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I Play Soccer, and My Hand Got Hurt

(I should change it to football, not soccer but I'm just too lazy, 4:07 pm 11/10)

We, the Malaysian student of Wisconsin, will go out every Friday night to play soccer (except when there are events for the next day, like Eid Mubarak)
Since the Malaysian freshmen this year is quite in number, we usually play in one team (there are some who don't play too) with the sophomores
Adam, Nazwan and Govin (hope the spelling is right, sorry if I misspelled) do the scoring; Irshaad, Zainal, Khairi, Shasha on the defense (sometimes the midfield) and Syazwi mostly play at the centre.
I gotta say that I will feel more secured if Zainal and Irshaad play on the defense, since they are very reliable. Irshaad is kinda unbreakable wall and Zainal's play will grow within each day, and he has the guts to take someone 3 times larger than he is.
I haven't told you that I play as the goalkeeper :))

I don't have that much experience of a goalkeeper, and I never played any soccer game when I was in INTEC (laziness issue)
But I guess I have the basics, at least, and I'm quite confident with my reflex (the effects of playing too much rhythm games such as Guitar Hero) and catching-ball skill (playing basketball)

Usually I play for the whole game without substitutes, but yesterday is an exception.
Fawwas (sophomore) hit the ball straight at my ball (sorry) that I felt my world is going to end at that time. So I switched with Ilham for about 10 minutes, I guess
That is my first time getting injured

During the last minutes of the game, I got injured for one more time when I try to guard against Govin's ball, which is fast like hell
It is very fast and was at the short distance, so I guarded it with my right hand
Until now, my wrist couldn't work properly
I guess the impact is too much for my hand

At least I can still write, type, and playing games :D
But I can't cook, play drum on Guitar Hero, play Wii and other things that require me to do things with my wrist

Still can play the game...

...but can't even turn this thing on!

Hope that my wrist will get better!

Looks fine on the outside, but even I don't know what happened inside :(


  1. overstretch je tuh...kalau patah mmg nak pitam da rasa...

  2. kalo patah aku dah x men game dah...tapi still xleh nak shampoo kepala guner tangan kanan :(

  3. biase ah aku dulu maen basketball slalu kene mende ni.

    p/s: football, bukan soccer.

  4. owh really?tape la aku biar jer soccer dlu :) nanti aku edit kat bawah



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