? I was very surprised, I was like "Oh, snap!" (it was dirtier though), when I read those.

As stated in history, there was a video game crash happened in America during 1983. One of the causes is due to some poorly produced games like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Pac-Man (the games suffered because the tight given deadlines). Try to watch this video (click here). This is the starting point (a long term effect) of Japan to dominate the home console market. The most noticeable company is Nintendo.

My experience with consoles

That are some part of the earliest history of gaming. I looked at the 3 latest generations of console that were during my time (I first played games in 1995, when I was 5, the year when the fifth generation of consoles started). I don't really remember the first time of playing games, but I do remember the games that I played like, Ninja Turtle, Contra, and some other games, but I didn't remember why I never played Mario series. That's why I don't own any Mario games even though I have a Wii :p I guess I should note that I was still playing the forth-generation console, the one that still use cartridge, at the era of fifth generations. Forgive me because I don't know what is the name of the console, because there are a lot of piracy of consoles during that time (I say this because I bought a lot of consoles with different names, but it still can play ANY cartridges. Sorry for the lack of information in this part)

The first time I lay my hand on a fifth generation console was in 1998, and it was the Playstation. I know you should be familiar with this console. Playstation is more common in my neighborhood compared to other consoles like Nintendo64 (Wow, this word is included in my PC's dictionary. It doesn't has the red line below it) and Sega Saturn. The only reason the Playstation is more common to me because it is the console that most of my friends had. I played Nintendo64 (It still doesn't has the red line below it!) once, but I didn't know that it is THE Nintendo64, until I realized it just a few hours ago. I didn't really remember the greatest title in my Playstation, because I never played any games that are meant for gamers, until I first played Final Fantasy IX. I think I want to elaborate more on this paragraph, but I guess it means that I will do another post about this~

Then in 2002, I pledged my parents for a Playstation 2, because I received 5A's in my primary school final exam (UPSR). As the result, I get my first sixth generation console during the day that my UPSR result was out! Couldn't get any happier that that~ Actually I have a draft about my tribute to my PS2 since last year, but haven't posted it until today. I will post it as soon as possible.

For the seventh and the current generation, I have four out of all five of the consoles, only the Xbox 360 is missed. Since the seventh generation is more familiar to almost everyone (at least you have heard the name Playstation 3 and Wii, right?), I want to write it in another post too! Yeah, I'm kinda lazy to put everything in one post. I bought the handhelds (PSP and DS) at Malaysia (I bought another DS, DSi, in US) and the consoles (Wii and PS3) in US.

I want to be more specific with the last three generations, which I will do in another post. So I will end this post right here. Thank you for those who read this post, I really appreciate it!

The last sentence in paragraph 2 is a tribute to Gamespot :)

The pictures are retrieved from (according to the order from top to bottom):


  1. and you cost me a sleepless nite. belanja aa ipod touch sekeping!

  2. Yup it is!

    Actually I never heard of PS3 slim until the second day I arrive in US

    I bought it on the next day :p


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