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MRSM TGB: Revisited

7/16 - 7/17

I spent my two precious days to go to my former school, MRSM TGB
This visit was planned by Zahid, and other three of my friends joined (Izwan, Azrul, and Ramzi)
Besides the main reason, which is to take our SPM certificate, we really wish to see our teachers before we are going to leave Malaysia
Maybe we don't have this opportunity after this, so better make full use of it
I am going to United States of America; Izwan is already in Egypt, he is on holiday; Ramzi is going to Indonesia, Zahid will be leaving for France and Azrul...well he stays in Malaysia at UTP, but that doesn't stop him from seeing our teachers

I drove from Shah Alam to Bangi first to take fetch them
About 0930, we started our travel to Jasin and we arrived at about 1130
Firstly, we went to the office to take our certificates
At the offices, there is a board of organization of MRSM TGB, so we saw the updates of the teachers
We had a new headmaster; Encik Rahim, who was the HEP is now HEA; Ustaz Sabri is the new HEA, and others. For Ex-TGB, you will be surprised by this...

Since the chemistry exam is held at the Dewan Bendahara, we went to the toilet to see a common things that students will do...

They put their textbook in the toilet so that it will 'help' them if they got stuck
Pretty tricky, but it is common
I did that once for my history exam for SPM Trial :p

Teachers really love when their former students came and visit them, just like how a mom misses their children
So, when we met them at the teachers room, we can see the smiles on their faces
Of course, the usual questions are like 'how are you?', 'Where are you studying now?', 'Where you will be going to further your studies?' and all that, but somehow we didn't feel that it was tedious
As a student who is getting closer to success, we really love to talk about it with teachers since it will make them really delighted to know that their students are doing well
Some teachers love to talk things besides academics, like latest gossips :p, about marriage, and how chubby have we (me) became

We should meet our teachers often because they have a lot of useful advises to us
and we want our knowledge to be blessed by Allah and teachers
We never know what is the reward from Him for putting a smile on our teachers faces

Teachers, I really miss you and your sweat of struggles to make us a better person
Thank you for all your blood of knowledge that spilled for us
May all your effort is blessed by Allah and your jobs will be made more easier by Him

At the afternoon, we went to Hotel Sri Impian to check-in and get a room to stay
We had some rest first~~

Picture taken at night

At the evening, we went back to MRSM TGB to go to the basketball court
We had a match with our juniors, but we didn't set the scores
Honestly, the juniors played really well that we need to play seriously
Well, maybe only me
The others play half-heartedly, since they at different level from me :(

After we had took a bath and prayed, we went to Mahkota Parade to watch Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince at 2130
How was the movie? Quite excellent I might say

After had spent my money with the movie, we went to the hotel and had some sleep

Well, not all things went well actually
Firstly, our trip was about to be cancelled because my mother didn't give me the permission to drive the Kancil to Malacca
Secondly, I had been summoned for two times because of the same reasons : didn't put a parking coupon at the dashboard of my car, and I had to pay RM21.00 :((

Thirdly, I broke a table lamp in the hotel room, and it makes me cannot sleep at the same night. Fortunately, the person at the reception table said I don't have to pay!Yay! :D

At the Friday morning, I rushed back to Bangi and Shah Alam, which my friends and I depart
and a new journey to Batang Kali begins...

To Be Continued...

Pay attention to the next post!
"Unexpected Changes in Summer"


  1. yang penting xyah habis rm400 semate2 nak gie langkawi

  2. mcm2..lampu pecah?
    how? lol
    we heart you teacher in tgb!!!

  3. hehe...sbb terjatuh dr luper nk amik gambar..haha

    biler lg ko nk balik msia?leh lawat tgb


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