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Take Time To Rest

Since the last day in INTEC, I rarely step my feet outside of my house (except for important things and events)
I think my head got too saturated with unnecessary things...

I need to go out from my house and take some fresh air
Maybe I will spend my time alone tomorrow to go to somewhere else
I need to see the world outside too, and surely I hope I got some inspiration to post something better at this blog
Time to take my camera into action!
(Anybody free tomorrow?)

Right now, I'm really addicted to these two games on PSP

Final Fantasy VII (PSone)

PANGYA Fantasy Golf

Almost everyone knows about Final Fantasy VII, so I won;t describe it too long here
Simply enough, it is at the second place for the Best Game Ever competition at
It is an RPG game
I highly recommended to gamers to play this game, in case for those who haven't played

PANGYA Fantasy Golf
I never heard of the game before it was released
Of course, games that are not famous does not mean that it is not great, and PANGYA certainly proves it
It is not your average golf game; it is the real golf combined with the fantasy golf!
If you have time, you really should give this game a place in your rack

This is Arin, one of the featured character in the game
She is at the cover of the game too
Actually, she is the reason I bought this game :p
She's cute~

Well, there is a phenomenon where people got really into a character of a game or anime
I think it's normal , just like how you really loves an artist, and you realize that you can never get him or her :)
In my case, I am really into Arin

My post is getting more off the topic
Better stop now~

So tomorrow I'm going to take a walk somewhere in Shah Alam, or maybe take to train until it takes me to some place~


  1. heh...mmg dah off topic da...tetiba masok game...ekekek...

    sok aku lepak mid val.. ngan member2 lama aku...tuh jek la kot timeout aku dari kebosanan duk rumah ngan kambing2 kat area rumah aku...

  2. haha nak wat camner, dah mmg sangap game


    aku tataw lagi nk kuar ke x..kakak aku conquer keter sorang2..huhu

    (eceyh dah tukar gambar! kamera sape la tu~)

  3. hahah...kamera kembar aku... :D

  4. nak gak namer kamera dier masuk tuh..


  5. gambar tu seksi ar..tutup mata skit (skit je)

  6. mate yg selebihnyer aper jd?

  7. ff7. best ker?

    need some review on the storyline sblm buat drastic measures.

  8. fm - aku tak berniat nak buat review sbnrnyer...tapi boleh jer dalam mase terdekat nie ;)

    thanx for the request, tunggu la post yang akan datang eyh



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